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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A little retail therapy

On monday, I went with my friend and her family to Evora. We decided to just go have lunch and on the way pass and look at the shops. We like this one big decor shop imparticular..its so so big. One can find just about everything for the home, decoration wise.
Its good to get away from the farm and see all the new lovely decorating things in the shops .
So we decided to buy a couple of nice items.
Here is what I bought.
A "Gerbera" candle and collection of aqua marine bottles .. now in my guest bathroom.

Some new cushions for the sofa bed in guest cottage. I have ordered another 4

I found these lovely magenta coloured wine glasses. They will look nice on the patio table this summer.. Especially when filled with a nice red Alentejano wine.!
The little dishes are for walnuts or peanuts.. anything really.. bought 6 of them, thats all that was left of that collection.
This is a hand made linen table cloth..made by the mother of my Ukranian friend. Its traditional Ukranian hand work. The Ukranians have such a rich culture. It was a gift from Maria. Her husband Pietro helps me around the garden on his days off.

Mummy blue bird and her babies.. this will be going outside on the patio when the weather is a little warmer.
Serviet's to add to my collection. I love to collect them.
Some photos I took in the lovely large home decor shop that we like to visit.

I love these roosters, and might pop back for a couple!
beautiful silk flowers.
I rather liked this Elisabethan lady.
We had a lovely day out. Just a little retail therapy.. its good for the soul.
Wishing you all a happy Thursday, and who knows you might just want to go shopping.


  1. Hello Val:
    Just a 'little' retail therapy!! From all that you show you obviously had the most wonderful time and are clearly, if those cockerels are to be yours, planning another visit to that particular store!

  2. Dear Val, This was fun. Almost like being there, thanks to your wonderful photos. Living in a small community we don't get to shop much. We decided to go for a ride and visit a few plant shops yesterday.

  3. Apart from living in different countries..living away from the city on the farm, our lives are pretty similar.
    I come home feeling happy when i have been to see the shops.. its not all the time of course.
    I too love to go to the garden centre.. will be there soon.
    thank you Gina.
    Happy Thursday

  4. Hello Jane and Lance,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. I did enjoy the day out. Yes, i hope to go back to see if I can buy one of the cockrels.. it will look good on my patio.
    Hope all is well with you both there in Budapest.
    best wishes

  5. You got some lovely things, I especially like the glassware both the aquamarine and the magenta wine glasses. It must have been a fun afternoon.

  6. Thanks Rowan,
    It was an enjoyable day. The sun was shining ,everyone enjoyed themselves.
    I love the glassware. can you believe.. they were 1 euro each. thats a bargain.

  7. WOW!!

    You really scored some wonderful treasures!

    I have never seen magenta wine glasses - I love them!

    Have a blessed day!

    Thank you for always visiting me and for your wonderful comments. You're the BEST!!


  8. Thank you Michele for your lovely comments.
    I like to see your posts..always something interesting.
    I was really taken with the wine glasses.. me too , i have never seen that colour. with the red wine in..i think they will look smashing.

  9. I love the glasses and the blue bottles. I can't resist glass, Val... how I would love to go back to the island of Murano, Venice!

    Very wet and nasty, here... I need some sun!




  10. cara Anna.
    I too love the blue aquamarine glass. i was so excited just looking at it. I hope i can add to the collection.
    We are having not such good weather here. Raining all day today. and very overcast.. but not too cold.
    val x x

  11. Hello Val
    What a lovely time you had, nothing wrong with some retail therapy, you bought some wonderful things and such a pretty tablecloth.
    Thea x

  12. Dear Val
    You had shopping therapy ! So nice . I like your new wine bottles and please I want to add to my collection this hand paper towel !!I am so glad to enjoyed your day !

  13. I'm glad, Val, that you had a little R&R. That's so important from time to time. You certainly got some beautiful things and the shops look amazing. That piece of hand work given to you by your friend is just beautiful. You should really go back and get a flock of those chickens..Happy Thursday..Judy

  14. Hi Judy,
    yes, i really did get a couple of nice bargains.. and enjoyed another day out.
    I hope to go next week to see if the roosters are still there.

  15. Thanks Olympia,
    I did have fun. its relaxing once in a while to see the shops.
    I too collect servietts.. !
    xxx val

  16. Thank for your nice comments Thea,
    I did enjoy my day out. I was exhausted when i got home , but it was all good.
    The little afternoon tea tablecloth is all hand sewn. A lovely gift .

  17. H Val, Your post is gorgeous, like a collection of so many things I also love! Aqua and magenta glass, embroidery, bluebirds, collecting serviettes - I had to read it through 2 or 3 times to enjoy the pretties! You must return and buy a rooster or two - they are great decorators! thank you for comments on my blog and have a happy weekend.

  18. That was one good shopping trip! I've tried to reply to you by return email and keep getting failure notices so I'm just letting you know I'm not ignoring you when an email comes through to me. Suzy x

  19. Dear suzy..
    my e mail is valerietilsten59@gmail.com ..

    thanks for your comments. must tell you, the glass items were 1 euro each.. it was half price sale.
    had lots of fun.

  20. Hi,
    thank you so much for your visit to my blog.
    You have a wonderful blog. I love all the sunny pictures !!!
    The shop looks great.

  21. Thank you Patricia,
    Yes it was a good day shopping out.
    The decor store is an upmarket chinese shop..mainly all made in china..but its really good ..
    I couldnt believe the price of the bottles and glass.
    Stay well
    hugs va

  22. Thank you Monique,
    nice to see you here.
    I enjoyed the day out. Escape therepy!
    best wishes val

  23. It sounds like you had a relaxing and happy day, Val. I love the little aquamarine bottles you bought, and the magenta Wine glasses and bowls. Very pretty! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  24. Thank you for your comments Haworth.

    I did enjoy buying the aquamarine bottles.. i will go back next week, to see what other nice bottles they have.


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