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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Techno savy and Science

Dear blogging friends. The photos you see below are familiar items to you all.! Necessities of every day living in a Techno world.
As you read along..You will understand how I became ,or think I am becoming.

"Techno Savy"! -------

During this last week. I have been typing my comments on your lovely blogs, in morse code.!!
..h..p..thanks.... and so it went.dot.dot. You cannot know, how much I laughed at myself, while typing. (you have all been very understanding. thank you) Once again, all back to normal.
Computers, have become part of our every day life. A great communication tool.

Today, my new keyboard arrived by special delivery from my eldest son in Lisbon. Aren't sons just great.! How delighted i am. He spoils me. Without a keyboard, one is lost.
I speak for myself here, but I do enjoy blogging, I never thought that I would, but I sure do.
I know the same goes for all my dear friends who have taken time to join and read my blogs.
All your blogs are amazing, each and every one, something so nice to read. New things to learn about, great ideas,lovely homes and gardens, history, cooking, art ,farming, travel and much more.
Sometimes I am at a loss as to what to write about,as life here in rural Alentejo moves at a very slow pace indeed. Somehow, i do get there.

"Cyber socializing"- We can thank technology and the brains that go behind this new age . The Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs, and all the other fantasticly imaganitive intelligent brains that go into the making of all the new Techno "gadgets" and widgets,click on and off buttons . All offering something new and magical for us to play with, or add to our ever growing necessity
and dependence on so many of them.
The mobile phone.. an sms to a friend thousands of miles away.. and the reply within seconds.
Its amazing. I remember my first mobile phone, I was terrified, I thought i would never learn how to send a messages.
Skyping family and friends.. and there they are, as if they were in the room with us. My sister and I have coffee together ,her one side of the ocean, me the other. skyping, what wonders.
Getting the picture correct and positioned. checking again and again the skype instructions. A piece of cake now.

I started blogging last year. Most of you, will know what trouble I had in trying to aquaint myself with the techniques and tricks and do's and dont's of the blogging world. I think, I started about 4 blogs . I truly didnt know what or how to remedy half of the wrong things i was doing..I would read and read again, and get all mixed up. I had some great help from blogging friends, I think thats the way we learn more, I certainly did. The rest you all know, I was back again after a while.
Over these months. You all might agree..that i have learned a little more.. I like to think so, and each day, I learn something new, as my techno savy gets better and better.!

Its so pleasurable passing by and reading all your most interesting posts.
We all have something new and wonderful to share. Life is good.
Cyber friendship is truly amazing. Let the blogging continue.

Household technical gadgets.

What would we do without a mobile phone..! We also cannot forget the charger.
I must have had to buy a few chargers since the mobiles came out. My mobile goes everywhere with me. When i recieved my first sms reply.. I was jumping for Joy,I had finally added another useful wonder to my daily routine. Travelling communication.

This photo needs no explaining.. we just cant do anything without it. I have loads of them around the cottages.

Portable house phone.. sheer luxury.. can take it out to the garden and have my sundowner. It even records messages, and reads them to me.. wow.!

The Commandos. They are on my little side table.. and are all tuned in to my favorite channels.They do what they are commanded to do. click click.. We have an image!

Paper and ink all set .. always printing off that something we like from the net.. type our agendas or print that photo..or photo copy.. amazing machines. Mine is a simple Brother works and prints just fine.

This one needs no explanation. My link to my family and friends far and wide .We use ours sometimes at family breakfasts and include friends and family who cant be with us we chat away to each other,as though they were with us. Its just incredible.

little black box(modem/router) a true techno wonder nothing would work computer wise without it. I always hope the little green light keeps flickering.! On line then

Tv. boxes and cards that must be exactly fitted correctly.. battery charger and dvd player..great to watch or record that special film. I sometimes enjoy a late night movie.

My new keyboard.. All lovely and shiny. ): ): on my face.

Finally my digital camera.. I couldnt live without.. takes pictures like this below with just one click. upload them to your photo album on the computer and you have your photos always at hand.(just make sure you back them up) All pheonominal techno wonders we just cant do without.
Shots at different angles.. of one of my paintings(it was a day when I was inspired by Van gogh).. I will be buying a nice big straw hat for summer painting, must get into the swing again.
I cant show my camera.. Its a simple little HP digi camera..another wonder.

Happy blogging days to you all.


  1. Hi Val: You are so right although, I must admit, I still don't know what some of those gadgets that you show are! I just plug along but am so grateful of what I can figure out, and I might add, a little proud. But, I do love blogging. I can't tell you how much and how much I am enjoying all my new friends, which includes you..Happy Spring..Judy

  2. Hi Judy,
    Thanks for passing by ..
    I enjoy reading your comments.
    If you look at them carefully, you will realise that you have some of those things too..
    I am just plodding along, and learning as I go.
    "Gadgets" you can add to your blog.
    Since you started, you have come on leaps and bounds..its wonderful
    best wishes..xx

  3. Hello Val:
    You are, most certainly, as this post illustrates embracing modern technology with a vengeance! There can be no looking back now. We are so pleased that your new key board has arrived and that you are once more sorted. The Morse Code effect was, though, rather fun!

  4. Thank you Francesca..
    Spring is for me is wonderful. It brings new hope.
    Your Easter blog.. mi piaceri tanto..belissimo.
    Una bela jiorno..

  5. Dear Jane and Lance.
    You always leave such kind comments.
    Yes, it was rather funny typing with the full stops.
    At least i got there.
    I am far from being Techno savy..but like to think i am halfway there.
    Best wishes for a happy wednesday to you both.val

  6. I love and embrace all Techno stuff. I could not now imagine life without any of these things and would very much go without other things to replace mmmmm, which order? computer or camera....I don't know there they are both equally as important as each other, definately the 2 most important of all the techno goodies but I love them all. Learning as you go is probably the best lesson in life it sure is for me and I have a very stubborn streak where machines are concerned and will not let them beat me no matter how long it takes to master! They can be infuriating when they go wrong but we still love them. So glad you have a new keyboard. I used to pooh pooh blogging...hahaha....little did I know how much I'd take to it and I've met some wonderful people on my short journey so far! Love Suzy x

  7. Glad you liked the post Suzy..
    I suppose I would go for the computer first, camera second.. These gadgets make up our life these days.
    Like you , I wont give up. I have come a long way.
    Agree..blogging is such fun..and we meet lovely people along the journey..
    Happy wednesday

  8. Although I work a lot on my Mac, techo things are not my things - your painting is really good!

    love to you from the North dear Val : )

  9. Dear Val - So pleased that your new keyboard has arrived - you made valiant attempts to keep in touch with everyone whilst it was broken, for which I thank you very much. I would have missed hearing from you.
    I often think of my mother, and wonder what she would make of the world today, cash dispensing machines had not even appeared by the time she died.
    We all try our best to embrace the technology through trail and error, but we seem to get there little by little.
    Having said that, I do not have a single friend outside the blogosphere who blogs, and in fact they all look at me rather blankly when I say I do, as if I am someone of outer space!!!

  10. How great is that. My daughter Nina, who lives in Lucern..said to me.. mum..why do you want to do such a boring thing. answer- because i enjoy and like it. and i have made new friends.
    My darling mother passed away on the eve of 1999..just before she passed away, she had told us that she was terribly worried, that the world would come to an end in the 21st century..she couldnt get her head around it all. poor mum.
    Have a wonderful day Rosemary.
    Its a beautiful day here.
    I am off to Lisbon later.

  11. Thank you dear Demie,

    I suppose my liking technology and having it around comes from me having been married to an electronics engineer..gadgets all over. We also were avid ham radio communicaters..while sailing.
    Living here in the middle of nowhere..its great company for me..and I have the mobile and computer to rely on.
    thanks for your comment on my painting..

  12. That's a great post, Val! Very interesting and so very true! I am surprised how many gadgets you have - I thought we have less and when I started to look around I saw that here we have the same situation! I am so glad your keyboard works again although the morsing was quite fun... for me anyway... You are such a talented woman! So have fun with blogging, phoning, writing sms etc. Bye, Christa

  13. Dear Christa,
    Kind comments , thank you.
    We really take all these things for granted. I am very far from being clever with all this technology.
    When we think of it..we really cant do without most of them. Click of a button and the car doors open..
    we will soon have robots to make our tea. ):
    Happy day Christa..

  14. Dear Val, See how clever you are. I actually liked your morse code. Anyone else would have given up. But no, not you. You went right on blogging and staying in touch.
    Like you I live in an isolated (from computer technology) area and have to learn everything the hard way. But we all learn from just doing and then, of course, there are our blogging friends who are always willing to help. All we have to do is ask. ox Gina

  15. All so very true Gina. We just have to keep at it.
    Some laughs here and there , dont go amiss.!

  16. Dear Val,
    thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comment.
    How fun to have a new blogging friend from Portugal.
    Oh dear friend, it is so true that we are surrounded by techno gadgets and as I'm writing this comment I'm looking around to see how many of them are actually here with me in my studio...my mobile phone being recharged, my laptop, printer, cordless phone, modem-router... just to name a few. indeed too many in just one room. LOL.
    I'm not really a techno person although I must admit I couldn't imagine my life without a mobile phone or without a notebook.
    I've very much enjoyed my visit to you today and will definitely come back again.

  17. Val, glad you got your key board fixed! I gave you an A+ for creativity with your morse code typing. For what to write about just your life, food, house, garden, travels. For me it is fun to experience another country by visiting your blog. You are doing great, keep going.Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  18. Hello Val,
    The technology is not my favourite !I like the simple things .. and I love so much your painting !I prefer this than techno things !

  19. I am glad I met you in this blog world. You are part of what has made it so nice for me. I always enjoy your posts and your comments on mine.

  20. Hello Val!
    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog and you are very welcome as a follower:)
    I wrote a comment here yesterday, but it doesn't seem to have shown up. I probably messed it up in some way:) I am definitely not techno. savvy!
    I wanted to tell you that I loved Portugal when I visited way back in 1964! I was travelling around Europe with three girl-friends in a small van with our tent on the roof-rack. We first stayed at Figura da Foz for several days and were enchanted with the painted boats, white houses and girls with layers of petticoats, and of course, the beautiful flowers. We also visited Lisbon.
    Glad you are having sunny days. I thought the climate there to be similar to ours. I was home-sick when I saw the eucalypts (gum trees) growing everywhere.
    Happy days,

  21. Thanks Betty for coming my way.
    I was in Lisbon for a few days..
    Baby sitting my youngest grandson.
    How super that you know a little of Portugal..
    Figueira da foz and Nazare are lovely places.. I am in the Alentejo..south of the Tejo River.
    We have had good weather.. but its started raining a little bit..yippee.
    Betty, you must be a little Techno savy.. you are blogging.! I am far from knowing all the modern gadgets..but my sons have them.. I love to see them.
    Happy saturday.. see you soon val

  22. Likewise Lisa.. If we didnt have this modern technology..how could we communicate..
    We can of course write letters!.. but this is so great..to be able to meet people and know about their wonderful lives and learn new things..
    cant live without my mobile phone.!
    Hope the weather is good..
    a little rain here, thank god..
    hugs.. val

  23. Hello Olympia..
    I have been in Lisbon for a few days.. sorry for not replying straight away.
    The simpler the better.. but we do need our computers and mobile phones, and so on.. Modern technology is here to stay.. I wouldnt have met you without this new technology..
    best wishes..

  24. Dear Laura..Cottage and Broome.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments.. I do so also love to see your blog with Andrea..
    Without our computers and cameras and mobile phones.. life would be a little difficult..
    Its great to visit other friends and read their lovely blogs..
    see you soon
    happy saturday

  25. Dear Rita..

    Ditto..ditto.ditto.. We take all our techno stuff for granted.. Like you..my little cottage..has all these things around me.
    You see! I wouldnt have met you without being able to blog..computer techno savy.. ):
    lovely to see your comments..
    will see you soon.

  26. Hello Val,
    Thanks for your most recent comments on my blog. Appreciate them. Thanks also for reminding me that it was Nazare where I saw those lovely boats etc. Seems my memory is not as good as it used to be!:)
    Glad you got to stay in Australia for that length of time. I havn't been to Perth since returning (by ship) from that trip so long ago.


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