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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

summer days

Summertime in Alentejo , is very very hot. Most of us, get done what we have too early in the morning or late afternoon.  
Its been a busy time here around Rose Cottage.  The arrival of my grandniece Georgina now 17 ,coming from the UK to spend 2 weeks with me.  Also 5 of my grandchildren over the past 4 days. Filipe's daughter Maria, went to spend time with her mummy in Cadiz who is studying medicine.
Fences have been finished, bushes clipped and cleaned. Well getting things in to shape around the place 
Its switch off time for us all in the family. A time for us all to catch up.
                                           My beautiful velvet roses.. getting a little burnt with by the sun
                    An update on our little "Rosie"-  she is so so sweet and loves to investigate
                    Here she is trying to sniff Jeffrey, but jeffrey is a little wary, they are getting aquainted.
                       We are all amazed at Rosies long long legs.  I mentioned to M the other day, that she could be a race horse!  ours of course.
                                         Jeffrey  and Rosie - mummy Shilah in the background. Rosie likes to adventure away from mummy now.
                                     This is  "Pascoa"  she was in a very loving mood yesterday..I was loving and hugging her and she loved it. Such a wonderful horse very mild temprement.
                     You can see here the half wall is finished on the back patio of the Cabin. Its been ongoing for a few months and slowly I am getting the front looking nicer.   You can also see the new fencing. Still lots to do.  I had to transplant some of my creepers, but amazingly, they have taken well and growing nicely.
                             The wicker sofa is now painted off white. I like it .i was a little tired of the plain brown. This back patio is ideal to sit out on of a hot winter evening.  Its cool and refreshing.  (work in progress) This area, will eventually be my studio room.
Dear friends. I hope that you are having wonderful days and enjoying your blogging. I have missed some of them.  Will hopefully have a couple of days to catch up, and see you soon.
Wishing you all happy days from val at Rose Cottage. 


  1. Love the photos of Rosie and her super long legs! You have created a lovely place to relax with the sofa on hot summer evenings. It is still raining a lot here which is depressing with the Summer holidays approaching!
    Have a great week!

  2. Hello Valerie

    Nice to see you back and the see your beautiful home and all the progress
    The foal has grown and what a thought that he might race some day.

    Your porch looks so inviting.
    Continue to enjoy the beautful balmy weather

    Helen xx

  3. Dear Val... I love all the images you posted. They make me crave the sun and a proper Summer even more, and I promise I won't complain, next week, when I get hot and sweaty, in my beautiful Italy, and I can't sleep at night because it's too hot!

    Little Rosie does have very long legs and is beautiful. Everything is just so lovely, homely and happy!

    Carry on enjoying your Vinho Verde and your red, which, like my mum, you seem to like cold!




  4. Dear Val, Don't forget to take time out for yourself. Your wicker looks great in white. Enjoy your time with your family.
    ox, Gina

  5. I like your summer - horse - veranda post so much!

    ♥ Franka

  6. It all looks wonderful to me, I really wish we could have just one week of summer here!

  7. My sweet Val,
    Welcome to the country -blogger ! You missed us !. The photos are beautiful. You finally found some time to post! Hope you enjoyed the company of your grandchildren.
    I like your rest corner that you created !

  8. Lovely post Val and I'm glad you are enjoying time with your grandchildren and grandniece.
    It's hard to imagine it being so hot there, 'though I know summer in Portugal is similar to ours.
    Lovely to see your little foal and how your life is going there.
    Thanks for your comments, always.

  9. Lovely Rosie and roses, especially the red velvet. And lovely to see you are back, and having a good summer with family. The last photo is my favourite - pink and pretty! Best wishes from Australia dear Val. xxx

  10. Val, I love the off-white sofa...so inviting and cool for those hot nights! Rosie is AWESOME and ALL legs...:)JP

  11. Hi Val: Little Rosie is sure growing and looks so sweet. Everything sounds like it is coming together around your Rose Cottage. It is looking very beautiful. I hope you have been having fun with your grandkids and your niece. Thank you for your kind words about my 4th of July post. I am just getting ready to go put the small flags away for another time, but we always fly the main one on the Cottage. Keep enjoying the fine weather and hope you will get some rest..I will be posting about the Walk, which went very well, when I get my photos all together..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. The first thing I noticed was the long legs on the horse! Wow, I agree, maybe a race horse! I got a glimpse of your painting in progress... Your pink roses are beautiful, and yes, it does look very dry where you live. Lovely porch!

  13. Hello Val
    You little Rosie looks so sweet, we are still having dreadful summer weather, your lovely hot weather sounds wonderful(although I am not very good in the sun as I am a freckly girl !!) your sofa looks so inviting, I love the white, glad you are enjoying a lovely summertime with your family, very special...Thank you so much for your sweet words and wishes they mean a lot
    Thea x

  14. Val,
    It sounds like you have been very busy lately. Your horses are so pretty. I would love to have horses like yours. And the red roses, oh my they are lovely. My pink roses in my front yard were looking nicely, and now they are drooping a bit - I think it's the hot weather. You are working hard on your place, and it is looking very nice. I hope you are enjoying the summer days.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  15. Hi Valerie,
    Nice to see a post from you. I' m glad you have had a good time catching up with the family.
    Rosie has grown so much she looks beautiful.
    Wish we had some of your heat!
    Sarah x

  16. Hello Val, so lovely to catch up with the goings on at your place. Beautiful photos in this post. The start of summer is my favorite time to get things ship shape around the house. But not right now as its been raining for days and all I wish to do is vegetate on the sofa.

  17. Such a beautiful feeling I get from your pictures. Your studio is going to be wonderful! I wish I had your talent for roses, but when I see them now I always think of you.

  18. Hello Val! What a wonderful place you have and it looks like you're busy doing renovations and gardening etc. Your Rosie looks to be a real sweetheart...I love horses. I wrote a long email to you and sent it but it came back saying there was no such email address and so I tried again...another long one and it came back too! Thank you for your nice comment the other day...I really do appreciate what you said. I must say though that I am really enjoying my freedom. I will be back to visit you now that I have more time and if we get your email sorted out so my emails get to you...I'll even send pictures from time to time so you know what's going on here on the farm. Anyway...you have a wonderful Friday and weekend! Enjoy all that hard work you're doing ;) Take care my friend.
    Maura (Lilac Lane Cottage) ;)

  19. Hello dear friend!
    Glad to see that you are in the company of your grandchildren! Beautiful family moments, I am sure! I really enjoyed the improvements you made! Enjoy the sun, here it is not too hot yet... Sorry! I miss the summer!
    Lots of love,
    Paula xxx

  20. Your cottage is lovely. Having family is wonderful. That horse does have long legs. Do you have air conditioner? Love, sandie


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