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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Friday morning drizzle

I took these photos early yesterday morning.  Very light rain was falling. shoes on and still in PJ's!  I  couldn't resist taking these photos. Here the rain is starting to close in. Ever so different from our hot summer days.

                           I was getting a little wet by this time. The sky was low and dull. No sign of Mr. Sun
                                   If you look closely you can see that the entrance is wet and soggy. It rained the whole night and all day yesterday.    On the news this morning.. parts of Lisbon have had flash floods. At least our rain can drain away. It also fills my well.
                                   Shilah enjoying all the sweet new clover .. we are weening Rosie  her foal..She is up in the higher pasture. Poor Shiliah, was becoming rather thin and a little exhausted.
                         From time to time I throw some bread out of the kitchen window. Mainly for the little sparrows.  But now and again the big boys come along swooping down so very fast ..the poor little sparrows, dont stand a chance against this  'Iberian Azure blue Magpie'..when they arrive its in large numbers, and boy do they fly around fast.     I was lucky to take  these  photos from my kitchen window. By this time, I had come inside .  I was a little wet as you can imagine.
                        Here you can just make out Surprise.. She is keeping Shilah company..and we are weening her away from mummy Pascoa.
                                       A quick shot of a little sparrow.. he is determined to get some bread
                                     Although a very cheeky and territorial ..I think they are a beautiful bird. I was hoping he might turn his head.
                                               A favorite spot
                                                3 Roses blooming on branches with just a few leaves. I am loath to prune ..I still have roses blooming, although very woody now.
     Take a close look and you will see the rain drops dripping from the leaves.

  Its been a very wet week.   Also busy with getting christmas things around the cottage.. very simple decorations this year.

What is the weather like in your area.

Wishing you a happy Saturday



  1. lovely! that magpie is beautiful! good luck to your mares with weaning.

    1. Thank you Tex.
      This magpie only lives in Spain and Portugal.
      we do have the black and white one's also very naughty.!
      misspelled.. weening.. should be weaning..
      happy weekend

  2. I love your photos - the birds in the birdbath - the horses - and the vineyard!!! sandie

    1. Thank you for leaving your kind comments Sandie
      Its an olive grove!

  3. Lovely photos of your surroundings, Val. The blue magpie is very pretty - our magpies are simple black and white. The rain looks perfect for your gardens and grass - not violent and tropical like some of the storms we have had lately! Good luck to mother mares with the weaning. Happy weekend Val. xx

    1. I am so lucky living here Patricia.. The blue magpie is really a lovely bird..
      we also have the simple black and white.. but the blue only lives in Iberia.
      Hope your storms have not damaged too much.!

  4. Hello Val. thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. Hope you are well. Your photos are great and I love the birds. Your roses just keep hanging in there too. We've got a sunny morning here in Essex but have been warned we've got some exceptionally cold and icy conditions coming next week so watch this space. have a lovely weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. Hello Patricia.

      I am amazed at my roses.. the poor bushes are just sticks..but the roses keep blooming.
      I saw on the news, that you will get very very cold weather next week.
      Its cold here too, but not as cold as you get.
      will be watching out for your posts

  5. Dear Val - I love your Iberian azure blue Magpie, they are so different to ours.
    I think that you mentioned that you were desperate for some rain as the land was so parched.
    We have a beautiful morning, brilliant sunshine, but who knows in December what tomorrow will bring.

    1. Hello Rosemary,
      Thank you for your comments. We too have the normal black and white magpie..
      We also have in this region and through to Spain this blue azure Magpie.
      Birdwatchers come to see these beautiful birds.
      Yes we needed rain at the end of Summer. Its rained on and off heavily since then
      Today its a beautiful day and sun is shining bright.

  6. Hi Val: Things still look pretty in your parts even with the rains. Everything in my garden just looks drab and dead now. Looks like we will have sun today but still pretty cold. Had frost last night and fog in the valleys. Very bad for morning commutes. Thank you for you sweet words to me. Those were the days, weren't they? Not that much to worry about then for the young people. A lot different in today's times..Happy Weekend..Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      I am a little tardy with my replies.
      Our weather is bright and sunny, but cold.
      Sounds like you have the valley mist too!
      Yes, times change.. but we have such nice things to remember of when we were young

  7. Your roses are still look magnificent and although i am not keen on magpies yours are so much prettier than us. I hope the rain has eased today.
    Sarah x

    1. Hello Sarah,
      I think in the years gone by, I was pruning my roses too early.
      Our weather is not harsh. Its cold, but we do get many days of sun.
      Its been a lovely few days at the moment.

  8. Val,

    It all looks very beautiful and romantic, to me. I love the way you describe it!

    I love the birds in your garden... I love birds in general. When I was growing up we always had birds and I even had my own canary, which was born in our house. Birds are lovely to hold, soft, cute, fluffy and warm...

    Rosie is growing up and looking gorgeous!





    1. I am late with my replies Ana.
      Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments.
      I love canaries.. but i always feel that they are so very delicate.
      happy week Anna

  9. I love to hear the rain at night and of course, the garden loves it too. Great to see your photos around and about your home with horses and birds as well as those amazing roses.
    It's been very hot here. Yesterday top of around 38C, but pleasantly cool today.
    Hope you are enjoying a peaceful time as Christmas approaches.

    1. Thank you Betty,
      pleased you liked my photos.
      Wish i was there with some of that warm weather.. it sure is cold here.
      not long before Christmas time.

  10. Lovely bucolic scenes! Thanks so much for joining the new blog Val! I appreciate the suppport. Your new header is lovely too!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline..
      Your new blog is lovely. I always enjoy reading your blogs..
      You have so much to show and write such nice stories too.

  11. I never saw a Magpie up close, Val...they are beautiful! Tell me does it ever snow where you live?...:)JP

  12. I can't believe your still have roses in your garden Val!
    THe photos are beautiful, love the birds ( I love all birds really the fascinate me...)

    Enjoy natures changes and the beauty of your surroundings there is nothing better than this!

    ps. sorry it has taken me so long to write back I am on it soon ;)

    1. I am amazed at my roses too Demie,
      but looking at some of the gardens in the village.. I see they too still have their trees blooming. I think i was pruning too early.
      Thank you for your comments and leaving your msg.
      xx val

  13. Always a pleasure to read your lovely posts, Val and you always leave the kindest of comments dear friend. You have captured the magic of nature here with your photographs...
    And I guess if there wasn't any rain, we wouldn't have rainbows...
    Sending greetings for the season, love Maria x

  14. Hi Val, we are having rain now and I just decorated my porch so hope everything is not getting wet. Thank you so much for your lovely and kind thoughts to me. You always say the sweetest things and I appreciate you so much..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. Val...I can see how wet was..but your entrance road made me crazy;)
    I dream that kind of road..amazing.

    so beautiful country side! you are blessed truly

  16. We have had rain, too, Val, and it's been very mild. Not like Christmas at all! But I am not complaining... it means I can keep the heat off for a bit longer, and just light a fire at night or wear a heavy sweater to stay warm. Those birds are so lovely, and I love looking around the landscape near your home.


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