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Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Tribute

This year is the "Diamond Jubilee" of Queen Elizabeth ll

I thought this morning that I would like to make a little post to a great Queen. I have always loved Elizabeth as my Queen and I truly believe that she has done her very best during her more than 60 years reign on the throne. She has weathered many storms and many great days of happiness.

One of her many Diamond studded crowns
A most beautiful painting of her in her youth
Born on the 21 April 1926--- Here as a baby , you can see she was born to be a Queen. And is always ready for a wave and a smile.
A great equestrian and horse lover. She has many horses in her stables
and her race horses often win at the Grand National or Ascot..
Her Wedding day.. She looks radiant..
I love her in this yellow gown. diamond's around here neck.such an elegant portrait.
Still looking beautiful and elegant. She is 85 Today.
The ceremonial barge"GLORIANA" back onthe Thames.. Here its being tested by the rowers for her special ceromony day commemorations on the 3rd June.
Another view of the Royal barge "GLORIANA"
"Gloriana" being lifted out of the river Thames for her refiting for the Jubilee.
So I continued my morning. This is my second vase of cut roses from my garden. They are just starting to bloom in profussion.. I have found the secret. They love "food" they thrive on it.
A few water colour flowers I painted
I do not know the names of the roses in my Rose garden. Here in Portugal the nursery just set them out for you to choose from. I do read up now and again about their names.. but to me they are all beautiful. This yellow rose is pink as a bud.

A water colour of the rose in the little milk jug.. I painted it a while back. But the rose bush is the same.

I painted these two red roses for a very good friend of mine "oils"
Well dear blogging friends. My roses might not be as magnificent as Queen ll.. but for me I am over the moon at seeing so many buttons and blooms appearing.
I hope you will join me in wishing her Majestey Queen Elisabeth the ll a very happy birthday.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hello Valerie

    You know I will join you in your beautiful wish for Her Majesty. I would love to be in England presently. I have tremendous admiration and respect for The Queen. She is a beautiful example of strength, courage, perseverance and always looks beautifully dressed for whatever occasion. I share her love for horses and dogs, as you do, too.
    Long Live The Queen.

    Your rose paintings are wonderful and you capture so beautifully the light and shadow - this is not easy and you master it so well.
    Have a glorious and sparkling weekend

    Helen xx

  2. Dear Helen,
    Thank you so much for you kind and encouraging comments. I have always loved our Queen. She has gone through so much and as you say has courage and perseverance.. I hope that her day is blessed and full of love with her husband ,children and grandchildren.
    She deserves it.
    Happy weekend

  3. A lovely tribute to the Queen! She has been a truly remarkable woman and an inspiration. I loved your rose painting that is so beautiful, I love roses. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  4. I came to see the roses and saw the beautiful queen too! What a profusion you have! I love mixed bunches. You will be enjoying them a long time. Bravo!

  5. Thank you Jacqueline..
    The rose bushes are so beautiful. each year they surprise me.
    Yes, Queen Elisabeth looks fantastic for 85.
    happy weekend.

  6. Thank you Laura,
    I enjoyed writing this post. I have great admiration for Queen Elizabeth.
    I too love my roses.

  7. Oh, Be Still My Heart! This rose painting is beautiful. You are very talented. You know how much I love red roeses, and when I saw this, it made my day. Your rose bush is just delightful. I may get a rose bush today for my back yard. I wanted to tell you that me and the girls didn't write that prayer on our post. It is something that was sent to me by a dear friend, and I was passing it on to YOU and all my bloggy friends. Have a fun weekend, dear.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. What a wonderful tribute to the Queen. I am so impressed with your paintings! Suzy x

  9. Thats so sweet of you Suzy.
    I like to paint with watercolours sometimes..but am far from perfect..its relaxing.
    Glad you liked the little post of Queen Elisabeth. she is a very fine Royal.

  10. Dear Sheri,
    How kind you are with your comments.
    I started water colours about 3 years ago. I dont paint enough. I have been painting in oils for more than 20 years.
    I like you love my roses. I am so happy with my bushes at the moment. They recieved a nice dose of rain these last few days.
    I thought the poem was for a friend. But its a lovely poem and your friend was kind to send it to you.
    best wishes val

  11. Hello Val
    Wonderful blog The Queen is truly a remarkable woman, I always have had great admiration for her, Happy Birthday Mam,( She is 86 today)
    Val your painting is beautiful, so lucky to have roses out already.
    Thea x

  12. Thanks Thea,
    The queen is a fine lady.
    thanks for your lovely comments.

  13. Thank you for this lovely post Val.
    Queen Elizabeth is our Queen also. She visited Melbourne last year, probably for the last time, sadly. We are so far away.
    I love your roses. Did you know that there is a lovely rose named "Queen Elizabeth"? It is a strong, vigorous plant with a beautiful clear pink flower. Lovely in bud and glorious in flower. I love it and have one in my garden.
    Your paintings are just gorgeous. What a talent you have and thank you for sharing them with us.
    Hope you are enjoying all the joys of your garden and some nice weather too.

  14. Hi Val: Lovely roses. I'm with you, I never know what the names are of my roses. I know I have 2 David Austen's but don't know their flower names. A rose, is a rose, is a rose. They are all beautiful..I love hearing about the Royal family. I guess because it's so different here for us, although I think Mr. Obama is pretty kingly. Oh, dear I've let my politics slip. Doesn't Elizabeth as a young infant look like Prince Harry..Happy Sunday..Judy

  15. Hi Judy, and thanks always for leaving such nice comments.
    The roses i picked yesterday, are opening this morning..they are so beautiful and the aroma fills my little cottage.
    To have reigned 60 years on the throne is a great feat. A very fine queen.
    well Judy. I am with you there. I dont mind saying. I think he will get in a second term.. He is very stable and has a good goverment. + no scandals.!
    he has my vote.):

  16. Lovely comments Betty, Thank you.
    Yes, Elizabeth is the Queen of GB,Ireland and the commenwealth..
    I had the priviledge of seeing her when I lived in Fremantle. She passed right in front of me . She has had a very interesting life.
    Thank you for telling me about the Rose. I have a rose in the garden..its coming into bloom now..very translucent..could it be!
    I am sure you would be able to name them all.

  17. A lovely tribute to the Queen, she has indeed served her peoples well over the last 60 years. I'm looking forward to seeing the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

    Your roses and the paintings you've done of them are lovely.

  18. Thank you Rowan,
    Elizabeth indeed has reigned a long time.
    I would love to be in London to see the flotilla of 100 boats accompaning the Royal barge "Gloriana"..thats going to be something.

  19. Dear Val, your roses are beautiful and I love your paintings. You posted such lovely pictures of the queen. I don't know a lot about her, but you make me like her very much. I do hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  20. Hi,
    happy birthday to your Queen !!!
    I love your roses, very beautiful. Your paintings are wonderful, such lovely, vibrant colours.
    Have a great day.

  21. Thank you Monique,
    She is a very fine lady indeed. Been a queen for over 60 years.

  22. Thank you Lisa.
    We all wished her well on her birthday yesterday.
    She is a great monarch and a lovely person.

  23. It really is hard to believe the Queen is 85! I admire her strength.
    Your rose paintings are so beautiful Val, what a remarkable talent you have for capturing the purity of a rose. My roses have been pruned back and I miss them in the garden.
    Oh and I do like the photo of your horse!

  24. Thank you Annie, for your lovely comments. most appreciated.
    The horse is a young filly.. i took the photo on saturday.She wondered into my inner garden and i could get her out. She was being very naughty):
    I do enjoy water colours. just dont do enough.
    It truly is amazing to think that the Queen is 85.

  25. Oh, I hardly know what to say! First, those photos of Queen Elizabeth are AWESOME! The painting of her as a child is gorgeous. However your paintings are even more beautiful...I wish I was talented...they look real in the photos. Nice to meet you!...:)JP

  26. Good morning JP
    Thank you so much for your super comments.
    How lovely to see you here on my blog
    I too thought the photos I chose of the Queen are really great. Glad you like my little rose watercolours.
    thank for coming by..hope to see you again.
    will be over your way

  27. Dearest Val: First your roses are magnificent and I am sure their odor is strong and beautiful! Second: Your painted roses made my jaws drop! Wow! I admire your talent! The thoughts about Her Majesty are lovely, indeed. I think she would be pleased to read them! Have a wonderful day with whatever you do and take care! Christa

  28. Thank you dear Christa,
    Elizabeth deserved a little tribute. she is a great lady.
    Glad you like my roses. just a little hobby.
    happy days

  29. Thank you for posting this, Val. I have always admired Queen Elizabeth II. Your roses are so beautiful, and your paintings are exquisite! I wish I could paint that well. You are a true artist. How wonderful to be able to "capture" your garden that way so you can enjoy it even once the flowers have stopped blooming.

  30. Thank you Haworth,
    I still have'nt painted that perfect rose. I do like watercolours. The weather is getting better now, so i will take my paints outside, and get started once again.
    regards val

  31. Hello Val
    Just to let you know I have awarded you the Sunshine Award !! see my blog for details.
    Thea x


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