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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

China and Bisquet hobby

I bought the book below in London about 25 years ago. Some of the pages have stuck together. I do love it and along with my other books it sits on my art shelf . Once in a while i read it.
I have a few pieces of white china that I would like to apply designs on that I collected over the years. Tthey sit at the back of my china cupboard . This morning i have been organising the pieces and they hopefully will look different when painted.

I have had the Designer China book all these years, but never attempted the painting technique of painting without a Kiln.
I have not used my kiln now for so many years. It sits in the store shed.!
The technique explained in the book is simple and creative. If you get a chance to look the book up on the net.. you will find some great ideas to paint and design ..to hang on your walls.. Ideal to while away some lazy afternoon, or a rainy day.
Finally I hope to get started on some new designs after easter.
Some acrylic paint,brushes..get your designs off the net or invent them.. tracing paper.transfer to your plate or vase ..let it dry..then spray with spray varnish..
I love tea pots. I have two ready to paint.
simple plant pots with fun designs. Great idea for Easter daffodils.


Bisquet work.

The photos i took below are of my bisquet work. I painted them over 8 years ago.
Life sometimes brings changes! Other priorities and things we must do take precedence..so I just never got down to firing them. My poor Kiln needs some urgent attention, so I need to take them to a potter.
I think I might have found a potter in one of the nearby villages that might glaze and fire them for me. They are all my own designs. Fingers crossed.
Candle sticks.. I have two.. just have to finish painting the handles.
Fun teapot.. soft yellow, midnight blue and pink flowers
Milk and sugar dishes. midnight blue leaves and dots and little pink flowers with yellow stripe.
summer "strawberry" plate

"Chilli peppers" midnight blue..and bright red on white background
Coffee in Paris.

Painting on bisquet pieces is a totally different technique.. Its fun and interesting and you can buy the pieces at a pottery shop and the oxides too.

Wishing you all a happy Tuesday..


  1. Hello Val:
    We have to say that we found your bisquet work both fascinating and absolutely charming. The designs are so attractive and the colours you have chosen complement the designs perfectly.

    Back in our gardening days, we would often transform the humble plain terracotta pot with paint. But, as we are definitely no artists, we restricted ourselves to stripes. They looked such fun, just as the ones you show here!

  2. Thank you for your comments on my bisquet.
    Its all fun. I do hope i can get them fired.

    Yes, the little terracotta pots look nice with stripes and spots.

    Happy times in Budapest.

  3. Hi Val, Your work is lovely, your are very clever to be able to paint like that.
    Thea x

  4. Thank you Thea.

    Anyone can do it. You should give it a try.
    Love your blog today.
    best wishes

  5. So pretty!
    Really nice easter presennts!

    ♥ Franka

  6. Your bisquet pieces are so lovely, Val! I hope you get to glaze and fire them in time to enjoy them this spring. Good luck with the designs on your white china. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Thank you Haworth..

    They are special to me. I am going tomorrow to see the potter.
    Lots to do.. better than being idle.

  8. Thanks Franka,

    These are all for me. I have waited so long to get them fired.

  9. Dear Val, These are gorgeous. Wish we didn't live so far apart, I would glaze and fire them for you. Do you have a University nearby? Often, their ceramics department will fire your pieces...just in case your potter doesn't work out.

  10. Very nice detail! My favorite is the "Coffee in Paris" plate. I took a couple ceramics classes in school, and I really enjoyed them. I was never that great on the wheel, but I liked hand sculpting and painting my pieces. Have a lovely week!
    P.S. To answer your question from our blog, we don't have alligators in California, thank goodness! They are in the American South. Although I wouldn't want to swim in the canals anyway because I am sure they are polluted :-/

  11. Dear Val - how nice that you have found a potter to finish off your work, which is going to look really attractive.
    Look forward to seeing what you do on your white china after Easter.
    Have lots of fun doing them.

  12. Hello Rosemary,
    I have been rather lazy with the ceramics.. I am excited to start painting the new technique.
    Off tomorrow to see the potter.
    Its not easy here in Portugal... the potters are very private .. its not an open market.
    thanks for your encouraging comment.

  13. Thanks for clarifying that Jess.
    Its Florida I think.. but i am not sure
    thanks for passing by and leaving your comment.

  14. -dear Gina,
    I must tell you, that you have inspired me to get my pieces out and get going and finish them.
    Also your blog with the dinner plate and the bird.
    Its a great hobby. I am no where near as good as you..but i do my best.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments.
    I do wish i was close to you. I would be at your workshops.
    I am off to see the potter tomorrow...keep my fingers crossed.

  15. Hi Valerie

    Your bisquet work is just beautiful Valerie. I also love how your paint.
    The cream and suger is blue and yellow is a favourite of mine. You are experienced in so many art forms and this makes for no dull moments.

    I am back and catching up on my blogging friends

    Have a wonderful week
    Helen xx

  16. Hi Val: I love your bisque ware and the little flowerpots. I had a kiln before we moved here and did alot of ceramics, greenware, did not throw my own. But had alot of fun and made some pretty good money selling, but decided I didn't have time anymore so sold it. Now I regret it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  17. Hi Judy,
    How great that you also enjoyed ceramics. Dont have any regrets. You can always start again.
    My poor kiln is just lying collecting dust. Times change.
    glad you liked my bisquet.
    all good fun..

  18. Thank you Helen. So nice to read your comment.
    Many years of being involved in art. I do love it. Unfortunately , i dont do as much as i would like, but keep going.
    I enjoy it all.
    xx val

  19. I hope we get to see your pieces finished. They are beautiful!

  20. What a talent you have! I hope you can get your pieces fired. I have projects that have gotten put aside. You're right about life interfering! But creative types always have something going to interrupt! haha!

  21. Thanks Jacqueline,
    It seems it will have to wait until after easter.
    Its true, always something on the go, with us creative people.
    happy day

  22. Thanks Lisa,
    I hope so. After Easter.
    They have been around too long now, must get the out and hang the plates on the walls.
    hugs val x

  23. Hi Val, as I read this post it reminded me of the time I dabbled in china painting. My daughter is very creative and as a child I would take her to a pottery studio set up primarily for children to encourage their creativity but adults could also participate so of course I did and thoroughly enjoyed the process. One could choose a piece of china to paint and the piece would be fired in the workshops kiln.
    Your pieces are so lovely. Good luck with the potter.

  24. Hey Val, Those are all your own designs!!! What a talent, the creamer and sugar bowl are my favorite and beautiful. I can see now how you could have painted your own Bunnykins dish. Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Easter, Laura

  25. Thanks Laura, for your kind comments
    I just dont seem to get enough time to keep up these lovely hobbies. I love art.
    A blessed easter to you and Andrea..


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