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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lisbon for 3 days

I took the late train to Lisbon on Wednesday.. My Eldest Son and Heleen, had asked me to baby sit our Little Max. The next few days were pretty busy for them, and they needed some extra help. I prepared my bags, and as always enjoyed the train ride to the City, and be with my family.

A view from the lounge window at Chiado 16.. A ferry crossing the Tejo estuary, and a navy Frigate in the distance. The rooftops..belong to the Admiralty.
Max wanted to play with my camera. but was able to take these few.

Another view.. The Building of the "Bank of Portugal" Chiado , is downtown Lisbon and a very old borough. Beautiful "calcada" paved designed streets.
Another view- stone's throw away, is the "Se" Lisbon Cathedral. It was built on the site of an old Mosque in 1150 for the first catholic bishop. The English Crusader --Gilbert Hastings.
The building looks like a fortress from the outside.. Inside is Romanesque and Gothic.
One of Lisbons oldest buildings.. It is the oldest church.
Perhaps a little more on the "Se" in another blog!
Fascinating history.

On the highest of the 7 hills of Lisbon is the Medieval castle of "Sao Jorge"..St. Jorge. This view I love.
It overlooks all of downtown Lisbon and has magnificent views of the Tagus.
History has it..that it was built in the 2nd century B.C.. You can take a picnic and spend a delightful sunday afternoon in the grounds.. Perhaps another blog! Lisbon has a wonderful history.

On my arrival home today. The shepherd had brought the horses from the top paddock to me again. What delight to see them eating the new growing grass. Although very dry here, its slowly growing. Clouds are coming over.. We might get rain. Sheilah..
Pascoa "Easter"..she was born on easter morning 17 years ago this Easter.
Pascoa and her baby Surprise. Surprise, because she was a surprise!! she is very clever.
Missing one horse here.. Dear Julia.. she is now very ill. She is 27 and we fear she wont last too long. I miss seeing her.
My little angel Max. lots of fun, building the blocks and knocking them down.
Hello everybody.
See, I too can take photos...

Wishing all my blogging friends, a happy weekend.


  1. Dear Val... this is all so beautiful! People, here in UK know nothing about Portugal... they have no idea how beautiful it is!

    You make me dream... I see blue skies, I feel warmth, I see beauty, lots of beauty!

    You are so lucky, Val, to have it all!

    Max is just gorgeous! What else can I say? Enjoy it all!




  2. Ciao Anna,
    I know you of all people, will appreciate the History of Portugal and its old towns..and lovely little beach cottages that the fishermen live in.. e bello..mi piacere tanto questa pais..
    tanti baci

  3. Dear Val , I am looking your post and I am wondering which photos is more beautiful .. Lisbon ,the view ... ,outside your home with horses or the little Max ?I can't choose ..Your are blessed for all these !!
    My love

  4. Dear Olympia,
    Thank you so much.. I do love living here.. I love to see the family in the City.. but enjoy it more, when they come here to the country.
    Max is such a good little boy.
    best wishes

  5. Hello Val:
    The rooftop views of Lisbon are so very attractive. The terracotta tiles are beautiful and the houses perched on the hillside overlooking the water look wonderful.

    The ground looks very parched with you so we do hope that rain will be forthcoming. There are already hosepipe bans in southern England and it has been very dry here in Budapest too.

    Max looks adorable!

  6. Dear Jane and Lance,

    Yes, the rooftops are very attractive. Its a very old part of Lisbon.
    It is dry.. we had a little rain about an hour ago, but nowhere near enough.
    I saw on the news, that England have hospipe bans.
    You are both always so thoughtful.
    Have a wonderful weekend in Budapest.
    best wishes val

  7. Max is a darling! I first remember seeing your Lisbon view in the movie Russia House. The Sean Connery character had a wonderful little apartment there. Unforgettable. I have been to Extremadura in Spain. The terrain is quite similar to yours. So lovely. And how special to have the beautiful roaming horses!

  8. Max is a darling.Thank you Jacqueline..
    The apartment in the film With Sean Connery. Russia House.. was filmed a few blocks from Chiado16.
    My eldest sons place.
    All in the same area.
    I am on the same plain as Estremadura..
    just a little lower.
    Spain is an hour half from me.
    Happy saturday

  9. Hi Val: Your trip to the kids looked beautiful. What history and charming scenery you have around you. I am learning about Portugal from you. And watching out for Max, what a joy that is for you. You know how I feel about grandbabies..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Dear Val, Now I want to travel by train and an overnight train journey to Paris. Our sleeper compartment even had a very large shower.
    Max is a handsome little boy. How nice that he lives only a short train ride away. That way you can visit often and Max can come for a vist in the country.

  11. How great Gina.
    When do you go to Paris! It seems a popular destination this year.
    Its relaxing to travel by train.
    I do get to see my grandchildren. Their weekend home is next to mine. But sometimes things keep them in Lisbon.
    happy saturday
    thanks Gina.

  12. Yes I agree Judy, grandchildren are special. Max is my youngest of 6. His brother Thomas is 13 in May and his sister Audrey Marie is 11 next month.
    Happy Saturday Judy

  13. Dear Val - lovely to see photos of Lisbon which I love. There is so much to see and do there. Your pictures make me want to return. We visited at Christmas time when there was the most spectacular christmas tree and wonderful decorations in the square.
    Your little Max looks a fine boy, and lots of fun.

  14. Thank you Rosemary,
    I didnt know that you had been here this christmas.
    I do remember you mentioning that you had been before to Portugal and Lisbon also Sintra.
    It is lovely. Years ago, it used to be a much cleaner city. Its still not too bad.. but times change. Lots of modernisation.
    happy sat. evening to you all.

  15. dear Val,
    thank you for stopping by today.
    You trip to Lisbon must have been great. i was once in Lisbon some 10 years back and very much loved the city and its surroudings (I especially enjoyed visiting the feira de ladra!!!!! am I spelling it right?)
    wishing you a relaxing sunday

  16. Hello Valerie

    I loved travelling through Lisbon with you and then to return and find the horses out to pasture. I can understand your joy with spending time with little Max - he looks like he would be a lot of fun.

    Wishing you a great weekend. I have my nephew visiting from London and so much fun and action.

    Helen xx

  17. Dear Helen,
    Enjoy your time with your Nephew.. how great that he wants to be with you. Lots of fun and you can spoil him.
    Max is a delight and we laugh lots. they grow so quickly. I took Audrey Marie out shopping after dinner and we also had a little quality time. Thomas was studying and on his computer.
    The horses are just so lovely to have around.
    happy sunday Helen. val

  18. Ciao Rita,
    Yes, its the feira de ladra.. gosh! I havent been there in over 20 years. Funnily enough, i was talking to a friend of mine about it a few weeks ago. I want a few old plates for my walls and we both mentioned it.
    Lisboa e una cita malto diferente.. mi piacere tanto..
    Grazi Rita.
    happy sunday val

  19. Darest Val: First of all THANK YOU for your good wishes for my recovery... I need it! Still pain (less though) and a very swollen leg... I hope I'll make it to Paris! Your photos about Lisboa are magnificent! The other day I saw a reportage about this wonderful city and I think we should/must visit! Then your horses are wonderful! We are living in the city here and I can't imagine how lovely it must be to have them in the backyard! Lucky you! Max - well, he is a cute boy! You must love him very much and I am sure it is vice versa! What a wonderful grandma he has! Great, Val! It seems you are having a happy life! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Christa

  20. Am glad you feel a little better. I am sure it will be ok for Paris. !
    Like you Christa. I try to keep my mind focused on posative things..and happy attitudes. The family say I am like my father. He woke smiling and went to bed smiling.
    I am happy..
    Happy day to you
    xxx val


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