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Sunday, 9 September 2012

A post for Rosemary "Where five valley's meet"

Since dear Rosemary from "Where five valley's meet" showed her first collage and how to do it some time ago.  I was very impressed and liked the look of it.   Since that  post a few of her followers have used this fantastic Pic monkey Dear Olympia "Old things" and Gina from Ginaceramics. All great collages. 
... I initially had some difficulties understanding it all. I read and read again. Then Rosemary told me to try and try until i have got it.    you remember last week I was without  my computer as it was  updated.  I  needed access to some sites that I couldn't get before. Now I can play around more. 
 I am truly proud of myself! ): big smile).   I have followed Rosemary's advice on how to set it all up.
I went to my e mail earlier and dear Rosemary has kindly put together some of the photos from my last post.
Isn't this just great.  How kind of her to do this for me, she is a whizz at it. She has even written my name.

Rosemary's collage to me.
Sunset at Quintinha das Rosas, behind the Olive trees 
My very first collage..
Filipe my youngest son with his daughter - my 4th  grandaughter  who is 9. With her big smile showing off her new braces Uncle Miguel put on this week for her.

I have had a wonderful day today. A special time spent with  Filipe and  Maria , we had lunch out in the village.
 A splendid summer's day to remember. 

 I am thrilled that I have learnt something new. Sheer determination.

Sharing an evening glass of bubbly with Rosemary
                                                                        THANK YOU ROSEMARY.


  1. Of course ,you did it ! Congratulation!You and Rosemary deserved a glass? of wine !!!Cheers to you !Olympia

    1. I am so pleased that i can do this now.. still lots to learn.
      I must thank Gina -from Ginaceramics.. Rosemary corrected me. It was Gina who first showed us the collage.. but I only saw it on Rosemary's blog.
      its fun

  2. Thank you sweet Olympia..
    I never thought that I would be able to do it, really. I am a little slow with those things. But I followed Rosemary's advice and it worked.. You were the first..
    wish you could all be here to share some bubbly with me.
    Happy sunday night.
    val x x x x

    1. Please , drink one glass for me ...

  3. Hello Val:
    How wonderful all of this is and so very kind of Rosemary who is always so very generous towards others.

    And we are delighted that you have had such a happy day. We hope that your week will be the same.

    1. Its thanks to Rosemary and Gina ..they both are whizzes at these collages .
      So many wonderful friends I have made through blogging
      Thank you Jane and Lance.

  4. Beautiful.

    All the photos are just wonderful

    I'm still trying to figure out how to do collages
    -sometimes they work

    Enjoy your night...

    x Fiona

    1. Wish you luck Fiona. Its just a matter of really following the instructions and concentrating.
      Didnt think i could do it. still a way to go..but thats the beauty of learning new blogging stuff..something new all the time.

  5. I have looked at collages on other peoples blogs and wished I knew how to. I'll see if I can have a go some time!

  6. Well done Val - your perseverance has paid off - you will just get better and better as time goes by. I must just correct one thing - it was Gina who first very kindly shared and introduced me to Picmonkey not the other way round.

    1. I Thank you Rosemary for your kind help. I will chat to Gina tomorrow.
      She too makes some beautiful collages. I know it will be fun, with lots to learn.

  7. She should you well - they are great - and so nice she stayed with you. Very generous. Love all your photos.

    1. Thank you Sandie,
      I am delighted to be able to start something new with blogging. There is so much to learn. wishing you a happy week.

  8. Dear Val and thank you Rosemary for giving me credit for introducing you to PicMonkey. I enjoyed making collages with the earlier photo editing program called Picnik. When Google decided to cancel Picnik I was desperately looking for a replacement that was as easy to use. Low and behold, the inventors of Picnik (sold to Google) decided to introduce us to their new program called PicMonkey. It is free and even easier to use. It has so many features that there really is no need for a more comprehensive editing program. I'm delighted that you have been able to make collages. They are a great way to show off your wonderful photographs.
    As an aside, Rosemary is always coming up with new ideas and ways to make her blog more interesting. What is especially nice is that Rosemary is so willing to share her knowledge with her fellow bloggers. I still remember seeing her first roundel. I was so smitten with it that i asked her if she would share her secret and she did.

    1. I sent you a reply Gina. but it was just for you..so i deleted it.
      Its credit to you and Rosemary that i have mastered ..or half way there with pickmonkey
      I knew about picnik, but never persued it. It looks very interesting and I will play around with it now and again. Indeed Rosemary put to rights my mistake.
      She is sweet and helped me with this one.
      Thanks for the comment
      happy days Gina

  9. How kind of Rosemary to help you get started!
    Your collages are lovely Val : )

    Enjoy the week ahead!

  10. Lovely photos Val. I found Picmonkey a few weeks ago and really enjoy putting together collages and like you feel quite pleased with myself at the outcome. I'm now trying to put frames around my photos which always look nice on other blogs. Any ideas? Have a good week.
    Patricia x

    1. Its fun. I think we can all learn something new every day. Enjoy using it.
      I have still a long way to go. but its great to find out about all these new ideas.
      Just go with the flow Patricia.
      Tell us about some of the books you are reading. You must be studying real hard.
      wishing you a good day

  11. Val,
    Your collage is wonderful, I'm so glad you kept trying and celebrated with a glass of bubbly. I expect your family will have been impressed with it too. I haven't tried PicMonkey. I will have to try it when I have some time!
    Sarah x

    1. Its always great to learn something new for blogging. I hope to learn much more as the time goes by. Thank you Sarah. It is time consuming, but fun

  12. I've recently found Picmonkey too and love to create collages. Your photos are lovely. I'd now like to create frames for my photos. Have a good week.
    Patricia x

  13. Like your collage a lot! Very well done, Val! I hope you had the whole bottle of champagne to celebrate! Kind of Rosemary to encourage you! Have a happy day! Christa

    1. Thanks Christa.
      Its fun .. i still have to teach myself lots more.
      Rosemary was very kind.

  14. Hello,dear Val,
    I am soo pleased for you and I understand the feeling of the not understanding,as I really struggle with technology and up till recently would have run a mile away from the computer ( really)
    But you won and your collage is really lovely!! glad you had the most lovely day with your boy and sweet granddaughter.
    I wanted to thank you also for the kindest thoughts and words over on mine, Val, they mean a lot!
    We are just a bout coming back down to earth! hehe...
    Have a lovely rest of week.
    LoVe Maria x

    1. Dear Maria,
      I am so thrilled for you and your family. I can imagine that it will take a time to get back to normal, after such wonderful events of the paralympics. I think they were fantastic and the participants and sportsmen are to be reconed with.. great athletes .. amazing.
      Yes, i am getting to learn slowly about other aspects of blogging..
      What is really rewarding, is the friendschip with fellow bloggers. All great people.
      glad you liked my collage.
      I am going to try another.
      happy days

  15. It's wonderful when friends come forward to help you, isn't it? I'm sorry I haven't posted replies in such a long time, Val. I've been having trouble making the word verification work properly, but I think I may have fixed things at my end. (If you can read this, then yes! I have!)


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