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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Elegant delights

Today I woke with a cold, and felt rather miserable. I took some of my old magazines out and thought I might share a few of the elegant things I like.
A beautiful elegant silver candle stick and flower holder.
I would want it in my bedroom, with fresh roses every

I have always loved elegant bedrooms. My mother was a specialist at making the most cosiest elegant bedroom, even the spare rooms had fresh flowers. I always felt so safe and cosy when i was in her bedroom. The smell of her perfume and the fresh flowers beside the bed left fond memories .They are things I like to do she taught me well. When my roses are in bloom I have a little vase of roses next to my bed every day.

In my own home during many years. I had 4 men around. My bedrooms were just simple neat and hopefully some days tidy. I was lucky to be able to make Nina's room a little prettier.
just a simple night side table and lovely soft sheets, a simple candle and some pretty prints on the wall.

I have always wanted a chaise lounge in my bedroom. "If"!! I ever add on another bedroom! , I will have something like this green checkered chair and stool .. My side table full of the flowers of spring, a little writing desk , with my family photos on top. (I am sure you get the scene.)

This blue bedroom with the canopy bed is just sheer elegant indulgence..
This simple white bed and white linen, with a few nuances added here and there. Is one of my favorites. I love the palm tree in the corner. Soft lighting of an evening.

Simple yet elegant and so inviting.. with a charming painted bed head. Wallpaper or just paint..this bed is so lovely.
This bedroom I like.. the photo is not too good. Its very simple and I like the way the art is just sitting upon the back of the bed.
I like simple paths..
Wood in a lounge gives a warm feeling. Rustic and simple. I have wooden beams in my cottage.
Adore this sofa.. its very like mine.
A little old entrance table with a marble top, flowers in a simple vase and figs. I like this idea, and I have about 5 or 6 fig trees makes for different decor.
This just suits me .. Its how I love to live. I have already started to be outdoors. My dogs are around me and I might paint or while the time away with a good book.
An elegant glass topped table with wiker chairs..lots of creepers ..divine.

Dear blogging friends. All the photos are taken from my collection of magazines I have collected from over many years. - "Casa e Campo" -- "Country Living"--" Beautiful Homes"-"Romantic bedrooms". I can add one more, and that is gardening magazines summer and winter.
I buy 2 or 3 magazines on home decor a year.
I enjoy the challenge of making my home my own. My own signiture on the way I organise it.
I dont like to move furniture around. I like to add a few things now and again. That gives me much pleasure and joy.
When you read my profile. I wrote that I daydream.. I love to daydream.. This has been one of those days. If we dont dream.. life is not worth twopence..!!

What type of room is your favorite room. Is all just fun.

Happy Tuesday

My cold feels a lot better now. I have enjoyed sharing this with you all.


  1. Little dreamer dream on ...

    I think your home is very cosy!

    ♥ Franka

  2. I like that bottom bedroom too, I like rustic country style but simple with it, not over fussy. I change ornaments occasionally but once I've got it how I like it then it stays put. Suzy x

  3. Dear Val,
    I like to read your post ! The memories , the feelings , thoughts you bring us , is for me, so nice !
    You have your collection from old magazines ,please share these pics.
    My love

  4. Thanks Olympia ,
    glad you liked the blog. I enjoyed doing it.
    but my camera is a little old now.. i need to get a new one.
    love val

  5. Thats what I do ..change a few ornements now and again. I like my home as it is.
    My bedrooms are very simple...I love white linen and cotton.
    thanks for your comments Suzy.

  6. Hello Franka..

    The photos are not of my house.. Only the heading one.
    I took them out of my magazine collection.
    just daydreaming..

  7. Hallo Val!
    You have shared some pretty looking things here today
    : ) my favourite is the wood lounge... I adore wood!

    love to you from d

  8. I love it to Demie,
    Wood in a home is something different and warming about it.
    I have lots of wood around my cottages.
    glad you liked the post

  9. Dear Val - so sorry to learn that you have not been feeling well, and do hope that you are now on the mend.
    All of the rooms you show are lovely, and sometimes I feel that it would be nice to start all over again. However, the things that surround us are objects that we have taken a lifetime acquiring - they become part of who we are.
    Of course it is possible to get a different look with some new bedlinen, change of curtains, or paint colour etc - lets all dream on together.

  10. Hi Val: You are certainly a girl after my own heart, only I can't understand how you can ONLY buy 2 or 3 decorating magazines a year. Was that a misprint!! Jerry used to say that he would never worry about our bed falling off it's springs, because the magazines would hold it up! I've changed now. I still buy them but I read them and then give them away to my friends. The only one I hoard is Victoria. My most favorite. I'm glad you are feeling better and those pictures make me want to start hoarding magazines again!!HeHe..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  11. I only by 2 max 3 decor magazines a year. Not a misprint Judy. I dont pass on my magazines.
    I take time to choose the ones that suit my ideas.
    When I was young, i had no time for magazines. life was too hectic with 4 children around.
    The home decor magazines I buy are special..every time I read them.I see something i didnt see before.
    America has different magazines than we do .. i dont know the Victoria.
    Just keep the ones that you really like..The bedroom magazine.. i have had for over 15 years. I love it.
    Thanks for your comments Judy. always appreciated.
    Happy tuesday to you.

  12. So true Rosemary,
    The magazines i have..are so old. I love to look through them once in a while, I especially like the garden ones, but can never remember the name of the plants.
    I do dream of having that last bedroom project.
    Alas.. i must just dream on..who knows, maybe one day. I too just change a few items around and add that extra painting.
    All happy fun I have a lifetime of dreams collected around my home.
    Happy days Rosemary. thank you

  13. I love the flower sofa. Florals remind me of elegance, romance, and loveliness. These rooms have alot of style. Isn't it fun to decorate? I am decorating right now, and you gave me some wonderful ideas.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. I love the sofa too Sheri..mine is very very similar except no legs. and its a 3 seater. I bought it in spain many years ago.
    Its such fun to decorate and give a new touch to things. Happy decorating
    thanks for your kind comments

  15. Do hope you are feeling much better now.
    I love the bed with the covered bed-head, looks so cosy and comfortable. Also love the last picture.....so nice for relaxing outdoors.
    Glad to hear you are relaxing and enjoying your beautiful magazines.

  16. Thank you Betty,
    I am still a little chesty. Its a spring cold.!
    It was a fun post . I keep my magazines and browse through them now and again, with a coffee or tea.
    We all have our individual tastes, but nice to look at.
    Happy wed.

  17. What a fun post Val. I feel like I have gotten to know you better. I hope you feel better soon!

  18. I like those photos, too!

    I think my fav is that white bedroom with the chandy and palm tree - and I esp like those stone paths!

    I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Get well! Until then, eat some soup, drink some tea, rest and enjoy those pretty magazines and bloggin!

    Thanks so much for your visit today, it was great to find you, too.


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