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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Finishing touches..

I needed to put the finishing touches to a little oblong painting i started before christmas.
So yesterday, out came the paints and brushes and easel.. and I whiled away the afternoon with the sunshine beaming through the windows.. and the work commenced.
This pink rose from my photos, i used as reference for the flowers ... I think you all know i love roses. I still have to paint that perfect rose. This rose is very translucent.. it deepens in colour after some weeks. Its sturdy and always gives me lovely blooms.
I divided the rose heads into 6 equal squares.. I thought it rather interesting. The background is a soft light beige.. i mixed a little orange also.

.It was such a beautiful day..I had fun finishing the painting. The spring air was bringing in some new energy..
My rose bushes already have leaves . I cant wait to see the bushes full once again. Its finished now. I am framing it with a very large white distressed frame. I will hang it above one of the doors.

paints are always on the ready. I have boxes of paints.. drawers of paints.. there is always another colour I like to aquire or add to the collection. I tend to be a little lazy with my art during the winter. Now spring is just about here.. I start thinking of all kinds of new paintings.

A few of my brushes.

This pink "kaolin" ceramic rose, I hand made one evening , many many years ago during my life in South Africa.. I was doing pottery at the time. I brought some Kaolin home with me.. its very soft white and pliable.. With my ball point pen.. using my fingers and the palm of my hand to sculpture the leaves.. I made 4 of them for my girlfriends.. and of course, one for myself. I really dont think i could do it again. It sits amogst my bric o brac..each one having a little story.
Unfortunately one of the little leaves broke off.. its very fragile. It holds fond memories.

Another rose.. that i used as the image for the painting.. I mentioned that i had found a rose earlier in a blog.. this is the one.. It gave two blooms during the winter.
Yesterday was a productive day. I am happy that i took my paints and brushes out,amazing what the spring air can do! will be putting some more Finishing touches on some other artwork, later ..

Enjoy your wednesday dear friends.


  1. How beautiful! I wish I could paint!

  2. Hello Val:
    How wonderful that you were inspired to dust off the paints and produce such a lovely painting. You must feel energised by the activity and by having produced something of beauty that can be placed in your home to remind you of this lovely day!

  3. Dear Val, I love your rose paintings. And I also love your Kaolin rose. Everything about it is beautiful...the color, the shape and the texture.
    You asked about my tiles. Yes, I sell all of my tiles and I also paint special custom orders. I have many tiles ready to ship. Most of their sizes are 4.25 x 4.25inches and 6x6 inches.

  4. These are wondreful! How talented you are!
    I would love to see more fo your art work!

    love from the north : )

  5. What a rosy post! Your painting is lovely and the handmade rose makes me sigh - it is so nice, Val! Stay productive - I am looking forward to seeing more works of you! Big hugs! Christa

  6. Dear Val - you have so much talent hiding there, the painting and the pottery rose. I shall look forward to seeing the roses framed and hanging on the wall - lovely and original idea to do them in little squares and altogether, making so more of an impact. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  7. Thanks Christa..
    I must keep focused now, get more productive. I too love my little porcelain rose..
    enjoy your wednesday

  8. Dear Rosemary,
    Thank you .. I thought it would look interesting.. but with the frame even better i hope. It just has to dry now.
    This weather is making me want to paint and paint..
    Enjoy your wednesday ..

  9. Thank you so Much Demie..
    I enjoy painting.. been painting for many years now.. but i need some new paintings on my walls..
    I have other unfinished work to set too..and finish..
    Wishing you the rest of a happy wednesday

  10. Dear Gina,
    Thanks for your comments.. My little rose has been with me a long time..

    Gina.. i will look to see your e mail..then get in touch with you..

    Happy wednesday.. val

  11. Dear Jane and Lance,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments.. it makes me happy.. I do indeed feel energised..Now that my back is mended ..i feel like jumping all over..
    Have the rest of a happy wednesday..

  12. Dear June,
    You can paint.. its a matter of will power..
    once you try..you will get hooked.. I started painting over 20 years ago.. a most enjoyable hobby.
    thanks for your comments.
    happy wednesday

  13. Val: Your painting will look so pretty above your door. Just the right shape and size. I love the rose you sculpted. I'm sure you could do it again, you are so talented. I would love to be able to sit down with brush and have something that beautiful come out of it. Judy

  14. Thank you for your lovely comments Judy..
    You have talent in decor and design... you would be able to paint.. its a matter of putting your mind to it.
    My little porcelain rose is very dear to me..
    wishing you a pleasant wednesday.

  15. Dear Val
    It is so beautiful to spend your time with your lovely art work !!When I was studding I was painting and I have yet all brushes , colours and pallets.. May be sometime will start again ..Thanks for your comment .

  16. Thank you Olympia..

    How great that you used to paint.. its really a matter of willpower. Its a wonderful hobby.
    xx val

  17. Hello Val, I admire and appreciate artwork after a small amount of study in watercolour and pottery. I certainly learnt that some mediums are not as easy as they first appear.
    Do keep at your art because I so enjoy when you share with us.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Thanks Annie,

    I paint with oils, do a little water colour.. pottery years ago.. all great hobbies.
    Hope your roof work is coming along..
    happy Friday

  19. Hi Val! I love painting, too! And drawing, especially with willow charcoal... I love feeling it between my fingers. And, as you know, I love roses, too! I can't wait for my lovely roses to be in bloom! I have so many!

    I love your pottery rose. It reminds me of some gorgeous Capodimonte roses I have at home: just gorgeous!

    You have inspired my to pick up my watercolours and my oil paints. My husband is an artist, and he won't let me touch his stuff! But I have mine, so I don't care...





  20. I love the energy that spring brings. Your roses are so beautiful. You have inspired me!

  21. Thank you Lisa,
    thats what blogging is all about ..socializing and sharing.. I am glad my blog inspired you.. I even inspired myself..!!

  22. Cara Anna,
    Malto gratzi... thank you..
    Yes indeed, get your water colours out.. I have mine ready too. Its therapeutic. .. como estari solo di momento e buono para ti...
    Happy painting days ahead.. and we can look forward to our rose blooms..
    bacci.. tanti.. val x x x x


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