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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

yesterday - today and tomorrow

For a couple of days now, we have had respite from the heavy rains.
 The ground off the paths is still soft and muddy.    Walking out yesterday morning with my new camera. (   My christmas present to me.)- I was so happy to see my dove family.They seem to be getting a little more used to me and don't fly off so quickly anymore.   They have a few babies that have flown the nest, they too have partners and all live around the garden. Sometimes I see 6 of them.  I think this is daddy perched on the fence pole! And mummy on the bottom fence.  They are always together. I see them just about every day.  I have shown photos of them before, with their little babies, but I thought these two shots I couldnt miss.  I have decided to call them Peter and Paula. don't know why! but I like the names! - he looks like a Peter. and she looks like a Paula- recalling to mind 
Two little dicky birds sitting on the wall!
one named Peter one named Paula):

The sun peeping through one of the olive trees.. i took this early this morning.  At last the sun has shown its face again. . It was a beautiful day.
PAULA. (I am not really sure which is which.. but the one I called Peter looks fatter.  Isnt that the sign of a male !
If you look closely you will see an Iberian  azure winged magpie.. Many around yesterday.
Very naughty they fly onto my patio and hop about all over.

Blue skies over the tree tops . An uplifting sight to see the skies so clear

It seems like an early spring! the tiny little yellow flowers are in abundance all over the fields. It looks like a yellow carpet.

Hidden again amongst the oleanders.. this magnificent red velvet rose,I have shown it many times. It just seems to bloom the whole year around. Just when I think there are no more blooms I find a hidden one.   I would love to know its name. It grows tall and the blooms and leaves are strong.

My rose bushes have lots of new buds.  I dead headed this morning and picked some roses for my table..They are looking so healthy.  My hard work is paying off.
Vase of varied colour sweet smelling roses I picked this morning

I was so pleased with how many blooms I was able to cut.  Roses fill my soul with bright thoughts and happiness.

                                                       November roses  to share with you all
 Returning  inside. I decided to set out my water colours paints brushes and pad and painted all day. The sun was bright and smiling.
Stopped for a cup of coffee

                                           I placed my table in front of the window . It gave me the light to paint with the morning  sun.  Finished now and ready for the next "masterpiece" !! putting my brushes down . I remembered a poem my daughter read to me once many years ago written by George Eliot "Mary Anne Evans"

 You love the roses-so do I.
 I wish the sky would rain down roses
 as they rain from off the shaken bush
 Why will it not?

Then all the valley would be
 pink and white and soft and
soft to tread on.

They would fall as light as a feather.
Smelling sweet ,and it would be like
sleeping and yet waking -all at once.

Ready to begin again tomorrow, I close tonight hoping that I  maybe paint  that perfect rose !
Good night dear blogging friends. Thank you for all your kind comments on my posts.

Wishing you all a very happy week.


  1. can't wait to see the finished painting! :)

    1. This little one is finished.. tomorrow i start another.. its my hobby..
      thank you Terese fo leaving your comment..

  2. Oh !A lovely walk around your home and inside !
    The roses are wonderful ! I am jealous for your cup of coffee , the roses and your working area !
    I am thinking that I was there with you ! Just simple ,lovely moments my dear friend !

    1. How I wish you were here with me to have a cup of coffee. I am pleased with my little working area. That is so on the dot.. just simple moments
      thank you dear Olympia.. am pleased you liked my post

  3. A lovely happy post Val,
    Doves,trees, and beautiful flowers, I love seeing your paintings
    Happy Tuesday
    Thea x

    1. Thank you Thea.
      Always nice to get your lovely comments.
      I do enjoy whiling the days away when in the mood.. just painting and especially enjoying the sun.xx

  4. Muito lindo tudo aqui!!! Amei a pomba, as rosas e as pinturas! parabéns! Grande abraço!


    1. Ola Maria Luiza.. muito obrigada para vossa comentario.. Eu estou muito feliz que gosto minha post... abraços.. val

  5. Oh I wish you lived in Australia Val, I would come and steal your rose paintings! This is a beautiful post - nature at its best, and I love doves. Once I raised a baby dove which had fallen from a nest; I fed it with a medicine dropper until it was big and strong, then I set it free, a magic experience. Your roses are fabulous, and a tribute to your green thumbs. And a beautiful poem to end - lovely :)

    1. Dear Patricia..
      How kind of you to leave such nice comments.. It makes me happy. I do love my roses , and try often to better myself.. i want to paint that one perfect rose..
      What a nice story about the baby dove.. i would never have thought that.
      How i would love to visit Australia again. I have such fond memories of my years I spent there.
      xxxx val

  6. Dear Val - congratulations are your new camera and what a big improvement in your lovely photos. The pictures are much sharper, you must be delighted. What camera did you buy?
    Things are changing on your blog, I notice that you now have blogs you visit on your sidebar with their images, I know this is something that you wanted to do.
    Beautiful roses Val, and perfect spot to paint. The painting looks lovely, do hope that you will show it when you have finished and it is hanging on your wall.

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary, your comments are so kind.
      I decided to buy myself a new one .. christmas present to val!
      Its very small. A Sony. 10x optical zoom
      HD movie 720p
      25mm wide angle lens
      16.5 pixels.
      Wow. I am learning. I am elated with it Rosemary.
      I never thought that I would get into photography or even start a blog.
      Now ..like you say things are changing. I am pretty proud of myself..
      I found out how to put my followers on my sidebar.."myself"
      I have this old antique wooden table , i have had it for years.. I asked Mr. M if i could have it from the big house.. and now i am using it to paint on.. makes such a difference..
      the oils i just need my easel and can still use the table.
      I am very shy about my water colours. I have one hanging in my apartment in the Algarve.. and once these are finished.. i will have them framed..
      I have so much to catch up on Rosemary.
      thank you..

  7. Hello, dear Val.
    Your beautiful doves are close to my heart as Mum used to have a pair of collard ones housing at her home, many years a go.
    I have a strong desire to paint with water colours Val, so can appreciate how much pleasure you find from this, just lovely!
    Roses too and the lovely poem, you have started my morning off wonderfully!
    Must be in work shortly...
    Happy Wednesday and thank you for kind words always...
    Love Maria x

    1. Hello Maria,
      I am so pleased you liked my post. Doves as such lovely peaceful birds. I am thinking of making a house for them.
      Wish you were near Maria.. we could paint together and practice our spanish!
      I too like the poem.. it always reminds me of my daughter.
      Have a good day at work..
      val xx

  8. Hello Val:
    Your tame doves are absolutely adorable. How lovely that they allow you to approach so close. Such beautiful birds and we love your names for them.

    Your hard work in the garden is clearly paying off with so many plants still blooming at this late stage of the year. The red Rose really has a velvet like quality, we can well see why you like it so very much.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance..
      I hope that the weather there in Budapest is not too cold yet!
      Its taken me around 9 years to get my garden going from just bare soil. I am pleased with myself. Of course I have Pedro my help that comes now and again to do the heavy work.
      I am thinking of making a dove house for my doves.. they are so lovely.. amazing how they let me get nearer.
      Thank you Jane and Lance, always nice to see you both.

  9. Val, your pictures are gorgeous. I think it's funny that you named your mourning doves. We had a pair nesting in one of our hanging flower baskets outside of our kitchen a couple of years ago and I named them June and Johnny (after June Carter and Johnny Cash). ;) They mate for life, you know. I love the sound they make. Have fun with them and with your Christmas present.
    Thank you for the beautiful November roses, and I love the pictures of your coffee and water colors. Says home to me.

  10. Dear Marcia,
    How uncanny is that.. I named the doves this week. Your names are great. I too love to hear their cooing.. ever so soothing.
    I am enjoying being at home a little more..and inside.. Its raining C and D here now.
    happy week
    val x

  11. The roses look great by the window and your painting of them is beautiful. The rain has been holding off here - no doubt now I've written that it will rain cats and dogs tonight.

    1. Thank you June for your kind comments
      Its still raining cats and dogs here.
      Your post of the park was very interesting

  12. val - if you wouldn't mind, please come back to my blog and comment on the giveaway to be entered. there was a problem with your original comment so i had to delete it as it was putting in a bunch of blank space on the page. but i want to keep you entered. :) thanks!

    1. Hello Tex.. I sent my comment again.. hope that you recieved it.!

  13. Hallo Val!I love this poem!Your pictures are fantastic!And that vase with the smelling roses,looks great!Enjoy your new camera,i do!!Wish you a lovely week!(Thank you for your visit).

    1. Thank you Dimi
      I am pleased you liked my post. My roses smell divine.

  14. What a lovely selection of photos, we have a deep red rose very similar to yours. :)

    1. thank you Lindy LouMac.
      That deep red rose is so very hardy. They are beautiful..how nice that you have one too.

  15. That was such a beautiful post with the doves and your bouquet of roses and your painting and rose poem, this the thing to brighten by a cold wet evening.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah,
      I am pleased that you liked this post. I was so happy with my roses.
      Its raining hard here now.. tomorrow i will see what damage has been done.

  16. Hi Val, I love that your painting table sets right in front of the window. You must spend many delightful hours there. Thank you for the lovely spring photos . . . I love spring. I am not a winter person, but at least being retired means that I don't have to drive to work on icy roads, anymore. Now when the weather is bad, I just stay home, and plan my outings around good road conditions :)

    Thank you for the lovely visit and for the compliments on my paintings.
    I do wish that you could pop in for tea . . . it would be delightful :)
    Have a great day,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Hello Connie.. Its Autumn here.. but it looks like spring
      Winter still has to come. I too dont like winter.
      Great now that you can stay at home.
      I am painting today..

  17. Your yellow fields are breathtaking! We would love to get a little bit of rain, but we are having a beautiful fall in Albuquerque anyway. Best to you!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline..
      I will send you some rain.. Its wonderful to go out in rain, after so long with the extreme heat.. same every year.
      best wishes


  18. Peter and Paola are two beautiful names! now here's the sun!

    1. Grazi Franc..
      Now I hope that i can recognise them.. but they usually stay in the same place.

  19. hiya val!
    I didn't know you have waterpaintings! how lovely! I loved peter and paula ,they are very sweet:) have a nice day ;)

    1. Thank you Gorkçe..
      Yes,, i have been painting for many years.. not water colours..thats recent..
      Its my preferred hobby amongst other things.
      Yess Peter and Paula are around.. ):

  20. Hi Val, I sent you an email with an update on Glitter and a Movie. Thought I'd leave you a comment in case you haven't checked your box.
    Have a great day.

    1. Thanks Marcia..
      I will be starting soon.. excited..
      another movie evening.):

  21. Good Morning Val. Your camera takes beautiful pictures. I'm glad you got to go outside when the rain stopped. We had beautiful weather yesterday but today it is very cold and snow is expected either tonight or tomorrow down to 2400 feet, so that means we might get some. But you can never be sure. That rose is so beautiful, I know you have mentioned it as your red velvet rose before and that certainly is what it looks like. How fun to be able to keep up with the little dove family. Thank you for my birthday wishes and the kind words to me. Keep painting, they are so pretty..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. Hello Judy,
      its 6.30pm here. Its gone dark now. There is a big time difference.
      We have had intermitent rain ...it rained most of last night and today.
      But its welcome.. The animals are happy and the new crops are growing
      Yes.. the red velvet rose amazes me.! I seem to always find one hidden away amongst the oleanders.
      Thank you for your kind comments..
      hope your day was a good one

  22. Val,
    A rainbow has shown for you through the bright sun. That is special, indeed. And the red rose made me smile today after doing the post about my niece. Thank you for the lovely comment, by the way. I'm so glad you bought yourself a new camera, how exciting! I just love mine, and it's so nice because we can see all the uniqueness around us and capture it with our cameras. I have a bloggy friend who takes her camera everywhere she goes. You paint with water colors? That sounds relaxing. I love the picture of your coffee cup. You are going to take wonderful pictures with your new camera, Val. I just know it, because you have an eye for beauty.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. What a lovely kind comment Sheri.. you are so sweet
      I am happy with my new camera.. and seem to want to learn more and more.
      I never had chance to do this when i had a family around.
      I paint with water colours a recent technique.. and have painted with oils for over 20 years..
      Water colors is very relaxing..
      thank you again Sheri.

  23. I enjoyed seeing all those wonderful things. sandie


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