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Saturday, 14 July 2012

A morning "Thank you"

        Dear friends,   I am having some wonderful days during this July month, mainly with family and fitting in "me" time.   I have been a little lazy replying to all your wonderful comments.  Please forgive this summer madness of mine.
                            I wish to thank all of you that left comments on my "last two posts".. I was thrilled.
  Its the first time, that i have taken time off blogging since I started. Other than the few blogging hitches in the beginning.   My grandniece Georgina is so lovely and we have spent quality time together. I have'nt seen her for 7 years.   My grandaughter Didi and Georgina have cooked dinner for me and kept me very entertained.

                                                       Early this morning at Rose Cottage
                                                  Hello everyone I am "Isaa a bichon frise" but i prefer my hair short.
                                             view from my new patio lying down on sofa

 summer chilling.
                          Georgina is studying to be an architect. she is still at college.. yesterday we decided to do some water colours. Georgina has taken a photo of our main village church.. and she is painting it. Didi was enthralled and just went with the flow.

                                            art books, pencils and stuff.
                             Taken at 8.30 this morning.  Our weather at the moment is simply perfect.
sending you lots of good wishes, for happy days with your families.  Enjoy each moment like it was the first time.
                                                  THANK YOU EVERYONE. HAPPY DAYS


  1. Dear Val - glad you are spending happy, relaxed days in the sunshine, and especially time with your family.
    The summer season is so busy.
    I am fitting in a bit of blogging when I can, but so much to do and see with the family coming to stay. The garden always needs attention, and we have a wedding and anniversary dinner etc to look forward to.

  2. Val, I too have been savoring my time with my family since returning to CT and LOVING it as well. So glad you were able to enjoy life!!! Did I ever tell you how much I love your patio?...:)JP

  3. Your outdoor space is wonderful. No sunshine here in Blighty - just rain and lots of it. We could do with some of your sunshine. Enjoy the rest of the time with your family.

  4. Hello Val, enjoy your summer which looks so magical, especially the patio. The pink flowers, bird cage and pink curtain are so feminine, and the sofas look so comfy. Thank you for showing us. xxx

  5. Dear Rosemary,
    Yes, I too am fitting in a couple of posts, dont want to let you all think i have gone away forever! we are all enjoying summer. Glad that you are well lots happening your side.
    Enjoy your family..nothing like family get togethers.

  6. Nice to hear you are savouring the summer JP. Glad you are enjoying CT. Its important to feel happy where we live.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my patio.. still working on it.. but its so relaxing.
    best wishes for a happy weekend

  7. Thanks June.

    Sending you some sunshine from Alentejo. Its hot here, but nice.
    wishing you a happy weekend.
    thank you for passing my way and leaving your kind comments.

  8. Sometimes the fun things in life get in the way of blogging. Glad you are having a great summer! Laura

  9. Hello Valerie
    What a beautiful view from the porch

    It is so much fun having the younger folks around and we always learn from them

    I am looking forward to seeing the watercolours.

    Continued happiness


  10. Hi Val: Thank you for your comments on my breast cancer post. I appreciate them as always. I'm glad you are having such a good time with your girls, and doing fun things. I am also happy to say good morning to little Isaa, hope her short hair cut keeps her cool. I love the curtains on your new patio, it all looks so pretty. I think I want to put some on my porch..Hope you are keeping cool there and continue to enjoy the wonderful summertime..Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. Ιs so nice, to spending time with your loved ones. You may be busy caring for them, maybe a bit tired, but when you're all together , I think, that forget all , and the heart fills with love and pleasure!

  12. How beautiful and HOW RELAXING!
    Good for you!

  13. It must be a wonderful to see your grandniece after such a long time. Enjoy the quality time with your family.
    Thanks for yoyur lovely comments too.
    Sarah x

  14. Thank you Sarah,
    Its special to be able to get quality time.
    Hope you are well too.
    happy weekend
    val x x x

  15. Dear Olympia.
    Its busy..but i do get time to rest. Today has been one of them. I have just had a nice glass of red wine..and feel good
    wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    love val x x x x x

  16. Its always great to have family around Judy. I am sure that you agree.. I had a lovely day today, i just spent time reading and catching up with blogging friends.
    Little Isaa loves her hair short. When i had her groomed I couldnt see her eyes.
    thanks for your comments.
    xxx val

  17. Hello Helen,
    thank you for your kind comments. The pergola is looking nice now. I still have some work to do on my back patio.. trying to make it look a little shaby chic.
    Loved your painting.
    Enjoy your weekend
    love valxx

  18. How lovely Val spending some quality time with your girls, your pretty patio looks just right for some serious chillin, glad you are being spoilt
    Thea x
    P.S. thank you for your special wishes and words they mean a lot x

  19. I think you should spend time and enjoy the family and the weather. Hold on to that tight. sandie

  20. Thanks Sandie,
    I only have time until the end of the month.. then the kids go away with their parents..
    weather is terrific.

  21. Thank you Thea,
    At the moment its a lovely time.
    my grandchildren and family here.

  22. I hope you are enjoying the summer with your family, Val. It sounds like you are busy lately, and it's always nice for "me" time. I love to look at water color pictures. They are so soft looking. Please share something with us when you are finished.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  23. Thank you Sheri,
    With 6 children around, its hectic.. going between my son's place and mine.
    I just love these lazy summer days.
    I can also catch up.!
    getting down to water colours..

  24. oh what a gorgeous view....and i'd love to be there with all the watercolor. i'm always drawn to the churches to paint as well.
    enjoy your family and have a wonderful sunshiney week!

  25. Hi Val: Just wanted to thank you for your sweet words to me. I know that you are enjoying the summer with family and friends and taking a well earned rest..Thanks for thinking of me during that time..Happy Monday..Judy

  26. Hello,Dear Val,
    thank you for your ever so kind words on mine....
    I am so glad you found me, as now I have found you too!!
    I have fallen in love with Rosie(aww) just beautiful...
    Wishing you a week full of peacefulness...
    love Maria x

  27. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your summer days! They go by so fast! So nice that you stopped by!

  28. I came to your blog by way of Down by the Sea. You have many pretty pictures. I especially liked Isaa the Bichon Frisé. My mother had a Bichon Frisé and he was a super sweet dog.

  29. I love having young people around. I love their energy. I'm glad you are enjoying your days.

  30. Hello Val,
    Good for you for taking a bit of time off for yourself...don't feel guilty! Enjoy the time with your Granddaughters and the beautiful weather. We are heading to British Columbia in 6 days...I can't wait to feel the cool mountain air and the COLD water in the glacial lakes. It will certainly beat the 108F predicted here in our part of Kansas tomorrow! Take care...CHILL ;)
    Maura (Lilac Lane Cottage)

  31. Great to know that you have been spending quality time with your loved ones. Take it easy and enjoy it all:)
    Thank you for your kind comments on my recent post.
    We are all very excited here now that the new baby has arrived . . . . a gorgeous boy:)

  32. Best wishes to you all Betty.. Its so wonderful to have a new arrival.. hope you are enjoying your family with you. congratulations to mum

  33. Thank you Maura,
    Enjoy the cooler weather in BC
    I can imagine Kansas having more or less the same weather we do in the summer.
    thanks for passing by.. will see you soon


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