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Friday, 28 September 2012

Green Friday 15 @ val's Alentejo

Hello dear blogging friends.  Yes, Its me, a casual day on the farm.     
Wishing you a happy Green day 15

                                                                lots of green with blue.  "A little Van Gough" touch.
                                                             Lots of green leaves on the pepper trees ..showing off their bright red pepper berries.
                                                           My olives are getting bigger.. The latest showers have been very welcome.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.    
Linking with Fiona @  Raindrops and daisies.. Green day 15.


  1. Hello Val:
    Such a really lovely photograph of you, Val, and dressed most appropriately for Green Day!!

    We had wondered about your header picture, and now we know. 300 years is quite amazing and to have it on your land quite something. It must feel rather like being a custodian of an historic monument, but in this case a living one.

    1. The tree is just on the border.. Its relatively young.
      Its illegal to uproot any olive tree here in Portugal.. they take regular air tipogrophy photos..they are very strict.
      Thanks for your kind comments Jane and Lance..

  2. What a lovely photo of you, Val! And how lucky you are to have so many beautiful green growing things on your property. Do you press the olives for oil? Do you marinate them and keep them in jars throughout the winter? They look delicious! Sending good wishes your way.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Haworth.

      I do not press my olives, they go to a co operative.. i then get my olive oil from them.. I do marinade some of the olives for guests.. I myself dont like olives..just imagine.

  3. Oh! and I meant to say that your painting is just beautiful! I love when you show them here. You're so talented!

  4. love your red hair and green outfit! :) beautiful painting, too!

    1. Well dear Teresa.
      I am a red head.. now days getting a little more grey..so a shampoo helps now and again.
      the outfit it my garden wear. pleased you like my painting.
      thanks for passing by.

  5. You're looking good, Val! I take it, it's very hot in Portugal, just like in Italy. I love your olives! The ones on my trees must have got as big as yours, though I can't see, not pick them! Never mind!

    We have a very old olive tree, too. Olive trees are so beautiful... if only they could talk, how many stories they would tell!




    1. It has been very very hot Anna .. but at the moment, our temp has dropped and we have had some welcomed rain. We are told it will be hot again next week.
      My olives are organic.. i dont spray them. They are looking good, but need more rain.
      They sure would tell a tale or two if they could Anna.

      muito abraços.. val..
      happy weekend. Feliz fim semana..

  6. Hi Val, love the photo's, especially the Olive tree, would love one in my yard,, might not grow in the deep south.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Hello Sylvia..
      No Olive trees do not grow in America. You do have other lovely trees there though.
      thank you.

  7. Dear Val,you look so cute!My olive trees will be ready the next month!I keep then in big jars!Lovely photos!Wish you a great weekend my friend!Thank you for your visit!!

    1. Yes Dimi,
      Its the same here. Our olives will be ready end october november.
      I have too many to keep them.. just keep a few.
      thanks for coming over

  8. Hi Val, I love your photos for Green Day, particularly the one of you and your painting. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Sarah x

  9. Thank you Sarah,
    I am looking forward to the weekend. Its been a busy week. Hope to get some painting done.!
    thanks for leaving your comments.

  10. Hi Val: You are looking very spiffy in your green..Happy Friday..Judy

  11. Hello Val
    Pleased to meet you, green really suits you with your colouring, My daughter has red hair and she loves green
    Happy Weekend
    Thea x

    1. Hello Thea,
      Pleased to meet you too. Yes, i wear a lot of green. Green suits red heads.

  12. Hello Val! You look very sweet and Irish with red hair and wearing the green! It must be sooo hot over there in Portugal these days. No doubt the same here very soon. The Van Gogh effect is a really beautiful painting, from a most talented artist! xxx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      thanks for your kind comments.. The photo was taken a few weeks ago. Its warm, but the real hot hot weather is cooling now.

  13. Hello Val, we also have many olive trees and we've made the oil. The plants are very nice and the oil is delicious, Hello and good weekend

  14. Hello Val

    I love the picture of you leaning on the jeep as if to say "let's go and explore".

    The olives and the thought of harvesting must be exciting. I was once in Italy during this time and loved the buzz and excitement around it.

    Your painting has great energy

    Wishing you a week of joy

    Helen xx

  15. Thank you Helen,
    You are always so kind with your comments. pleased you liked my painting
    Yes, harvesting time is a busy time ..
    happy weekend.

  16. Oh Val,
    I'm so glad I got to see my sweet friend!

    Love to you,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  17. Yes, that's me Sheri..
    On one of our lazy days of summer. My grandaughter took the picture

  18. Dear Val,
    Sorry I've missed your recent posts. I'm catching up now.
    So nice to actually see you Val! You're a redhead! You must have to watch your skin in that hot climate. Lovely photo of you taken by your granddaughter:)
    Your painting is lovely....very soft and relaxing colours.
    I love the peppercorn berries. That photo brings back memories of the country town where I grew up, in northern Victoria. The streets were lined with them. I don't think the berries were quite as red as those. Very hot climate there too!
    Thanks very much for your regular comments Val.
    Hope the week ahead goes well and the weather pleasant.

  19. Thank you Betty,
    We all fall behind. Its normal I think. Lots of things to do around the house both in and out.
    Yes, I am a red head. No, i dont worry about my skin. I have lived in the sun too long. I put cream on now and again, but i dont sunbathe.
    My pepper trees are really lovely, i am sorry now that i didnt plant some more.
    I might just do that. put some up my driveway.
    Its sunny today.

  20. Hello Val and how wonderful to 'see' you! It is nice to put a face to the name and this photo is a lovely casual, natural shot.

  21. Val, that 300 year old olive tree is amazing! Are they black olives? When I was 12 years old, for my birthday I asked for a can of black olives so I could eat them all myself!

  22. Dear Val! So nice to see you! Lovely Van Gogh and the pepper and olives are amazing! I hope you will show us how you make the oil! Christa


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