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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Keeping it simple with fashion

Ana with her deep red hair
her signature look

Ana Salazar is one of Portugal's top fashion designers . Her designs are modeled at all the International fashion shows here and abroad.
I like her designs.. They are exotic and different.

Happy Friday to you all


  1. Hello Val:
    Yes, we love the drama of all these clothes, especially those in black!

    Jó hétvégét!!

  2. A little bit of high fashion. Nice to look at.
    Not for me to wear.. I would have worn the black dress some years ago. The blonde model..is 70..she is one of the ladies from the "Scene"..Lilly
    thank you Happy friday Jane and Lance.

  3. These clothes are gorgeous and dramatic as Jane and Lance said! I love the black long dress a lot! Thanks for showing us these photographs! Christa

  4. A little bit of something different.
    I like her designs.. and sometimes watch her models at the Lisbon fashion week.
    glad you liked them... i love the two black dresses.
    Ahhh if only i was younger again.!!
    thanks Christa..xx

  5. Hi Val,
    I found your lovely blog through Christa. Those clothes you have shown are lovely.
    Aren't you lucky living in Portugal on an olive farm. We had a holiday in Tavira and fell in love with Portugal.

  6. How nice of you to leave a comment Sarah.
    Tavira is a beautiful little town.
    I have an apartment close to Vilamoura.
    thank you for passing by. I will be over your side.
    best wishes

  7. Hi Val: What pretty fashions. I love that black dress, but especially the jacket with fur on collar. Looks like a very good designer..Happy Weekend..Judy.. Another pretty header.

  8. Thanks Judy,
    I thought it something different to post.
    Of course I cant wear these fashions now, but they are nice to look at.
    havve a happy weekend.

  9. I loved that - wish I could look like that - lol. sandie

  10. Thanks Sandie,
    Something a little different. Not that I can now wear these clothes, but they are nice to look at.

  11. I love the black dress! it's so lovely. They all look very comfortable, despite being so dressy and sophisticated. That's a difficult combination to achieve!

  12. The dresses were just a bit of something different.
    I like Ana Salazars designs. very sophisticated yet simple.
    thanks for leaving your comments Haworth much appreciated.


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