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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A little bit of Portuguese history in two parts.

"The Treaty of Windsor" - is the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world which is still in force today. English aid to the house of "Aviz" would be the cornerstone of Portuguese foreign policy for more than over 500 years.

The Anglo-Portuguese alliance was renewed in May 1386 sealed with the marriage of John the 1st to Phillipa of Lancaster.
The actual alliance was made as far back as 1294.

The English and the Portuguese go back much further than this to around 1147 and the siege of Lisbon. During the Cruzades.
King John 1st at the signing of "The Treaty of Windsor"
King John 1st of Portugal (House of Aviz)
King John the 1st of Portugal married Philippa of Lancaster,daughter of John Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster. Sister of King Henry lV of England. They had several famous children.
Philippa was very much loved and still is today by the Portuguese .
The Marriage of Philippa and John the 1st.. The renewal of "The Anglo Portuguese Treaty of Windsor
English and Northern European Crusadors 1147 on their way to the Holy land , On their second crusade.. Stopped to participate in the siege of Lisbon to Help King Afonso Henriques conquer the city .

(A little bit of Portuguese history)

Tomorrow the 25th of April is a public holiday here in Portugal.
The holiday is to commemorate the "coup d' etat"- When the Portuguese Forces entered into the city of Lisbon at 12 midnight and brought down the right wing fascist government . A government that had been ruled by the dictator "Antonio Salazar" for over 60 years.
It is now known around the world as "The Carnation Revolution".
Not one person died during the government overtake. Once over, the army put red carnations at the end of their rifles.

Many of the young children when asked what happened on that day, have not the slightest clue. Its celebrated with people having pic nicks.. A speech from the President and the Prime Minister.. and a happy day for all. The parks will be full and flags flying.
I will be out to lunch with friends. Just another normal day.

If I have miss quoted anything here in my blog. I apologise.
Most of my information was taken from "Wikipedia" Thank you Wikipedia..

I arrived in Portugal for the first time 2 months after the coup. June 1974. My first home was on the west coast in the village of "Cascais".. maybe another blog sometime.
Wishing you all a great Tuesday.


  1. I've always known that England and Portugal have very close ties though I didn't know that there was actually a treaty. It's really interesting and I like your illustrations.
    The 25th April is not only the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution but also of my daughter's birth so I too shall be out for lunch tomorrow:) Let's hope we both have a great day!

  2. Hi Rowan,
    Pretty cool history.
    Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed writing the post.
    We can exchange our happenings of luncheon day tomorrow.!
    I wish your daughter a very very happy birthday, for tomorrow.
    have a happy tuesday

  3. Wow. I had never heard of the Carnation Revolution. Such a poetic name. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Hello Valerie

    Thank you for this inspiring history lesson. Enjoy the public holiday tomorrow.
    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  5. Thank you Helen.,
    A little bit of something different.
    Its a beautiful day here, hope it holds for tomorrow.
    xx val

  6. Hi Lisa,
    If you get a little bit of free time!
    you can read up about the 25th of April revolution
    on Wikipedia..or all over he net.
    It was a very historic day all over the world.
    thanks for passing again.
    best wishes val

  7. So ha a wonderful holiday tomorrow!

    ♥ Franka

  8. I suppose i am one of the lucky ones. Its a holiday for me every day.
    My friends will be out and we will have lunch.
    happy tuesday Franka
    thank you

  9. Hello Val:
    This is a most interesting account of Anglo-Portuguese relations and although we realised that the two countries were tied closely, we had no idea of this detail and have been fascinated to learn more.

    The 'Carnation Revolution' is a wonderful term and how marvellous to have achieved the overthrow of the government of the day with no loss of life. We hope that you have a most enjoyable holiday!

  10. What a big celebration you will have in Portugal. I enjoyed learning some of the history about it. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog today. It meant alot to me, as my mom passed away about three years ago, and I miss her dearly. I know she would have loved the post about the doll she made.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. Hi Sheri,
    I loved your post today. Your mum did a fine job and left you something wonderful to treasure.
    Yes, its a big day tomorrow. I just go out for lunch. An excuse to have an extra glass of wine.
    happy Tuesday

  12. Very interesting. I have really learnt something about Portugese history. Thank you! Wishing you a happy day tomorrow with your friends. Maybe we will see some pics of how people celebrate? Big hugs Christa

  13. Thank you Jane and Lance,
    Yes, its well known that England and Portugal have excellent ties.
    Its known here as just the 25th April. "dia do revoluçao" but same years ago the foreign media started to call it the "Carnation Revolution".
    I will be out for lunch with friends. Its a big day.
    Happy days to you both

  14. I never knew that England and Portugal were so close..living here across the pond...thanks for sharing!...:)JP

  15. Thank you for the history, and I love the pictures. I have never heard of the Carnation revolution; what a great story! 25th April is a holiday in Australia too; it is our memorial day to honour our soldiers lost in war, particularly WWI and WWII. Many ceremonies at war memorials and marching of returned soldiers, and services in our churches. Today our son and grandson visit - exciting!

  16. Thanks, Val, for another piece of interesting history. I just told you your horse header was beautiful and now you have the most beautiful red posies. I can't remember how I did it or I probably would like to change mine around occasionally..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  17. thank you Judy,
    I put the carnations there, as today here in Portugal its a symbol of "Freedom". 25th april.
    I also like to change the photo now and again..it isnt so boring.
    Thank you for all your kind comments and always passing by.
    Happy wednesday

  18. A special day today Patricia,

    Is it what the australians call "Anzac day"! i am not sure.
    I should know that.. after living some years in Fremantle.
    Enjoy your day with your children

  19. Hi JP. thanks for leaving your comments.

    Old world history, and in particular Portuguese.
    Its just a little of this countries past.
    have a good day

  20. Glad that you enjoyed reading a little bit of this countries History. I find it a very romantic history.
    Fascinating, because I am English..and my children Anglo Portuguese.
    Thanks for your lovely comments Christa

  21. I am learning a great deal about Portugal through your blog Val and loving every minute of it.
    Thank you!

  22. I had no idea that England and Portugal had a shared history, Val! Thank you so much for posting this. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holiday!

  23. Thank you Val for a very interesting and informative post. I know so little about Portugal but have visited many times. Am looking forward to the next segment. xo, Gina

  24. wow very interesting , I love history and enjoyed while reading this post :) Val, I also love Wikipedia too =)

  25. Hi Gorkçe.. thanks for you comments.
    wikipedia is fantastic.
    It helps a lot with research.
    Happy wednesday

  26. Dear Gina,
    Thank you for your comments
    I know that you like Portugal. Its a lovely country.
    When you come next time...we must meet
    best wishes

  27. Haworth,

    We all have something to learn about other countries.
    I started to become interested in Portuguese history 45 years ago.. its very romantic.
    thanks for leaving your comments

  28. So glad that you enjoyed the post Annie and learning a little about this lovely country.
    Happy wednesday to you.. will be over your side soon.

  29. Thank you Marcia,
    How lovely of you to join my blog.
    Your kind words are so true. Even when we make an awful blog or something not so interesting our blogger friends are there. Its very heartwarming.
    I now have a new friend.. will be over your side to meet you.
    best wishes val

  30. Dear Val
    The story of the fall non-democratic government that I think should be taught in schools to know new people, the sacrifices of the people who fought for the freedom of their homeland. In Greece also the dictatorship fell in 1974. Strongly remember the events because I was 13 years.I think you enjoyed your meal with your friends.


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