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Friday, 30 March 2012

Medina --The Artist

An artist is a creator, and as such lives his life in what he has created with hand and mind.
The artist has certain priviledges that puts him apart from the rest of humanity: To be able to live beyond his life span. (Medina California 1942)

Self Portrait.

Henrique Medina was born of a Spanish father,from whom he leart his art. (His father was a famour painter also)and a Portuguese mother.
He started painting at an early age at the Porto school of fine arts. At the early age of 18 he left for Paris . There he was a pupil of Carmon and Bernard. He worked diligently with them , until he achieved supreme success of seeing his painting hanging in the Luxembourg Museum (now Jeau de Paume) He was awarded the "Legion d' Honneur"..
Later to further his career in England,America and Brazil
Born August 18 1901 died 1988. He died in Portugal

I have had this wonderful book of the life and art of Medina for many years . I sit and read it once in a while. I never get tired at looking at his portraits ..for me he is a genius.
He might be new to many of you..to art world he is said to be one of the greatest painters of his day.

My book: A study by Rene Huyche of the French Academy

Portrait of : S.M Humberto II de Italia. (Humberto lived in exile in Cascais Portugal. His magnificent palacette home, has now become a hotel). It has a view across the North Atlantic, as far as the eye can see. I was sad to see a hotel there.. part of the original palacette has been maintained. As you can imagine it was magnificent. He was well loved by the people of Portugal.

Amelita Galli Curci (metropolitan opera house New York)
Medina was not just restricted to the Portuguese school of art. His work is influenced from
the places he lived and from his own unique style.
Greer Garson 1946 ( Museum of Metro Goldwyn meyer.)

Medina is well worth reading and getting to know about him. He led a very interesting life.
As you can imagine. I could write lots more! but its all written down in History.

Hope you enjoy this post. These are just a few of his portraits.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Dear Val - I am having trouble at the moment posting comments, lets see how we go this time.
    Thanks for the introduction to Henrique Medina. I was really interested to find out about him, and discover his work.
    Subsequently I have looked at more information on him, and discovered that there is a Medina Museum in Braga. I visited Braga a few years back and if I had know about him, I would have made sure I had gone.
    Thanks Val for a very interesting post about an artist that I did not know.

  2. I hope this gets you.. there are some blogging hic ups with comments..
    Silly me. I omitted the Medina Museum.. i had it written down.. also there is a facebook page you can join..
    Braga,is a lovely city. The people are so friendly there, very different to the Alentejano's..
    Glad you liked the post Rosemary.
    We always learn something new each day.
    happy friday.

  3. These are so pretty. I love the lady in the red dress. Thanks for giving me a bit of history about the artist.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Thank you Sheri,

    Medina is a fantastic artist. you will find his work on the internet. His colours are vibrant.
    The spanish lady is lovely..
    happy Friday

  5. Thank you, Val, for sharing this artist. I did not know of him. His portraits are beautiful..Happy Friday..Judy

  6. Hi Judy,
    I was up early this morning and left a comment on your lovely blog.. but not sure if you recieved it.. some hic ups this morning.
    Glad you liked Medina.. he is worth looking up.
    Happy Friday

  7. Val, looks like a beautiful book. I love the painting of the young girl and the lady in the red dress. I learned something new today, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend, Laura

  8. Alas I was ignorant of this artist so thank you for sharing some his history with us.
    I appreciate your lovely comments Val and thanks for visiting my blog friend Patricia.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Dear Annie,
    Its always a good thing to learn about some of the worlds great artists, of which there are so many.
    glad you liked the post. I love Medina's work
    It was a pleasure to leave a comment for Patricia..i will follow now.
    happy weekend

  10. Thanks Laura,
    His work is amazing. glad you liked it.
    happy weekend

  11. I Val, hello how are you worth? I am all right. A big welcome and a good weekend, hello

  12. Grazi Francesca,
    tuti beine..
    happy weekend

  13. Thank you for introducing this artist!

    ♥ Franka

  14. Glad you liked it Franka
    He is really a great artist.

  15. Thank you for sharing about this wonderful artist! I was happy to be introduced to him and his art. Thank you also for the encouraging comment you shared about the boys. You all helped me to relax and enjoy the time with Mike.

  16. So glad that you got some special time with Mike..thats just what you needed Lisa.
    thanks.. glad you liked the artist.. I do too. xxx


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