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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Emilie's daughter's giveaway

My giveaway "Avoca cookbook" arrived  from dear Christa,  over at "Emilie's daughter"

I was so so excited. I couldn't wait to open it this morning. I was like a child in a sweet shop! It was a little too late last night to open it, so i decided to keep it for this morning. 
 I think that I mentioned to you all, that I have never won anything in my life before.
Here goes,sharing and taking you through my morning , and opening the parcel.

                                          Well wrapped and taped  so as not to get ripped in the post. It arrived safe and perfect.
                                                    A lovely little heart on the back from dear Christa,so thoughtful
                   Opened , revealed the inside wrapping  - with green ribbon, and a wool swatch from the Avoca mill. And a lovely card for Val.      

                                     I can tell you dear friends.  That my photos, do not do the book justice.
Its simply the most beautiful cook book that I have ever held.  The pages feel like silk as one turns over to the next. There is nothing like a holding a new book in your hand and the smell of its brand new pages.      Its so beautifully written and presented , and the photos of the recipies are simply divine.
                                 A few quick photos from inside.  Its full of delicious recipies. This might be today. Chicken and veggi soup.

 At the back of the book.  Is information on Avoca and what happens around the village.
It will take me a few day's to go through it.  But it will take pride of place amongst my few cook books I posses ..  I will look forward to cooking something to share with you all.
                               Dear Christa.. Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway.  How great, that I had the lucky number 16.   I will enjoy the book and when cooking will be thinking of you.
                                                            A Rose for  you Christa

I have been following Emilie's daughter for a long time now, In fact, Emilie's daughter was one of my first followers.     Christa is a wonderful person.  She always has something great to show us on her posts and is always positive.   She is a good blogging friend and  I like that.  
You might like to pay her a visit.. Over at "EMILIE'S  DAUGHTER".. You can also read her post about the beautiful village of "Avoca".

Wishing you all a wonderful week.   Happy cooking .



  1. Congratulations, Val! It's always so lovely to get packets in the mail, and how lucky that you won the giveaway. I hope you enjoy many, many wonderful meals with your new cookbook!

    1. Yes, it was great to open this lovely packet .
      A beautiful giveaway
      Thank you Haworth

  2. Dear Val - it looks a lovely cookbook you received from Christa and I am sure it will bring you lots and lots of pleasure.

    1. Thank you Rosemary,
      I will certainly enjoy reading the book.

  3. Well done Val.

    I am glad that you have the book now
    and am looking forward to hearing what you make from it.

    It is a beautiful book.

    Congrats to you.


    Indeed you are right Christa is a lovely blogging friend. x

    1. Thank you Fiona.
      It was random numbers and I won.. how great is that
      Its a lovely book.

  4. A lovely surprise and an even lovelier cookbook Val. how lucky you are. What are you going to cook first?
    Patricia x

    1. thanks Patricia,
      Its so so hot here at the moment. But i am going to make a mixed version of the books chicken soup and mine.
      Its still 34º at 8pm.. i have the fans on. just been for a swim.
      One doesnt feel like cooking in this heat.
      So many wonderful recipies in the book.

  5. Very pretty book dear Val! Lucky you : )

    1. Sure am Demie,
      I will enjoy reading it and cooking some of the recipies.
      Its still very hot here.

  6. i like the little note/drawing on it. :)

  7. I so glad you won the giveaway from Christa! The book looks so lovely, it was great to see more pictures from it. I look forward to seeing your dishes created from it.
    I keep meaning to say I thought your boat names were wonderful.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah. I appreciate your comments.
      Our yachts have given and give us much pleasure.
      The book is so lovely..the pages are glossy and silky

  8. Dearest Val, I am so glad it arrived and that you like it! It makes me happy that you like it too! It is such a lovely cookery book with great pics and ideas. Something to look at when days get shorter and colder. I will send you an e-mail tomorrow. It is 10.30 pm and I am baking cakes with my son. He is having his last day tomorrow working in the hospital and he is having a little farewell. On Monday university in Zuerich starts. Thanks so much for documenting the arrival of the book - it is exciting for me! Big hugs, Christa

    1. Yes dear Christa,
      I sat some hours looking through the book yesterday, it will be a source of pleasure to read it on the cold winter evenings.
      Wishing your Son all the best at Zurich university..
      Enjoy the farewell.
      Happy weekend
      val x x x

  9. How exciting to open such a lovely parcel! I can understand how much you appreciate this gift in the way you describe how the book looks and feels:)
    Hope you enjoy cooking many recipes when the weather is cooler. Sounds like it's still very hot there Val!

    1. It was so exciting Betty.. i truly was like a child at christmas time.
      Its a beautiful book. Its a strong book.. with a beautiful hard cover and the most delightful recipies to die for.
      It sure is still hot here.. another warm day today. We haven't had rain since May...
      happy weekend

  10. O yes! Happy cooking to you!!!

    ♥ Franka


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