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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thank You

To all my dear blogging friends who have joined my blog on my blogging journey.

I recieved the "Sunshine award" yesterday from Dear Thea at "Hearts and Bluebells".So very kind of you Thea, I was delighted to be nominated with the other great bloggers.

At the beginning of this cyber venture! I never thought that i would get so far. Enjoy it so much. You are all special to me.

I am sending you all a fresh bunch of my beautiful yellow roses , I picked early today -
("Val's Award " )to you all.

You have all given me many days of happy reading. My days have been even more full with wondering what I will blog about today. Remembering times gone by and searching for that one special piece of information, hoping that I might inspire you all.
Sometimes good sometimes not, I do my best and write on. You have all left lovely kind comments.
All your blogs are dear to me,and when not too busy , I try to read and answer them all. I have learnt so much from each and everyone of you.

Your lovely homes that you have shared. Your love of fashion and beautiful design, art and ceramics, farm life, collectables and vintage beauty,travels ,fantastic photos, delightful sewing and gardens to die for, history and special projects. All such wonderful blogs. I am so lucky I get to travel around the world nearly every day! how great is that .
You have shared your Families and grandchildren, likes and of things that make us all happy. Its all a wonderful journey, that i hope will continue for years to come.

I have a very special thank you this morning to Dear Helen.. http/:helentilstonpainter blogspot.com
Dear Helen. If it wasnt for you, I would not have started blogging. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I have met some wonderful people . I thank you for your insentive and kind encouragement,they helped me forge on and on. Through blunders and ups and downs. Please accept a special yellow rose for your vase today.

Many of you will remember the troubles I had last year, when i started blogging! I must have started about 4 new blogs. I was so confused and clicking this and clicking that and didnt know how blogger worked. I am still learning, but getting there.

Two more thanks today. to Dear Christa .. Emilie's daughter blogspot.com ..Thank you Christa you gave me the "Liebster Award"..and lots of encouragement to continue. A special thank you.

To Lisa at "In my Wild Eden".. thank you dear Lisa.. you also awarded me the "Leibster Award"

Am i a lucky girl or what!.. Thank you one and all.

I have not participated in the award ceremony, as I do believe you all deserve the award.

My bouquet of yellow roses.. I do not know their name.. for me they are beautiful. .. I hope you enjoy them too.
Happy greeting to you all today
Send all your troubles back the other way
Think of Sunshine and good things to come
Makes for jolly pastimes in the sun.
Oh what joy Oh what fun
Lots of happy blogging times to come.

So perfect
I started out alone on this journey. I now have passed the 30 mark. How grateful i am to you all. Have a wonderful happy sunshine filled Thursday.

happy blogging val.


  1. Dear Val, I remember well what it was like to "click this and click that" and learning along the way. You write a beautiful blog and I look forward to reading it whenever I see a new post from you. Congratulations on your award. It is wonderful to see credit given where credit is due.
    P.S. Your yellow rose might be the "Peace Rose". It has the typical yellow color with pink markings around the edges.

  2. Dear Gina,
    You have made my day. "The Peace rose" how delightful. Yes, it actually has pink tinges when its in bud..then slowly the pink stays around the edges..
    Its a beautiful bush. I have another two.. but one doesnt have the pink.
    Thank you for your kind comments they are so appreciated. and i do so much enjoy your blog.
    happy days
    val xx

  3. Hello Val:
    What an absolutely lovely post filled as it is with such generosity, kindness and warm heartedness. In your thanks to others, you should not overlook the real pleasure which your posts bring to your growing number of Followers who in turn, and we include ourselves here, delight in your joy of life, in your experiences, in the beauty of your country as you introduce it to us, in the snippets of information which you share and, most importantly and best of all, for including us as a part of your life.

    The roses are perfect and we are thrilled to be in a position to receive them. Thank YOU!!

  4. Dear Jane and Lance,
    Today you brought a tear to my eye. You are always so kind and generous with your comments on my blogs.
    I do believe, that we all have something to give each other and to take from each other. One of life's learning curves..
    I miss you both when you are away or travelling, but am so glad, when i can get once again to read your most wonderful blogs.. thank you so much ..enjoy the flowers.

  5. I too was one of the lucky people to get the award from the lovely Thea. I now need to carry it on, which I will during the course of the weekend. Last time I got an award I chose the bloggers who to my knowledge hadn't received the same award and put the names in a hat and selected that way as it's impossible for me to choose favourites as you are all lovely! I will do the same this time. Suzy x

  6. Thank you Suzy,

    I am beginning to think that maybe I should continue too.
    Will have to think about the answers. It was very kind of Thea. she is off to cornwall today.
    kind regards

  7. Dear Val,

    May I take one of your beautiful yellow roses?

    I would love to give you an award just for being YOU!

    Abbracci e baci da



  8. Cara Anna.
    I was reading again your post about Easter in Italy with your mama and your ragu recipe with the round cake.
    You truly have to write a book Anna. You write so well
    I picked the roses for all of you.. and there is a special one there for you..
    Thank you for all your lovely kind comments.
    baci. val xx

  9. What lovely yellow roses - I'm glad that you are enjoying blogging, it takes everyone a while to get the hang of things when they start:) Now we shall have to learn another set of things when the new Blogger is inescapable.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes for my daughter - on her Facebook page she said she had 'a fabulous 32nd birthday' :)

  10. Thank you Rowan,
    Hope you picked a yellow rose for your vase!
    Ahh 32, what a wonderful age, glad she had a good day.
    happy Thursday

  11. LOL and OMG!! Ok Val, you have awards coming out of your ears, don't you. Well, I'm not taking the one I gave you (Another Liebster Award) back because this just goes to show how much you are loved. Another funny thing, I wrote my blog before I read yours and I, also gave a bouquet to everyone else. How funny. Is it, Great Minds Think Alike, or Two Peas in a Pod, or what??!!.Congratulations and Happy Thursday..Judy

  12. Thanks Judy,
    Preparing what to write on a blog takes time. We also have a time difference.
    I love all my blogging friends. Love to visit their blogs and read about their likes and things dear to them.
    It is very hard to choose ..
    I have decided that I will leave it as I have.. a lovely rose for you all from me.
    Thank you for nominating me.
    We are all getting to know one another.
    wonderful happy days.
    val x x

  13. Val, your roses and attitude are beautiful!...:)JP

  14. Congratulations for your award Val - you deserve it so much, having struggled valiantly to get your blog up and running so successfully. A lovely idea to give everyone a yellow rose, nothing could be nicer or meaningful. A yellow rose is a symbol of caring and friendship.

  15. Hi Val, so glad I found your page through Sheri's Red Rose Alley. I've been blogging over two years, but recently started ALL over with a brand new page I'm sharing with my daughter. It's wonderful to see all the blogging friends we make along the way, especially the ones who are willing to stick with you through the changing seasons of life.
    LOVE your gorgeous yellow roses.
    Looking forward to visiting.
    Much love,

  16. You do deserve it. Your blog is awesome and I am so glad we met. You will be growing and growing and growing. I will give you a hint - a lot of bloggers refuse to leave comments when there is word verification on there - the words are hard and take some time to do. Hope you don't mind me mentioning it to you. sandie

  17. Thank you Sandie for your kind comments,
    I am delighted to be nominated for awards and thank the lovely bloggers who gave them.
    appreciate your tip. Had no problem so far.
    it takes a little time.. but one can get there.
    look forward to seeing you.
    best wishes val

  18. Dear Rosemary,
    warming comments from you.
    All my blogging friends have delightful interesting blogs.. they all deserve awards.
    My reward to you all was my bunch of yellow roses.
    I hope you took one. ):


  19. Thank you JP
    The roses are for you all. You all give me inspiration.
    best wishes

  20. Val, your blog is wonderful, and the award well-deserved. I love yellow roses, and yours are the best, so gorgeous with the pink edges. The photos are so lovely.

  21. Thank you Patricia,
    I hope that your health is getting better.
    You are in my prayers.
    glad you liked the post. I hope that you took a rose.
    we all deserve words of enthusiasm ..
    all the blogs are fantastic.
    happy friday

  22. I am touched, Val! One can feel it's coming deep from your heart! Thank you and thank you for the yellow rose! It is here with me - I am thinking of you! BUT you know what? It is a vice-versa thing! Also you are so inspiring to me - I hadn't known a lot about your country and the life there now I know much more. One of the next destinations I would like to go to is Lissabon. You have made me curious and it is always a great pleasure to see your pics and to read your thoughts! I am very much looking forward to reading more of you! Big hugs, Christa

  23. Dearest Valerie

    What a beautiful honour you have bestowed on me this morning. I love roses and I shall treasure it.

    I have to thank you Val for persevering and overcoming all the obstacles presented by blogger. Your blog brings great joy to me. It feels like I visit Portugal each time you post.

    Again, thanks for your kindness

    Helen xx

  24. I am so glad you took a rose for yourself Helen.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments, and your kind help.
    Have a wonderful Friday
    xx val

  25. "Ditto" Christa.
    You have inspired me along the way. I love your blogs and enjoy so much seeing what "Emilie's daughter" has written.
    I hope the rose lasts.. by the way..the have a beautiful smell. whiffffff..i've blown it too you.

    Happy Friday
    hugs xx val

  26. Thank you for leaving your comments Olympia.
    25th April is celebrated ..and its a celebration day to the men that fought for Freedom and for democracy.

    Greece too went through some hard times.
    Greece has a very interesting history..
    both Ancient and modern.
    happy weekend olympia.

  27. Hello Val, I can also take some rose? They are so beautiful!
    Pass a happy weekend and then I would also like to thank you for your visits on my blog, Hello from Rome

  28. Hello Francesca..
    I am so pleased you took a rose. Enjoy it):
    I am envious that you are in Roma..
    Mi piacere tanto Roma. e una cita belissimo.
    happy Saturday

  29. Parabéns!
    Muito bem merecido o prémio!
    É muito bom o seu blog, é sempre um prazer acompanhar os seus posts, onde partilha gostos e vivências! Muito bom!

  30. Obrigada Querida Paula,
    Eu tive muito gosto em fazer o post..e tambem em receber o premio..
    mas como todos amigas do "blogging" sao boas e os blogs tambem..e muito dificil..

  31. It's always a pleasure to read your blog, Val! I always learn so much and enjoy the photos and words you place here. You have a generous and sensitive heart and it shows in your words here. Thank you for the roses, but really I should be thanking you. Take care! Enjoy these first days of May.


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