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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


As you all know, I have 6 beautiful grandchildren. Today is my 3rd grandaughters Birthday she is 11 .. She is loved by us all very much. Her name is Audrey Marie, we call her Didi. I thought I might just share a few photos of her with you all.
Didi loves roses . When i was restoring the little old cottage on my property. I asked Didi one day." what should grandma call the little cottage" and she said ,"lets call it "Rose Cottage " grandma. So thats what its called. Rose Cottage.

This photo is really unique. If you look carefully, you will see my eldest son Manel, Didi's daddy, taking a photo through the mirror of the ice cream parlour.. so the photo is a reflection from the mirror.. My son has blown this photo up 5 times its size and it hangs in the kitchen of their Lisbon home. Chiado16
Maybe some of you grandma's out there, might have inherited a dog or two from your children. I present to you the latest addition to my little doggie clan "Isaa" a Bichon Frise. At the moment she looks like a mop. She is going to the parlour on Friday. I most certainly cant let Didi see her like this. As the family will be here for this long weekend. Isaa has the sweetest nature and is the love of Didi's life.
Sun glasses bought on her recent Easter holidays to Moçambique and S.A she likes to pull a face or two.. she might be an actress one day.!

Didi with our little Max. I have introduced you to Max. This was taken last summer. Didi is so good with him.
Didi took this photo of herself. She is showing her new haircut and her rainbow coloured braces, that Uncle Miguel put on for her.

Didi relaxing here last summer. Just a little bit of sharing
Wishing you all a very happy Tuesday


  1. What a pretty girl!
    All the best to her anniversary!

    Liebe Grüße!
    ♥ Franka

  2. Danke Franka.

    Nice to see you ..
    Hope that you are well and enjoying the spring.!

  3. Just about to set off on our travels, but pleased to see sweet Didi before we leave. She looks a lovely girl. Grandchildren are an absolute delight. Our eldest granddaughter has a birthday this month too, so we are hoping to meet her and take her out for lunch.

  4. Happy Birthday to you Didi from across the sea. xo, Gina

  5. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. I would like someday to have a beautiful granddaughter just like her. I love your little Isaa. Our little dog is looking like a mop also and is going in soon to get her "smart summer cut" as my husband calls it. Thank you for your comments and your hugs. I enjoy them very much!

  6. Thank you so much Lisa,
    Didi is a very special little girl. I hope too that someday you will have a little grandaughter...suger and spice and all things nice.
    xxx val

  7. Thank you Gina,

    She will read my blogger friend comments this weekend.

  8. Thank you dear Rosemary,

    Happy travels in the European land of "M"
    Didi will read your comments at the weekend.
    I missed her..seems they were away such a long time.
    Lovely that you will get to take your eldest grandaughter out for lunch.
    Our eldest is coming from Lucern to spend summer with me and mr. M..
    enjoy yourselves.. I have a few "M's" in mind!!

  9. Hello Val:
    Didi looks to be a delightful young woman with a great sense of fun. The sunglasses are wonderful!

    You must be totally amazed at how quickly your grandchildren grow into young adults, almost before your eyes. And, how lovely it will be to meet up with Didi and share all her news. Exhausting,most probably, but wonderful fun, no doubt!!

  10. Thank you Jane and Lance,
    Didi is a lovely little girl. Yes, they do grow before our very eyes.
    As we live next to each other. when i get a little
    tired , as one would say! She knows and then goes home. We see each other later on again.
    wishing you a pleasant day in BDP.

  11. What a lovely family you have, Val! You must be a very happy lady.

    We came back from Italy just before Easter and I've been to busy to post!

    I bought another rose, today, Val: Queen Elizabeth... a delicate plant with pink blossom. Can't wait for it to get warmer!




  12. Grazi tanto Anna,
    I cut my first bunch of roses today. They are the ones next to Didi's photo and the single on at the head of the post.
    I have so many buttons on the bushes. But once again its not rained for over 8 or 9 days. So must water tomorrow.
    Thank you for your kind comments. looking forward to reading your blog posts. And all about Italy.
    ciao bella.

  13. Happy Birthday Didi x Val you must be so very proud of her, (I have a little Granddaughter of 6 months she is an absolute deligh)I Love the fact, Didi loves roses they are so beautiful I think they are my fav to.
    Thea x

  14. Happy Birthday to your lovely grand daughter !She will be a beautiful woman !I love the girls and I would like to have first granddaughter !I must wait some years.....

  15. Thank you dear Olympia,
    Grandchildren are lovely.. I dont see mine too much..but when i do its nice.

  16. Dear Thea,
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    Didi is a fine little girl.
    How lovely you have a little 6 month old grandaughter..you will have lots of happy times with her.

  17. Happy birthday Didi! Such a pretty girl.
    Yes, grandchildren bring so much happiness. You are indeed blessed:)

  18. Hi Val: Do you suppose that Didi got the name of Rose Cottage from Anne of Green Gables? She is a real cutie-pie and, again, I will tell you Max is too. I hope she has a good birthday. I'm sure she will if it includes time with Grandma. What a little sweetie is Isaa. I like her looking like a mop..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  19. Hi Judy,
    What lovely comments you have left. thank you.
    I must tell you. At the time she named the cottage ,I had a dog called Rosie. I used to sing to didi ."Rosy you are my posy" and I think it was that.
    Isaa is a sweetie and gives no trouble.

  20. I think I'm in love with little Max :) he's adorable !

  21. Thanks Gorkçe .. Max is the sweetest little fellow.
    happy Thursday.

  22. Your grand-daughter is beautiful, Val! What lovely pictures. I agree with Didi that "Rose Cottage" is the perfect name! I hope your visit with Didi was wonderful.


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