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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday lunch

A little Sunday lunch for myself. I opened a nice bottle of Alentejo red, some sliced cheese and walnuts to whet my appetite. Took a sip of my wine and decided to make chicken.
Cheers... you might like to try it one day.

I hardly ever make the same recipe twice. if I do, it has another flavour added. One large breast of chicken. bacon rashers

(tinfoil on bottom.so as not to be too dry)
simple spices -paprika.red pesto

Onion,garlic, virgin olive oil(i use my own) lemon, red wine. chop the onion very very finely into the olive oil. then the garlic-very fine. squeeze half a lemon -add- a little red wine and mix.

spread a thin layer of the red pesto onto the chicken. add a little paprika..then add the olive oil with the other ingredients.
Going into the oven 200 deg. in electric oven for 45 min or so.

A plain simple salad to go with it. Just perfect for a spring sunday lunch.

Happy Sunday everyone, wish you could have joined me.
Hot cross buns and cream for afternoon tea.


  1. Val: Scrumptious!!! I will have to try it. And good for left-overs too, I bet..Happy Sunday..Judy

  2. It was delicious Judy. I live by myself, so it was just enough.
    I make up most of my sauces as i go along. It was a beautiful warm sunday here. All the doors open and the doves cooing.
    thanks Judy

  3. Dear Val - looks delicious. You are very sensible to make yourself a proper lunch. It is so easy to snack on rubbish when you are feeding only one.
    We have been in the garden all day so lunch had to be rustled up quickly, we could have done with joining you.

  4. How delightful that would have been to have had your company Rosemary,
    Its been a most beautiful day here too. I am sure your garden is looking superb.

  5. Hi Val, The chicken dish looks wonderful, I will have to try it, enjoy your week.
    Thea x

  6. Hi Val!

    I love chicken and your sounds like a really delicious recipe!

    I like the cheese and wine, too! And nuts... I love them all!

    I'm off to bed now! Busy day tomorrow (we have not packed our bags, yet!)




  7. Oh how I wish I could have joined you, looks wonderful! I'd even bring the cookies, thanks for stopping by Laura

  8. Hi Laura,
    It was a beautiful relaxing sunday.

  9. seems yummy =)
    nice blog


  10. Good morning "Rainbow gatherer" what a great name for a blog.
    Thanks for passing by and leaving your comment.
    I will be going over your way.
    hope to see you again

  11. Dear Val: I was so pleased to read your comment today and I am so very happy that you are enjoying your life and that you treat yourself to many good things! You are worth it! Definitely! Have a wonderful day! Christa PS. That chicken still looks delicious today...

  12. Thank you Dear Christa,
    It served me for lunch and snacks later.
    We are having such pleasant weather here. All the doors open.

  13. What a delicious meal. I should try that myself. I can imagine the aroma when you first turned back the foil:)
    Good to hear you have had such beautiful weather.

  14. Hi Betty,
    It was such a wonderful aroma.. and the chicken was delicious.
    Try it. you will enjoy it.

  15. Oh I am definitely coming to visit you Val if I ever reach Portugal. Yummy food, scenery and hospitality just ooze out of your blog!

  16. HI Annie,
    Nice to see you.
    house is open all the time.
    Thanks for your super comments
    much love val

  17. Hi Val,
    I'll try to make this dish !I think it is easy .You wrote to me that you are more happy when your family comes in your home ! I agree with you because the life in town is difficult !The beauty is outside in the country !Have a nice week !

  18. Hello Olympia,

    this is a very simple easy meal, very tasty takes about an hour to have it all ready.
    Dont forget a nice wine.!
    Yes, i enjoy being in the country. City life is so different. Its very relaxing in the country.
    thanks Olympia.

  19. it is a luxury to enjoy the simplest pleasures. and i think you understand this. what a lovely afternoon you must have had. although i'm not a big meat eater, i must show this to my husband. i'm sure he'd love it and will enjoy making it.

  20. Chasing lightning bugs
    Its the simplest of pleasures that gives us peace.
    I did have a lovely day.
    Hope your hubby likes the sauce.
    happy tuesday
    thank you

  21. It would have been so nice to have been able to sit and eat and talk with you. It sounds so good!

  22. Dearest Lisa.

    How much you would enjoy the warm weather here in the country. The butterflies are arriving. The birds are chirping..
    I only wish you could have been here.
    best wishes. valxxx


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