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Sunday, 23 September 2012

"Adeus" to summer

Adeus, Adieu, farewell , goodby, Ciao  to Summer.

Today is the 23rd of September.

Yesterday morning at 9.49am GMT.. and CDT 14.49 Universal time ..  September Equinox arrived.

Our long hazy lazy days of Summer are over for 2012.  Autumn is truly here.  
I will miss summer.

       When the grandchildren pop over on their bikes  for a swim or a chat, or I take them for an ice cream in the village.   Those late balmy nights when the sun goes down at nearly 10pm and we can sit outside in the candlelight..and talk about happy days and happenings with friends.
Early mornings when the sun rises at 6 or so, and I walk around the garden with my coffee,  and the scents of early morning summer 's day is in the air and I listen to the twittering of the sparrows that nest in my olive trees, and the cooing of my dove family.
Lunch on the patio in the shade and drinking a long glass of iced home made lemonade.
A day at the beach to let some of that wonderful summer sun soak into my bones.
"Good by" summer... and Welcome Autumn.

Equinox and remembering. Here in the northern Hemisphere
the sun rises later now, and the nightfall earlier. The days
and nights are approximately equal in length.

Just a few of the things that I will miss.

6.57am this morning...The sky overcast with dark purple and lilac  clouds
I was jolted out of bed this morning at around 6am.  My dogs were going crazy.  I got out of bed to see what was making them so agitated.
And , there it was, lightning flashing  accross the sky.  The sound of thunder rattling in the heavens above.
My mother used to say" dont worry, its God moving his furniture"! ..Boy, he sure was moving it this morning!.
We have not had rain here in Alentejo since May. It is so welcoming. It just about never fails to rain on this day.

Autumn arrives and I always have these mixed feelings for a few weeks.  The heavy rainy days.. and then the warm summery days,after a while i settle and enjoy the cool of the morning.

September is one of our kindest months here .. In a few days the sun will be out again.
A sort of sad feeling comes over me,when summer ends and Autumn begins.    I tell myself once again
   "It's the arrival of a new season.  A few days more and you will be getting the Autumn feel. !

I have changed to my Autumn duvet..and my lamps will be on earlier to light the early dark evenings.

Time to start a new book perhaps !.
An extra hour in bed!
Different light for blogging photos.!
A walk on a cooler day!

My fields are now parched and dry..we are ready for this rain.

7.24am  First rains of the season.. Yippee I don't have to water for some time.

The dark clouds gatthering at 6.50am and the thunder is clapping .

& Its here to stay with us a while.  For us to watch and see the trees and the flowers change.
Harvest time for the fruit and Olives, and other produce. Thoughts of different things ahead. 
And so the seasons move on.

Wishing all my dear blogging friends a wonderful Autumn Sunday the 23rd 


  1. As you farewell Summer Val , I will welcome it. I promise to sip my tea whilst walking around my garden early in the morning. I could not think of a more perfect way to start the day. Happy Equinox as our seasons are changing Shell xoxo - A Darlings Nest

    1. Wishing you a wonderful Summer Shell.
      I will hop over and join you for a cup of tea.
      I will be thinking of you in your garden.

  2. Sigh ... the seasons certainly move on, and I can see you are fond of summer. I'm a huge fan of autumn, but then again I live in South Florida so saying farewell to summer is a party for me. ;) Too hot down here. But I've learned to enjoy it more throughout the years. I see how each has its own personality, and for me it has become sort of like having a guest in our home.

    I am delighted to see that you might participate in Glitter and a Movie. Don't worry ONE BIT about the button or linky or rules. I'm trying to make it as simple and free as possible. The button is NOT a rule and if you leave me a comment that you posted when I put up the challenges, I'll link your page. Nothing to it.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend.

  3. I sigh too Marcia.. I am fond of warm hot weather.. Its all my years living in Africa.
    It does get very very hot here up into the high 40's during the height of summer..The one thing we dont get here, like Florida is humidity.
    Another week and I will be into the Autum mood. It is still a beautiful month with nice temperatures here in Alentejo.

    Will be waiting for your challenges.. ):
    Happy Sunday
    I must get too making my "silver ticket"!

  4. What a lovely post, Val! I love the way you "feel" nature and embrace the start of a new season. Today it's raining, here in Norfolk, and I have not too distant memories of hot, sunny days in my Italy. But I do love every single drop of rain which falls on my windows. I will go outside, now, and walk in the rain...


    PS: between you and I: the stuff in that glass is not lemonade, is it? Looks like G&T to me!


    1. Thank you Anna, I do love to feel all the seasons. It takes me a time to enter into each one, but I get there. The rain today has been so welcome. Its been so so hot.
      I hope you enjoyed your walk in the rain.

      Sorry to disappoint you!! Its just simple water with lemon.. and the other is orange juice(google images).. I am a brandy and coke or bacardi fan..!!!):
      Cheers to you Anna.
      great to see you.

  5. What a lovely post Val!
    I always feel a touch of sadness as September comes near to a close.
    We know here in the UK, we have a long winter ahead of us.How sweet was your Mum's description of the thunder and lightning.You must welcome the rain though Val, after such a dry spell.
    Thank you for such kind words always.
    LoVe Maria x

    1. Dear Maria,
      Thank you .. I really dont have any explanation as to why I get sad towards september.
      mother nature works in strange ways. I don't like to be confined indoors. I love to be outside. That takes some time to adjust too.
      I was in the village earlier. We are all thrilled with the rain. we need lots and lots of it.

  6. Good Morning Val: This was a beautiful post. I think it describes exactly how this time of year affects us all. Your description of what you will miss about summer is so real, I could just smell the morning air. I'd love to be having that first morning cup of coffee with you. Thank you for your wonderful comments to me. Of all the draft horses, the Clydesdale are most familiar due to the Budweiser hitch but, in my opinion, the most beautiful and elegant is the English Shire. My hydrangeas dried pretty well this season, they don't always..I love hearing from you and glad you got some rain for your beautiful property..Happy Sunday..Judy

    1. Thank you dear Judy for your kind comments. I do appreciate them.
      Summer for me is magic.. It always has been. I will still have my coffee outside, but the air is different and the atmosphere is another one.
      I did enjoy reading about the Shire horses. How i would love to see that fair.
      Happy sunday Judy..

  7. I have to say, I love autumn and usually September is a lovely month here and on the whole it has been but very cold and wet here today. I'm looking forward to the autumn colours though. x

    1. I do agree with you..Autumn brings a change in the colours of nature. More so in GB.
      Today its been 25º and warm, but raining.
      I am sure you have lots of new ideas Suzy.
      Thanks for your comments.

  8. Hello Val:
    We can so readily identify with all that you say here as, finally, summer fades away to be replaced by the cooler, and certainly darker, days of autumn. And we, like you, always feel that this moment is tinged with sadness but then, almost immediately, one's mind projects forwards to all the delights of winter with, as you say, good books and the fireside to which can be added delicious comfort food.

    How very welcome the rain must be for you after seeing the ground so very parched for so long. Yes, thunderstorms, if not a little alarming, can be very dramatic and thrilling too.

    Have a lovely Sunday evening and shut out the night!

    1. September is a kind month weather wise. It rains, and It gives us some warm days too.
      At the moment its stopped raining.. and its 25º..just perfect.
      We do need the rain though, it truly is so parched. The well needs to fill also.
      Our worst months here are jan,feb,march..they can be really cold.
      I was out at 6 this morning with my camera. The lightning flashing accross the autumn sky.
      Thank you Jane and Lance.
      You always leave me such encouraging comments.

  9. congratulations on the rain! we are waiting for some here as well. i really like your header photo. such beautiful shapes and colors.

  10. Thank you Tex.
    Its been a fantastic day. At least i won't have to water the inner garden for a few days.
    pleased you like my header. Its such an old old Olive tree,its on the border of my property.
    Its truly amazing how mother nature works ..

  11. Your header photo blows my mind - 300 year old olive tree. The base is so huge and the foliage so small.
    HAPPY FALL - I love fall.
    And the last photo - gorgeous too!

    1. Hi Sandie,
      I tried to leave a comment on your post today..but it wouldnt let me in..!!
      Olive trees can grow up until 2000 years.(two thousand years).
      Remember the mount of Olives!
      Its one of the hardiest trees .. The one in my header is relatively young.
      My own trees are about 45 years old..very small in comparison.
      Thanks for your comments.

  12. Hi Val,I always feel a tinge of sadness when Autumn returns. We used to use that saying when thunder was overhead. It was a comforting thought as a child.
    I love your header of the olive tree, I have read more about olive trees over the past few years and I find it fascinating how they can survive for so many years and regenerate.
    Sarah x

    1. I feel a little better, knowing I am not the only one that's sad to see summer leave.
      I do like Autumn, but not as much as summer.. Winter, well!! dont want to think about it.
      Pleased you like the Olive tree. A friend who stayed a month ago took it. Its at the bottom of my land. There are a few around.. well its olive tree heaven here.
      They are indeed, truly an amazing tree.. some living over 2000 years.
      thank you Sarah for your comments. They give me inspiration to blog more.

  13. Happy Autumn to you Val! Please ,don't you sad ... The time pass quickly ...May be as you said , a little more reading ,relaxing is the season that we don't make many things ...The photo of your header has changed !!!What an amazing photo !!This tree is very old ...And is alive !!!

    1. Dear Olympia. I am always sad to know that summer has ended. I love the summers.
      It will soon pass and I will be getting used to the nice cooler Autumn days.
      Yes, my header has changed. I like to change it.
      Yes, the tree is alive and is very very old. Some as you know, live to 2000 years or more.
      xxxx thank you Olympia for your kind sweet comments.

  14. It has rained continuously here throughout the day too. I've just driven back from Devon - a journey which normally takes me two hours took three as cars were slwing down due to the adverse weather conditions. Saturday on the other hand was lovely and warm! I agree with you that it's sad that Summer's over but here in the U.K. we can hardly have said that we had a Summer as we had a lot of rain when we should have had sunshine!
    Take care,

    1. I feel for you all in the UK, when i see on the news, that its cold and wet and we here are having wonderful sunny days. Its a good climate here, and i like it.
      Summer is fun and everyone is about and happy and music playing and long cool drinks.
      playing with the grandchildren. Autumn is here now and its another season.
      Our rain has stopped..but clouds are forming again.
      thank you June for passing by and leaving your comments.

  15. I enjoyed hearing about your lovely summer days. You make it so vivid to me. The rain coming, and the season change makes me pause for a while too. Your photos are so nice. Lovely Sunday post. SO nice to hear from you, always.

    1. Hi Jacqueline.. Summers are wonderful. I love the warmth of the sun on my bones. I dont sunbathe, never have been one for that. Its just waking in the morning to a glorious sunny day. All the little creatures are about and the birds, grandchildren around and visits from friends. swimming and the beach. its wonderful. Portugal has a wonderful climate.
      Today is cooler, but its sunny.

  16. Val that view is so picturesque...regardless of what time of the year it is! I love Fall and in fact, am planning how and where I can place all my autumn decor!...:)JP

    1. Thank you JP:
      You have an abundance of choices there with your lovely trees around you to make a great Autumn decor.
      Our Autumn's are milder than the states. Sun is out today

  17. Hello Val
    Lovely post about your seasons, the leden skies looked full of rain.
    Autumn has definitely arrived here today, the first squally storms have blown in, still never mind we shall just have to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and biccy!
    Thea x

    1. Hi Thea,
      lovely to see you. thanks for popping over. I like to hear from you.
      Yesterday was a little calmer. Today the sun is out again. Of course its cooler, but not cold.

  18. Dear Val, you have captured the essence of approaching Autumn so well, with special words and images. The new header is fantastic - such a beautifu, sculptural, and very old tree! Older than white settlement in Australia; we are a very new nation over here. Bring on the storm season, hopefully over here as well. I love watching the results when the garden gets a big soaking. Happy Autumn: my favourite season!! xxx P.

    1. Dear Patricia.
      your comments are so kind, they give me inspiration to blog .. I have such nice blogger friends and you are one.
      Yes the Olive trees of Europe are very old.. The oldest on record in Portugal is 2000 old.
      The weather in Australia is different than here, I remember that from the time I lived in Perth.. I loved it.

  19. A beautiful post Val. As you know I am heading into summer, the complete reverse to you, and I look forward to it, even though our days are incredibly hot and uncomfortable I still feel most alive during the summer season.
    We also desperately need rain the ground is parched which does not bode well for brushfire season.
    Thanks Val for your lovely comment about pottering around our homes. We are birds of a feather.

    1. Dear Annie,
      Thanks for your lovely comments.
      Yes, you will be going into Summer ..and boy are Australian summers hot, from what i remember. Its beach time, bbq time, and lots of long tall icy drinks..
      Happy days Annie

  20. It was only on reading this post that I remembered that autumn has well and truly arrived. You have captured so many of the reasons to embrace this most beautiful of seasons!

    1. Thank you Pondside..
      Yes, it takes a little time to sink in. Although here today is a beautiful summer's like day in Autumn.

  21. Val, I can not imagine not having rain since May! Fall is definitely here we had hail over the weekend. I'll miss the flowers the most! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  22. Autumn is here for good dear Val (not that we had much of a summer but still... )
    It would be boring without seasons, but I must agree with you that it's a bit sad summer is gone.
    It is my favourite season.
    But autumn has the most marvelous colours up here and one must enjoy that ;)

    lots of love to you xoxoxo

  23. Dearest Valerie! With your words and photos you have soothed me. I was sad that summer is over. I think the first time in my life. You showed me what it means though - what autumn brings instead. I will just stick to these thoughts and overcome that little "depression". Thanks for cheering me up! Christa

    1. Dear Christa.
      I love summer, everything about it. Its holiday time, play time, friend time,family time.
      beach, sun, sea and all those great things that go with the wonderful month of summer.
      I feel better, knowing i am not the only one who misses summer.
      Its overcast here today.

  24. Hello Val,
    I am just getting around to visiting with my bloggy friends. It has been very busy with the wedding since last Thursday until now. It was a glorious day indeed. Oh, I am ready for Fall. I bet it surprised you when you heard the thunderstorms. Your Header of the olive tree is wonderful. Olive trees are such special trees, and go way back for many many years.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thanks for your comments Sheri.
      I am sure that its been hectic , yet wonderful.
      I am a little behind with viewing and comments.
      will be catching up.

  25. Happy Autumn, Val! This is such a beautiful post. I love reading about all the things you will miss about summer, but also the new way of life and a different routine as Autumn arrives. I'm glad you finally had some rain! We had quite a bit of rain throughout August, as well as some very, very hot days. September has been beautiful with bright sun, crisp air, and cool nights. Today it is raining here in New England but the weather is mild. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  26. I am glad you take advantage of all summer has to offer, we must make the most of the days God gives us as we cannot reclaim them! I like the changes of the seasons also. We are slowly moving into fall here; cooler nights and warm (not hot!) days. Now, we just need rain--lots of it!


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