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Thursday, 27 September 2012

"An Autumn Classic"

   I chose this recipe from my "Avoca" cookbook.   I thought that I would just whet your appetite for your afternoon tea.!

       BEST EVER APPLE PIE with blackberries.
Ideal for our afternoon tea on this our first week in Autumn.
Here is the finished apple pie with blackberries and some added seasonal plums.

For the past few days, I have been reading my beautiful "Avoca" cook book giveaway I won from
Christa @ Emilie's daughter.

I really didnt  know where to start, its such an amazing cook book.
I own about 4 cook books and now this one.  I was brought up watching my mother and then learning with her how to bake.  She was in incredible cook and pastry maker.  Everything she did, was from her own ideas.Sunday's were the best.  When I had my family , I carried on that tradition  throughout the years, I just followed in her footsteps, Sunday being family day.   Not having a large family now, baking is every once in a while, when the family comes or a friend. 
It took me a few years to stop cooking my meals for 6 or more. I always made too much.

So :- On Monday, I went down to the bottom of the land and picked the very last of the summer blackberries.

 I had seen the recipe for apple pie and blackberries in the Avoca  book when i first received it. I picked it up at every opportunity to read the book.  

I thought This an ideal recipe to start with, as I had the blackberries to hand, the apples and plums and the rest of the ingredients. 
 I love apple pie, and this one is lookes  just divine.

Without wasting anymore time.  I decided to bake.
This morning all the ingredients ready..
to bake
"Best Ever Apple Pie"
with blackberries.

I hope that you will enjoy this post.

I added a little of my own touch..you can see in the photos, some lovely fresh damson plums..

simmering till soft.. i added a little too much water.. plums have their own juices.. just add a little
the apples chopped and diced

The blackberries after simmering for half an hour.
All ready and taken out of the oven.  This photo was supposed to be at the bottom of the page- a little blogger hitch..
Here is inviting you all to afternoon tea..

The blackberries just picked

Fresh butter, normal plain flower with baking powder added.

Stewed plums . sieved to take out the pips and the skin

preparing the dough

The base is greased and ingredients are in the dish.
You can see the fresh blackberries and a little of the stewed plums.
sugar then added.

 whisked egg  and sprinkled sugar on top before going  into the oven
Now for the recipe. :-

pre heat oven.170c or gas mark 5.

I used all the apples I had in my fruit bowl ..but between 6 or 8 ..
300g. blackberries.    I dont know how many grams i had.. I dont use a scale..
150 grams sugar or caster sugar..
400grams ..butter
660grams plain flour
2 medium eggs.  (at this point. I would like to add..( I do not use eggs in my soft short crust pastry)
this is an option.

Beat the butter,eggs and sugar together.
add the flour
add the eggs and continue to mix until the dough is smooth. (this mix is sticky) place extra flour on the work surface.
mix the ingredients until they form a nice round ball.
wrap in cling film and put in fridge for 1 hour.  ( as i do not add eggs.. I roll out my pastry straight away)
roll out the bottom part of the dough to fit your chosen dish..
then add all your fruit ingredients ..add sugar and a little water.. (cinnemon if you want)
roll out the rest of the dough for the top of the pie.
brush with egg and sprinkle with sugar.
crinckle the edges together with your fingers..

I am sure all you ladies out there have made hundreds of apple pies..
With the added blackberries and plums.. it was delicious.

I had a friend over for tea.. made some fresh whipped cream.. and we spoilt ourselves to two slices each..

I would have liked to have taken a photo of the recipe itself, from the book.  But my camera focus is not good enough.

You can always make this with rice flower..only using egg whites.. for coeliac pastry.

My first recipe from my "Avoca cookbook"..


  1. Hello Val:
    Oh what timing. It is approaching tea time as we write and a slice of your delicious apple pie would be so wonderful. Together with a piping hot cup of English tea, what could be better?

    You are clearly a worthy winner of the cookbook and have put it to excellent use right away. Where the Apple Pie leads surely other culinary delights will follow!

    1. That is just perfect Jane and Lance.
      It sure is a pie that one would ask for another piece "perhaps"..
      I did enjoy baking it. Even with my sticky hands here and there.
      Yes, I have chosen another recipe.. and it looks delicious.
      thank you always..
      val xxx
      Have a wonderful tea will be thinking of you

  2. Good morning my friend! Very nice apple pie recipe! With my favorite fruits! Glad to meet you ! I became a member! Want to keep in touch!Wish you a lovely day!
    Dimi..Athens Greece

    1. Hello Dimi.
      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for becoming a member.
      I will be over your side to see you.
      thank you for your comments.

  3. Oh ! Oh! You made the recipe of AVOCA book ! It looks very yummy !Can I have a piece of this ,please ? I love all these fruits !
    I saw that DIMI ,is your blog- friend ! It is a talented person with "gold" hands !Have a sweet afternoon tea !

    1. Hi Olympia,
      yes, I made the Avoca apple pie.. I just added some fresh plums.
      I have been so busy today with the house..must catch up on things.
      thanks olympia.

  4. Unfortunately at this time I do not have much time to make cakes, but I have to find, the home-made cakes and fresh fruit in season are very good. Many greetings, fr

    1. Its enjoyable to find the things we like to eat.
      I was keen to make something from my giveaway.. Avoca cook book..
      thanks franc.

  5. Replies
    1. Hello June.
      It was absolutely delicious.. It will be made again.

  6. What a beautiful pie! It sounds wonderful. I enjoy seeing you around at different spots on the computer. I am always so happy to see a comment from you. I hope you are having a beautiful week.

  7. Thanks Lisa..
    It was simply delicious.
    Your birthday gift was lovely.
    wishing you a lovely week too.

  8. I want to come for tea. ;) Everything looks scrumptious, Val. My husband bakes our apple pies, but he bakes a crumb top pie. We've been meaning to bake one with a lattice top. Yours is so pretty, and the blackberries sound delicious.
    Thank you for considering playing along with our challenge. There's nothing to it. It could even be something they ate in the movie. If you have any questions, do not hesitate. ;)

    1. Your welcome anytime Marcia.
      wow, thats wonderful that your hubby bakes your apple pies. Yes, one can vary with pies. I have made many with lattice tops. little jam tarts with latice tops are nice too.
      You could offer your customers at the shop):
      I will do my best.. will start somewhere.

  9. That was a lot of work - but oh it was worth it - it was gorgeous and I would love a piece!

    1. Thanks Sandie,
      yes, there was a lot of work gone into this apple pie.
      It was delicious. wish you could have had some with me.

  10. Now you've gotten me hungry. I love your post. Thanks for sharing with us,

    1. Hi Sylcia..
      you will have to get too baking!" thank you for leaving your comment

  11. Your pie looks delicious Val, a lovely Autumn treat
    Thea x

    1. Hi Thea.
      Time is coming for warmer meals and nice pies and cakes.

  12. MMmmmm, yum, what a beautiful looking pie, Val. We don't have blackberries here :( I wonder if it would work with frozen berries? Look forward to more goodness from your new cookbook. xx

    1. Thanks Patricia.
      I am sure that it would work with frozen berries. just soak them in some sugar and use the next day..
      thanks for passing by.

  13. Hello Valerie

    This looks absolutely delicious. I love the combination you used.
    During our walks in Ireland I ate my fill of blackberries, till my fingers and lips were blue!!!

    Thanks for sharing you recipe and have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

    1. Hello Helen,
      It sure was delicious. I haven't made an apple pie for some time. This one was really good.
      The book is fantastic. Its so well written and presented.
      How wonderful that you picked the blackberries in Ireland.
      I would have loved to do that.

  14. Val,
    This apple pie looks incredible! Do you know that apple pie is my husband's favorite? Now, after seeing these pictures, I want to have a piece of pie. Oh my dear friend, we received your gift in the mail. The white linens were beautiful, and Nel will chereish them always. I will always remember them coming from Portugal and that they were sent from you with love. The rose scented packet we loved too. Thank you so much for remembering Nel on her special day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Hi Sheri,
      would have loved to have you both for tea. I am sure you would have loved the apple pie.
      I am so pleased that Nell's wedding was a success.. I know she will be happy

  15. Thank you for your kind words Val.
    Well, that looks delicious...
    I'm on a diet, 'cause I'm a little fat LOL...but I can't resist...and I'm going to sin (just one time...)

    I'm having a lot of work but I'll come as often as I can, Okay?
    BShell (Isabel)

    1. Obrigada Blue Shell,\
      Diet is not so good.. I just cut out lots of different foods and cut down on what i eat.
      wish you good luck. not a sin.. wish you could have joined me for some tea.

  16. Hello Val,
    I had forgotten Avoca had out this wonderful cook book, thanks for reminding me again!
    What can I say,' that pie' looks delish and wouldn't hang around in our home for too long....
    Am thinking of popping the Avoca cook book on my Christmas list, Awwww can I mention Xmas just yet!! hehe.
    wishing you a lovely Friday...
    love Maria x

  17. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for leaving your kind comments..
    Yes, indeed. someone in my family already is ordering the book for xmas..
    We dont have long to go.
    Happy Friday. Val

  18. The combination applas and blackberries ( plus the goodies you added Val ) sounds devine!
    It is worth a try. Thank you : )

  19. This looks so delicious, Val! A perfect Autumn pie to have with tea, celebrating the last fruit of the season. Sunday was always family day for us, too, when I was small. Nice big dinners at "grandmother's house" and long trips in the car. I hope you enjoy more recipes from your new cookbook. Take care and have a beautiful weekend.

  20. Your apple pie look so delicious, I'm so glad your first recipe from your book was such a success. I have never thought of adding plums in with the apples and blackberries.It sounds a nice addition.
    Sarah x

  21. Dearest Val - visited your website only now - we are a bit busy at the moment... however, this post makes my heart jump! You tried this recipe! Lovely! I must try it too! I am really glad that the AVOCA cookery book inspires you! Christa


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