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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A little touch of fashion

Luis Onofre.

Luis is a portuguese shoe and handbag designer. A few months ago, I watched a documentary about him. He designs and custom makes shoes of such elegance. 
   He has won awards in Italy , and is recognized around the globe, as one of the leading designers of shoes and handbags. 
His shoes are stunning. He mainly concentrates on high heels, although he makes sandals and Sabrinas and boots.

The future Queen of Spain, Leitizia Ortiz , wears his shoes , having worn them at three celebration events ..hand made and designed by Luis.

 Some time ago, at the beginning of my blogging .. I wrote about shoes handbags and fashion. Today I thought it would be a change to show some of the great designs of Luis.  Add a little fashion to our dreams !

I have always worn what I like, and what I feel good in.  I have never been one to follow fashion, the same goes for my clothes.  If I feel good in it and like it I wear it.  Weather made by a designer or not
I have always enjoyed playing around with mixing and matching my clothes and shoes.

Of course dear friends.   Some of the shoes you see here.. might have been on my feet some 35  years ago.. Although I must confess.. I wore a most elegant new pair to an opening last year.
My "fetish" for shoes started as a young girl.  I love shoes. I used to adore buying them . Handbags too. I still love to indulge in a new shoe once in a while. 

                                      Here Luis is exhibiting his shoes on antique furniture pieces.
His shoes are worn by very elegant sexy models on the runways.

 chic handbag.

 I like these boots for winter very adaptable for country living.  
 For  many years now, I only use a court shoe or flat, when i go to the city.  I mainly wear a short boot on a rainy day.  Or a good strong flat for  around and  about during the winter months.  Summer time, I am always in sandals.  

                                                          These are ideal to wear with slacks

His elegant models
These I love. A touch of Sworofski crystals .

                                                          Very ultra modern (in my dreams)

                                                     I once could wear them.!
 Some nice combinations.
I think there is nothing nicer than to see a woman in an elegant shoe .!

                                Custom made shoe boxes to go with your shoes. Really chic idea.
Do you like shoes and bags!

All images are taken from the Internet.    


  1. I'm not really a big shoe person, but I *LOVE* pocketbooks! (I have too many.... but I still can't stop buying them, especially vintage bags I see in 2nd hand shops.) These shoes are beautiful, though. Thank you for posting about Mr. Onofre.

    1. Hello Haworth,
      We all like something or other.
      I thought this a fun post.. of course I cant wear high heels anymore. In my 20's I did.
      I like the shoes too.

  2. Oooh Val

    I love this post
    with all the beautiful shoes.

    I love the long boots too they are gorgeous
    and would be perfect for winter here!

    What woman doesn't like shoes
    and hanbags.

    Lots of nice eye candy Val
    and I think your header is great too!


    1. Dear Fiona,
      So nice that you enjoyed this fun post.
      I am past wearing high heels shoes now.. i have a couple of pairs of lower heels , but for special occasions .. I agree, what woman doesn't like shoes and handbags. My mother always used to say " you can always tell a person by their shoes"
      Glad you like the header.. experimental.. half is cut off.
      xx thanks Fiona.

  3. I love shoes and handbags too, Val! But I am one of those women who can only walk in flats or just with a short heel. I always walk wherever I go - no bus, no car, no taxi - of course for long distances the train. Then I always need a large handbag or a shopper - when I go shopping for food I must have the possibility to also put things in there... YOu see I am more the practical type but I love seeing these articles a lot! Christa

    1. Dear Christa.
      I see you are the same as me. only flats now. Flat boots in the winter.
      I used to love to wear high heels when i was younger. Like I said.. country wear is different.
      You are lucky, you can walk everywhere.
      Thanks Christa..
      have a good night.
      I am off to the post office tomorrow.! x x x x

  4. I can wear high heeled shoes because of my feet - but I love to look at them.

  5. I am the same Sandie, You will see, I wrote- I can only wear flats now. I wore high heels in my early 20's.. i have a couple of pairs of lower heels now..but all my shoes are flats.
    It was a fun post..nice to look at all the pretty shoes.
    thanks for your comments Sandie,
    Hope that you are well!

  6. I have always had weak ankles since a child so I have never been able to wear high heels, which look so much more elegant that flat shoes. I love those flat shoes you have shown above.
    Sarah x

    1. Sorry to hear that you hve weak ankles as a child. Of course Sarah..high heels are not really appropriate for anyone who wants to keep elegant feet. I did use them..still have two pairs with a smaller heel. Now its just flats and boots in winter.
      thanks for leaving your comments..

  7. Val, I too love those brown boots that resemble a riding boot! And yes, I am a "purse-aholic" although I'm trying to quit! Thank you so much for your kind words on my posts. And yes, the Pres is a retired fireman...:)JP

    1. I too loved the brown boots. I was going to post another pair..slightly shorter..the length for me is a little long. I had many pairs of riding boots when i was riding. I love them.
      If it gives you pleasure to collect purses.. dont quit. Life is too short. Enjoy it.
      thank you JP.. always nice to hear from you.
      I was so sad..yesterday. Watched a whole 3 hour documentary on the twin towers disaster..with a photographer, that just happened to be passing by , when the first plane hit. He is famous now. I have much respect for firemen. They do a fantastic job. The firemen that lost their lives on 9/11 were brave brave men.

  8. Hello Val
    I must admit I do love shoes and bags, I still have lots of heels but I quite often wear my flats, I still wear my heels when I want to look taller, as I am only 5'1" !!
    Thea x

    1. Hello there Thea,
      Like dear Christa said."what woman doesnt like a nice shoe and a handbag".. I have a couple of pairs of heels now..hot the high high heels i once wore as a younger girl.
      I now wear flats mainly, due to my back.

  9. Hello Val:
    How wonderful it would be to do a shopping trolley dash through Mr Onofre's store! There are several delicious designs that would do very nicely thank you, although skyscraper stilettos are probably not the preferred choice these days! One could easily imagine turning into an Imelda Marcos in the capable hands of Mr Onofre.

    1. Dear Jane and Lance,
      what fun it would be. To have some of Mr. Onofre's shoes. I think i will have to save up for a pair of his most elegant sandals with the swarovski crystals.. .. I loved the "skyscraper's" of course I wouldnt be able to walk in them.. I adore shoes.
      Imelda's collection was amazing.

  10. Dear Val, This is a very fun post. I'm in love with the first pair of shoes. I still wear high heels but wear ballet flats with a small heel for every day.
    I love Ferragamo shoes. They fit as if Ferragamo has a shoe last in their backroom, with my name on it.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Yes, thats what i thought. I will do a fun post. something a little different. And I love shoes.
      Onofre also makes custom made to fit .. I do not know of Ferragamo.. how about a post.!
      thank you Gina. Always nice to see you.

  11. Hi Val, his shoes are works of art. I also love the brown riding boots. They look like something that I would wear often and for years to come.
    Thanks for the lovely compliment on my paintings. I have never seen Annie get your gun . . . I'll have to look for it. Have a great week, and get out your brushes . . . maybe if they are out in the open you'll use them. I think that is good advice for me, too.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie,
      Yes, i totally agree. this man is a genious. He loves to design beautiful shoes for women.
      I adore the boots.
      I loved your paintings.. would be great to have a day painting with you.
      You must see Annie get your gun.. With Annie Oakley!.. I was mad about her when i was a child.
      thanks for your comments Connie.

  12. You are right, Val, there is nothing nicer than to see a woman in an elegant shoe. Although, the last few years I tend to wear only flats, but my boots in the Fall have a bit of a heel. The flats with a touch of crystals are my favorite on here. I loved your comment on my post today, and your personality sounds very similar to mine. I am in love with your pink rose Header!! Those must be from your garden.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Those are the ones i would choose for me, with the boots.. possibly a shorter leg.
      I enjoy going over to Red Rose Alley.
      Not long now.!!
      pleased you like my header Sheri... can you see the 4 roses.!

  13. Hi Val!
    I have actually heard of Luis Onofre before. I wonder if it was beck in Greece...
    I, like you I don't really follow fashions ( in anything )
    I have always had my own style, that has been changing besically according to my age.
    I have never been a fun of high heals. I would certainly go for the ballarinas or the boots...

    xxoxo demie

    1. You most likely saw his shoes , when you were back in Greece.. He sells a lot to Greece.
      Well, join the club. I have never followed fashions. I just make up my style and feel comfortable and enjoy the challenge.
      I did use high heels and even danced around the floor in them. ): those were the days.
      flats now and boots.
      thanks Demie for your comments. nice to see you.

  14. Oh yes, Val. I love shoes and handbags, but as most of your friends and you have said, I no longer wear the high heels. Just a little heel is more comfortable:)
    I have missed commenting for a while as I have been busy one way and another.
    Hope you are enjoying some nice Autumn weather.

    1. I think i would definately fall over with those high high heels now.
      I did wear them when i was younger.. i loved them.
      Now its the flats and winter shoes and boots. In the winter I mainly wear slacks, so the boots are useful, especially living here in the country.
      Autumn is nearly here Betty, At the moment however.. its the height of summer weather.. 39º today. I have just been lazy.. must go for a swim now.
      thanks for your comments

  15. Hi Val: Elegant post. He looks like a great designer. I love shoes and so admire the styles now with the really high heels (although I never could wear them that high), but they are so beautiful and I think make legs look very pretty. I don't wear heels anymore as my feet wouldn't like it but I still love them and can enjoy them on someone else..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  16. hiya Val!
    the shoes and bags are adorable, I loved all of them!


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