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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Tram 28"

I recieved this beautifully illustrated book "The beauty of Lisbon" Electrico 28.  A surprise  gift from a friend.  
My post today is to share it with you.
 When I opened it, I was so delighted its beautifully illustrated pages telling stories of Lisbon from times gone by.. then and now,of historical buildings and archialogical digs .
  I am ashamed to tell you.   I have never ridden on "Tram 28". When i stay at my son's home..it wakes us with its early "Tring Tring"- Alas -Remedy is on the way!

  " Tram 28"  is an inseparable part of Lisbon life . Its route starts from Graça(grace) and ends at Prazeres(pleasure) old Lisbon "Bairros" (districts) on the upper high streets one can look down and see the vast expanse of the Tagus river.   
. It offers such a unique and special way of seeing Lisbon.  Taking   advatage of true life in the city.  Of the night and day life , its sounds, its smells , the people and the magnificent scenery.  Daily life at its best. One can never get bored in Lisbon.
The trams have open windows and the breeze is most welcoming on  hot summer days  The tram is not only used by visitors, but by the people of the city too.  Its one of the cities routes. 
                                                       great photos..
 Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The route of Tram 28 takes you through the old streets and up and down the steep inclines of the old part of the city.   You can get on and off when you like.   Hop off for a lunch and taste the delights of Lisbon's excellent gastronomy..   You can hear the "tring tring" of the trolley as it starts and stops along its route.
                      Its difficult to see here in this photo..but the cover of the book is in 3D.. its so attractive.

                               When i am in Lisbon staying at my son's home in Chiado..this is where i have my mid morning coffee,its a block from the hotel.  Its one of the oldest cafe's in  Lisbon.  " The Brazileira".There is a statue of Fernado Pessoa sitting with his book outside the cafe. .. in winter no where can one drink such a delightful cup of hot chocolate .. Its a meeting place.    "where shall we meet"!  Ok! at the Brazileira.     Its known from north to south of the country.  You cannot visit Lisbon and not sit inside or outside the Brazileira, and watch the world go by and dream of romantic Moorish nights and Fado and the sailors that sail to far off lands.

Sometimes you can be lucky and catch the 28 and there will be surely some day or other someone with their "portuguese viola and a voice will begin to sing "Fado" or holding onto the hanging rail ..the age old nostalgic music with its unique sound and poetic words  sung the same way for centuries. Fado is  the music of the people. It tells  of  loves lost  and nights of mystical longing and passion.  
 28 - stopping along the way.  Tram 28, is a happy Tram, Mr M takes it every time he is in Lisbon. He tells me that people talk to one another and chat about the old streets and market places, and their every day lives. He hops off when he wants to go to this shop or that for a special "something" then hops back on again.
You can also hire one of the trams, for birthday parties or just a night with your friends..

                                 This street is only for the trams. This street has now become a centre for night life with the opening of bars and cafe's on this steep incline.  Its great to know the old buildings are being revived.
                I could write so much more about the city of Lisbon, but i will leave it all to your imagination.  Its acient history has many tales to tell.! The district of Alfama is over 4.000 years old.
                                   One of the "Kiosks"  coffee after dinner is a must.. During summer people are out until the early hours.  Lisbon is a safe city and full of charm.
 These trams were the first built.  Now on show in the "Carris" museum.. I think they should be running again!.. they are so beautiful.
I have made an Autumn list of  "things i must do".. Taking a ride on tram 28 is at the top of the list, especially on one of the days that they are singing Fado.

 Fernando Pessoa.. one of Portugal's greatest poets wrote;-
How human was the metallic ring of the tram bell!
What a joyful landscape the simple rain in the street, rescued from the abyss!
Oh, Lisbon, my home.


I hoped you liked my little writeup of Tram 28. Next time it will be my photos and me hoping on and off.

Its hot summer days here.. I am soaking in these wonderful days,   before Mr Sun decides to leave.
Ice creams,  delicious bbq's and sangria, and chilling with my family.
Wishing you all the rest of a happy week.


  1. Hello Val:
    What a wonderful gift. We do so love books of this kind which give an insight into a place, in this instance Lisbon, from a somewhat unusual viewpoint. Tram 28 sounds to be an absolute must and we do hope that you will post again on it after your next visit to the Capital. From your pictures a tram ride takes you through such beautiful parts of the City with something new and interesting to be seen around every corner.

    In a similar way, a ride on Budapest's Tram 2 is something to be experienced as it makes its way all along the Danube on the Pest side of the river.

  2. Dear Val - I have ridden on tram 28, it is a great trip. When we visited Lisbon we were given a special ticket that enabled us to ride on the trams and buses as many times as we wanted.
    As you say Tram 28 is the most exciting and interesting of all them.
    The cafe I recall most is Café Pastéis de Belém where you can eat their delicious egg tarts, and then visit Mosteiro dos Jer-nimos

  3. Its always the way, tourists do more than we do.
    Tram 28 is one I havent done.. so you beat me there Rosemary.): We sometimes go to Cafe Pasteis do Belem in winter and order a whole plate of pasteis de nata..with cinnemon on top... hot from the kitchen with thick hot drinking choclate..
    I can see you know a lot about lovely Lisbon. Some great resteraunts near Jeronimos....our yacht is moored on the other side of the highway.
    Thank you for your comments Rosemary.
    have a wonderful wednesday.

  4. If I lived in the city, I think that is exactly what i would do to go around. Take the trams. I drive to Lisbon go straight to chiado and then return home.
    The book has given me inspiration to take another trip and definately go on the 28.
    Dear Rosemary has beaten me..already been and done it.
    Living alone, sometimes I need a little nudge to get myself going.
    I can imagine that Budapest is a most interesting city as is Lisbon..old and full of history.
    Thank you Jane and Lance.. loved your last post.

  5. Hello Val
    What an absolutely fascinating account of the Tram and Lisbon, you must have a ride one day, so much history and romance.
    Glad you are enjoying your summer with your loved ones
    Thea x
    P.S Thank you for your lovely comments x

  6. Thank you Thea,
    pleased you liked my pos.. Lisbon is a romantic city.

  7. Hi Val,
    Lisbon is on our list of places to go and when I get there I will definitely follow your recommendation and go on Tram 28!
    I will look forward to finding out more about Lisbon when you visit later in the year.
    Sarah x

  8. Thank you Sarah,
    you cant come to Lisbon without meeting up with me.. who knows we might take Tram 28 together. Its a beautiful city.
    I am lazy.. I must take a ride and take lots of photos.

  9. Dear Val,
    I loved everything about Lisbon - the cafes, the old buildings, the market place. What a delightful place. Now that my kids are grown, we are thinking alot lately about where we want to settle, and I have always liked the charm of the older cities. They have the most history in them. Lisbon is beautiful, and thank you for sharing it with us.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Hello Valerie
    I have not been to Lisbon and it sounds like a wonderful city. I am very much looking forward to hearing your experience on Tram 28.
    The hot chocolate and cakes are also enticing.

    I hope your week continues to be joyful

    Helen xx

  11. Such a lovely post, Val! One day we hope to visit Lisbon (my HB has Portugese ancestry), and tram 28 will be a must-do. I love trams. Brisbane had them when I was young and I can still hear the exact sound of the bell. They are lovely to ride in when the summer is hot and the breeze can come through. Much better than the bus, imo. Thank you Val xxx

  12. Lisbon has old and modern trams... The book is so interesting and explains all the stops and the history of the places where it passes..
    Lisbon is a beautiful city.. you would enjoy it.Thank you Patricia.. happy days over there downunder.

  13. Thank you Helen,
    I know you like Portugal. Lisbon is a great city with its own unique charm. Maybe one day!! who knows you can visit again.
    Happy painting

  14. Thank you Sheri,
    Yes , Lisbon is a charming city .. I myself enjoy country life, as I have always lived out of the city.
    Happy planning..

  15. What a wonderful city! I love that the tram starts at Grace and ends at Pleasure. Beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful trip when you go and I hope you get to hear the music. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  16. thanks Lisa,
    my ride on the tram will be in the late autumn..when it gets too much being inside with the winter cold.
    just enjoying the summer now.
    i think i will enjoy it.

  17. Hello Val,
    Beautiful post and wonderful gift. The tram is the city's history. At other times , it was full of the everyday lives of people. Great pics.Thank you for sharing this .

  18. Dear Olympia,
    Nice to see you. I hope that you had a good time in the country... thanks for your comments.
    its good to see the city i am sure from a different perspective.

  19. This is a wonderful post Val. Your word pictures are lovely and I can almost experience such a tram ride, getting off here and there to enjoy a hot chocolate or maybe a coffee.
    Our old Melbourne trams were of the same design as these....(yellow and green colours.) I can still remember the distinctive sound of the bell as you pulled the cord before your stop. The earliest ones were horse-drawn.
    My great- grandfather was a driver of the old ones:)
    Thank you for this lovely reminder.

  20. Thank you Betty,
    What wonderful memories..your grandfather used to be on the horse drawn tram.. fantastic.
    maybe a blog about that!
    sending best wishes to down under..

  21. Hi Val: What a beautiful gift to you. I know somewhat the beauty of the tram. Although the trolley we ride on when we are in San Diego does not quite have the 'history' or the adventure that Tram 28 must have in Lisbon, but we do see the nationals from Tijuana and parts of Mexico that come over the border to work and shop and that is quite colorful and interesting. But nevertheless what a wonderful way to travel. Wish we had access to one close by. Thanks for your sweet words on the kitchen redo. Still happening at a very slow pace. Reason I have been so slow getting back to you is the computer has been in the shop and just returned. Happy Monday..Judy

  22. I wondered if you would say that you plan to ride! Lisbon sounds wonderful. But it has always sounded so to me. I would love to visit your cafe.

  23. Thank you Jaqueline,
    Yes, i hope to ride on the 28 in the autumn.. summer is chilling time.
    happy days val

  24. Thank you Judy,
    I wish I could have shown the whole book and the history of the stops it makes and where.. I will be riding on the 28 during the Autumn.
    happy monday val.


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