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Saturday, 10 March 2012


I mentioned in one of my blogs last year, that my eldest son is my neighbour.. My quinta adjoins his "Herdade".. around 200 or so hectares . Its their weekend and holiday home, when they are not sailing.
I thought you might like to take a peek, at the beautiful "Herdade dos Alfanges" ..where I spend most of my time during spring until late Autumn..

An "Alfange" is an arabic curved style sabre.

Alfange.. the large courtyard is hand layed cobbled granite in small squares.
One of the 8 bathrooms.. The decor of this is lilac and black.. behind the black glass is the loo and the other the power shower.. This is the guest loo in the Barn .

A view of the kitchen.. we all seem to congregate around here.. my batteries ran out just now.. so I couldnt get a couple of other angles.. but its a nice large area.. many happy days and weekends and summers have been spent here.
One of the 7 bedrooms.. this guest room is one in the barn..

The Barn.. guest family room upstairs .. plus 3 other rooms.. Here we watch videos.. jump around with the wi.. and laugh the days away.

The pool area.. Alfange is very much loved and used during the summer months.. We are a large family.. I have 4 children.. and Heleen's mum has 4.. sometimes there are 30 or so of us.. The pool is black italian mosiac.. on the right is what we call the pool side hideaway room.. and the pool tack rooms. on the left is the outside kitchen.

The back view of the garden

Another view of the 250 year old "Alfange"

My son had this table hand made for the dinning room.. it sits 12.. its beautiful.. very rustic and country.
The almond blossoms...
The daffodils
The almond trees late blooming this year..due to the drought we are having..
The pastures of clover mix.. this area gets watered.. you can see the sheep in the distance
I pop over to Alfanges to check that the garden is ok..while the family are in Lisbon.. The housekeeper Cristina takes great care of the house ..its always ready for the families arrival.
While there this morning with my dogs.. It looked so peaceful and forlorn.. I could hear the little voices of my Max and the other children calling.. grandma ..grandma.. look at me.!
Cant wait for next weekend.. The family will arrive once again.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing another angle of where I live.. the beautiful Alentejo.
Happy weekend to you all.


  1. What a beautiful place I love the front with the brick entryway and how special that it is 250 years old. We tear down things is this country before they have a chance to get that old, sad. Lovely, thanks for sharing and stopping by, Laura

  2. Thank you Laura,

    The barn is new.. and the kitchen was added on..but the rest of the house is the original house.. with
    lovely features..
    Its a wonderful feeling to be in such an old home.. we have the history of 3 generations..

    happy weekend.. thanks for your comments..

  3. Hi Val... the place is fantastic and peaceful. So beautiful! I can just imagine being there and hearing the crickets at nights, while the stars and the moon shine in the sky and you can smell flowers and wild herbs...

    Thank you for letting me into your beautiful house. I love all of it!

    The apple blossom looks wonderful... I so miss that sweet scent!

    A lovely post, Val!





  4. Val: Another beautiful post. What a beautiful place for you and your family to go. You lead a charmed life, my dear..Judy

  5. Thank you Dear Jane and Lance,

    Yes, the Alfanges is a beautiful country home.. My eldest son and Heleen have made.. My daughter in Law is the designer and decorater.. she is amazing.. she knows how to match up crazy colours very well..
    Its wonderful when my family are around.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    sending best wishes to you both
    val xx

  6. Dear Judy,

    I appreciate your comments.. I have worked hard to make this place my home.. I am very happy here..and its great having my eldest son and family come at the weekends.. Its not every weekend.. but they are around.
    Like you wrote Judy.. Family are everything.
    I am trully privelidged to live in such a wonderful place.
    Enjoy your weekend..best wishes to you both

  7. Thank you dear Anna,

    Yes..My sons home is beautiful.. I just have to walk along the lane and I am there..
    My grandchildren have a little willies jeep..and they drive over to see me.. Little Max is learning.
    You are right.. the sound of the crickets.. summertime.. the smell of the lavender.. its lovely here..
    wishing you a happy weekend..
    tanti abracci.. muito braços... amiga
    sonhos de ouro..

  8. Dear Val, what a beautiful area you and your family live in. How wonderful that you have made this great and historic house into a place where children and adults can live together and be happy.
    I have sent several emails to you but for some reason they are not going through. You can contact me through: garnatcutdotnet. I am so pleased that you like my tiles. I would love to paint a few special tiles for you. Gina

  9. Dear Val - what a wonderful holiday home for your son and his family to enjoy and live in. How nice for you that it is right next door to your quinta so that you can share in all the fun of the family when they arrive. Enjoy the next weekend with them.

  10. Always great with family visiting!
    The house is gorgeous! That table looks a bit Scandinavian actually...
    and the photo of the olive trees made me a bit... homesick. That landscape could easily be in Greece you know. I LOVE southern Europe. The best of Europe is there!

    enjoy your Sunday my friend : )

  11. Dear Val
    It is an amazing house to live !Your family has the blessing to live in this place ! I can hear the birds , the trees and the voices of your grands ! Thank you for this sharing !
    Have a nice week

  12. Thank you Olympia,

    Alfanges is a special place.. my son enjoys the freedom of the country once again when here..As he works in the -city..
    we do enjoy times together there.

  13. Dear Demie,
    Southern Europe is a great climate and here where I am one can have a good quality of living..
    The table was crafted by a Dutchman.. two large tree trunks were used.. I have forgotten the name of the wood..but its beautiful..
    The difference between the Greek Olive trees and ours here...The Greek olive trees are very tall , ours are shorter.. I went on a workshop to Corfu 3 years ago..and was amazed by the olive trees.. I was not all together in love with the place i was at.. but Corfu old town was very interesting.. I still like Athens.
    Enjoy your weekend.. thanks for all your kind comments.. carry on your lovely blog..
    xxxx val

  14. Thank you Rosemary,

    I look forward to them arriving. Today my youngest son is coming to me for lunch.. I miss them.. I am sure you know what that is like!
    Enjoy your Sunday

  15. Thank you for your comments Gina,
    The old house is beautiful and we do love having good times there.. Its also a place of rest for my eledest and family.. as their weeks are very full in the City.
    will be in touch..
    happy sunday

  16. Hi Valerie

    What a fabulous place and how great they are so close by. It is a fascinating home and so perfect to entertain your large family

    Wishing you a great week


  17. Thank you Helen,

    Alfange is special.. I love it when my son comes.. I get to be with the granchildren ..
    Its a walk down my lane.. and the children come and go..

  18. Such a wonderful place to gather with family. We live around the corner from my parents and the grand kids run back and forth on the orchard path all the time. I love having family close by.

  19. Hello Val! Thank you for coming by and for your wonderful compliment! I have just enjoyed reading about your life in beautiful Portugal. I hope the rain comes soon!

  20. What a perfect place for a big family!
    A wonderful house with space for everybody!

    ♥ Franka

  21. Danke Franke,,
    thank you.
    Yes.its the perfect holiday home..
    In a beautiful setting

  22. Nice to see you Jacquiline..
    Thanks for leaving your comments..
    You have a beautiful blog..

    Alentejo is a forgotten paradise..
    We love it here..

  23. That is so nice to have you parents next door..
    I used to live next to my parents before they passed away.. I miss them.
    Thanks for comments Lisa..
    best wishes..val

  24. Thank you for popping over to see me and joining my blog. What an absolutely amazing beautiful place and much loved by the sound of it by the many many family visits. I do hope you manage to get some rain soon. Suzy x

  25. Delighted to see you Suzy.
    thanks for passing by
    Alfange indeed is a beautiful place for the family and for my son to get away to the country..


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