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Friday, 9 November 2012


                                   MOVIE NIGHT @   VAL's  PLACE
                                                                      FILM ROLL PLEASE!

                                                        PASSIONATE ROMANCE
                                        The Movie tonight   IS:_ WUTHERING HEIGHTS:

Emily wrote under the pseudonym - ELIS BELL
Women were not accepted in society as writers during her era.
She died of tuberculosis.

I was born about an hour from the moors. Many a time
 taking day trips out with my cousins and parents. My only sister, lives on the moors. When in England I stay with her.    I know this area well.  Its bleak ,windy , mysterious, and sometimes awfully cold.

  I first read Wuthering Heights when i was around 14.. It left an ever lasting impression on me.  I possibly have watched most of the versions of Wuthering Heights..  I have the film version with  Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche. Both played excellent parts in this version.
I can watch this film over and over. I introduced the book to all my children, at the same age that I had first read it.

Can love and hate be one! many times I have thought so! .. Vengeance and cruelty  madness and jelousy.
Could these feelings  be imprinted in our DNA- into our sub conscious minds at birth and be brought out through the sheer power of love or Passion or hate!  Are they intertwined!
Some of us might hold on to these ideas,. Sceptics may think differently.
One thing that I have learnt in my life time.. Love is ever powerful, so powerful that it can totally control us,take over our minds and souls.  Strange things can happen.!
Dreams  too can become real! ,Sometimes haunting and taunting us either way.
After all even today's reality can drive one mad!.
"Wuthering"  - A wild wild storm

                 "If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as
                    much as i do in a single day.-    HEATHCLIFF

"He 's more myself than I am .Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same."
- Emily Bronte. When I read more and more of this tragic romance.. You can understand that Emily is Heathcliff.

The Parsonage at Haworth , where it all began. The six children.  Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, Bronwell, Maria, Elisabeth
                        EMILY BRONTE
And the 'wuthering' blew and the window rattled he could hear her voice let me in.. its cold.
                                               Cathy's childlike voice was calling to Heathcliffe..

The voice was calling ,calling "You know its me Cathy"
Calling from her ghostly form at his window..of Wuthering heights.

The Earnshaw  and Linton families.

A layout of "Wuthering heights"

Thought to be one of the homes of the families based on the novel

Crags on the Moor's ..I climbed a few as a child

Wuthering Heights...  When you read it.. Strong powerful feelings remain.. This is a story about A struggle for one woman's love.  Of lives torn apart by Love ,hatred , vengeance and passion.

I am sure that most of you have read this great book!.  It always leaves me wanting to read more.

I am sending the invites early.  Popcorn and pop at the entrance.. or maybe a nice glass of red!
you choose.

I hope that you enjoy this post as much a I did writing it.   One can go on and on about the Bronte's..
Their books are true treasures.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.     Thank you for coming.


Linking with Marcia  @  Shop Around the Corner for movie night.


  1. Oh Val, what a PERFECT addition to our current feature. This is so beautiful. I love every single detail that you've shared about it. The movie and the book both are spellbinding. That scene you've shared here when Heathcliff has his face to Cathy's never gets old. The words he speaks to her during that scene...I always have to pause the movie to catch my breath. My husband gave me the movie many years ago as a gift and I refuse to part with it.
    I did not know you grew up in the moors. It must be even more special watching the movie.
    I think that what intertwines love and hate is passion, emotions run high. And when all those emotions calm down what you have left is GENUINE love.
    This was delightful and I am so glad you kicked back and watched with me. I have a few more movies lined up for the holidays, just not linking but love it when others play along.
    Thank you, my dear.

  2. I am so pleased that you liked my movie night here at Val's place..
    like you.. i am spellbound by this book and movie..
    Reading it again now.. i am totally enthralled..
    Poor poor Heathcliffe and Cathy..
    It doesn't matter if we dont link up. I will be reading your posts and If I can manage to do a movie night that will be fine..
    I liked your writeup too..
    I lived near the moors until I was 8..then went to Africa with my parents.. but i visited many times my sister, who lives at the edge of the West Riding moors..
    best wishes..
    happy weekend
    val xx

  3. Great post Val.

    I love that book but haven't seen the movie.

    Can you keep some popcorn for me please
    I like mine with lots of butter
    and instead of pop I will have wine!
    Thanks see you soon


    1. Lots of popcorn Fiona.
      pleased you liked the movie post
      I have always enjoyed this book.. I have seen the film many times.
      Wine is waiting.

  4. I don't mind the tickets being a little bit expensive: it's cold outside, I'm wearing my big black coat and I need to go somewhere warm, relax, have a glass of wine or two and sit back.

    The seat are comfortable (red velvet-padded, ever so lovely) and I love a bit of romance and passion, of course!

    But wait: do I hear Kate Bush? Here she comes:"Heathcliff... it's me, I'm Cathy, I'm home now... Oh..woo...oh...oh...oh... oh! Let
    me enter your window..oh..oh..oh... It's gets dark, it gets lonely on the other side of you..." and so on.

    Well, Val, if Heathcliff had been Sir Lawrence Olivier (original Wuthering Heights movie) I WOULD HAVE BEEN BANGING ON THAT WINDOW ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT!

    So, yes, Val, can I buy a ticket please? Come to think, Colin Firth would make a gorgeous Heathcliff, wouldn't he? And I... this is a good idea... I could be Cathy, but I certainly would not be screaming my head off outside the window. I would be inside!

    Jokes apart, Val... I have loved your post. I love the photos and I loved it when you said you used to walk on the Moors when you were little. So sweet!

    Yes, Val, I enjoyed reading your movie post, as much as you did writing it. Can we have more? I love going to the movies! What a fantastic idea!



    1. Dear sweet Anna..
      I too would swoon more if it was sir Lawrence Olivier.. i loved him in all his films..
      I definately think you would make a perfect match for Colin Firth.. he is gorgeous.. a little young for me!
      Yes, I was born in the north of England.
      Thank you for leaveaving you super comment.. good fun
      Seats are cosy and ready.. the fires lit..
      welcome ..
      xxxx val

  5. Dear Val - nothing better than a good old romance, especially taking place in the wilds of the British countryside, to set yourself up for a cosy evening beside a roaring fire with the curtains firmly drawn.
    I wonder how many adaptions have been made for film and TV over the years.
    I have read the book, seen the film and the TV serial, but will gladly join you for another viewing with some popcorn and a glass of red please.
    I have visited the Parsonage at Haworth and it is understandable why the location fired up their imaginations to write.

    1. I have just drawn the curtains.. the heating is on.. too lazy for a fire today.
      I have seen many adaptations of the film too..so many.
      That part of the world is dreary and dark.. I understand , why my parents left the area. for sunnier place .
      Red is waiting..Anna is joining and Fiona too..
      I am ashamed to say, that i was very close to Haworth some years ago.. but didnt visit the parsonage.. its difficult, when you are visiting.
      I have a very good friend in s.A who was born there.
      Thanks rosemary.
      happy weekend. val

  6. Oh I have enjoyed your movie post, What more could I want than romance, wine, popcorn and good company. I read all the Bronte books years ago, I must read them again and watch that wonderful film.
    Thank you so much Val.
    Sarah x

    1. I am pleased that you enjoyed my post Sarah,
      That makes for a good night.
      good company! popcorn and movie..
      thank you Sarah.

  7. Dear Val,
    Very uncanny this post is to me as we have just been listening to Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights, both my son and I...
    I wonder can you remember this song from the late seventies.
    We were discussing the movie also. strange but true.I have enjoyed your movie evening Val..Have a weekend full of kindness.
    Love Maria x

  8. How really uncanny. I was going to post Kate's music from u tube.. but decided not too.. yes I love her song about Wuthering Heights.
    I am sure that you have seen the movie.. its great..many versions.
    nothing beats the book though.
    Happy weekend to you Maria..
    val xx

  9. I don't know the book , the film but I would like to be there and maybe you could explain to me the story ! If it took part to English country side I am sure that I loved ! May be with a glass of wine and talking we could have a lovely evening !

    1. I would love to explain and read the story to you Olympia..
      The wine is waiting.. and we can have a good evening.
      big hugs

  10. What a lovely post Val - I absolutely loved it. Before I read all the comments I was humming, and still am, Kate Bush's version and was thinking that my all time favourite, the gorgeous Colin Firth would make a wonderful Heathcliff - I am melting at the very thought of it! I haven't actually read the book but have seen several versions of the film. It gives me goose pimples just thinking about it. Thankyou so much for evoking such feel good film memories. My daughter Emma and I always have a Christmas film night in and we spoke yesterday about watching two of our favourites - Love Actually with the gorgeous Colin Firth and The Holiday with Jude Law and Jack Black. Not quite in the classic genre but very good viewing all the same. A fair few glasses of wine, that's for sure!! Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. Am so pleased that you liked my post.
      I always have very mixed emotions when taling about this book or the film..
      Kate Bush, sings the music beautifully. Try and read the book Patricia..
      I dont know the two films, that you and Emma watch.. Whatever Colin Firth is in.. i love.
      thank you Patricia..

  11. I have read the book, but have not seen the movie - but you have twicked my interest. sandie

    1. Thank you Sandie,
      You will enjoy the movie. various versions have been made.. I like the one that I posted..

  12. Hi Val: This is becoming the kind of weather where I really love and enjoy sitting down to a movie like this. When it is dreary and cold outside, for some reason I feel the need to watch something of the same type of circumstance. Don't know why that is. I've, of course, seen the movie before and have read the book many years ago, but it never fails to delight me. I will be getting it from Netflix next week. Very interesting history. Thank you again for reminding me. The Captain and I every year sometime during the Christmas holidays watch, would you believe, Little Women. It's such a timeless story and each year we get a different version. I think my favorite is the newest from a few years ago with Winona Ryder as Jo and Susan Sarandon as Marmee. I just love the sets and the costumes and the old house decorated for Christmas..Happy Weekend..Judy

    1. The film will be ideal for a cold winters night during christmas..
      I too like Little Women ..i love to watch it..i dont have the film
      Thank you for leaving your kind comments Judy..

  13. Nice post! I like the pictures and quotes you've chosen!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Evi for leaving your comment..
      have a great week too.

  14. Love love love this post, Val. I have read most of the Bronte books, and written essays about them at Uni. Are you watching the latest film version? It has just come out here, and I am hoping to go soon. I always loved Laurence Olivier's version - Classic! One of my prized possessions is a large book called The World of the Brontes, with lots of pictures and information about the family. It was a prize for highest mark in English Literature. I love that you have been climbing on the moors - and a little bit jealous :) I re-read Wuthering Hts. last year, and it was as chillingly evocative as ever. Enjoy your movie night! xx

    1. Hello Patricia.
      thank you for you comments.. I too remember seeing Olivier when i was younger in the film.
      How lucky you are to have the book The world of Brontes. Its nice to pick them up and just read a page or two here and there.
      I was born not far from the moors Patricia.. a north country girl.

  15. I confess that I have never read Wuthering Heights, apart from Jane Eyre the Bronte books don't really appeal to me. I mean to visit Haworth one of these days, it isn't that far from here, maybe an hour and a half that's all. Somehow I never quite make it though.

  16. Dear Val, Have seen different versions of Wuthering Heights at least 20 times. For the long flights to Europe I always take Emilie Bronte with me. Have not seen your movie version. Would love to see it...must look for it.
    By the way, did you watercolor that charming tree with the lettering, Let me in it's cold outside?

    1. Hello Gina,
      Thank you for posting your comment
      I too have seen various versions.. but I must say I liked this one.
      I did to the water color tree ... just very very quickly.
      happy weekend Gina

  17. I have never seen Wuthering Heights, Val, but I am wondering if Nel has read the book. She is a book lover, and it sounds very interesting. I will keep it in mind.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Dear Sheri,
      You must read the book.. its a classic. Most of her writings are based on true facts..although its a fiction book.. Try get the film.. its so romantic.

  18. hello Val,

    1ST compliments for your olive farm, I See those 300 years old one so gorgeous
    2nd,I love romantic movie,I have never seen Wuthering Heights movie nor the books,what a pitty i am.

    no matter how love to pop in to your cinema. With a glass of red and popcorn,I'll enjoy it for sure ;) this evening.

    have a nice weekend Val
    C ya.

  19. Hallo Val!Wuthering Heights is my favourite movie!I love it!I have the book to!Lovely post my dear!And your pictures are so beautiful!Wish you a lovely week!

  20. Hello dear!

    Ihave read it but now that you are talking about it it is quite a long time ago... Maybe I should read it again! And I have actually never seen the film!!! After your wonderful post I might do it soon ;)


  21. Gosh, looks like I missed a good evening there, maybe next time! Suzy x

  22. A wonderful post Val. I have seen a few of the TV versions, but not read the book. When I have time, one day, I must read it.


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