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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Getting started

A Nativity scene outside our local post office. Not much money this year, due to the economic crisis ..but it was so nice to see that they had made an effort.
I have been busy since Saturday.  My son and family arrived for the weekend from Lisbon .. You might remember, that i mentioned a week or so ago that I was going to Lisbon.  Manel , said to me.. "mum..stay there its cold" we are coming down to the farm and we will be together.
My D. in L.. was also getting ready.. she put one of the christmas trees up at their place.
I had lunch with them on Sunday.
Monday was shopping for the boxes again..  'found two'.
Today , I have been at home all day.   Easel was up early this morning and I have been painting all day.  Started a new canvas and nearly finished another one.  I have so much to catch up on.  Just before the sun went down .  I took this photo of a tiny red rose.  Its a very small bush, with lots of little red roses on it.  Its not stopped blooming all year.
A little bit of red to start of Christmas cheer.
Fire fire burning bright.  Keeps me warm all through the night.!    The dogs love being around the fire in their baskets, but only when i am sitting in the den. I often sit and just watch the flames and dream off into slumber land.!

                               Starting to get the decorations into place.  Here you can see the two boxes i found. They are not the size i wanted.. but I have use for them.
                                     My sideboard  has enough now.   Still some finishing touches.   The usual christmas decisions of where to put what.!
                           Within  20 min of taking the photos.. of the red rose .. I nipped out and took this evenings sunset.
                           Another day coming to a close. The dark blue sky heavy with the evening mist arriving.              
                       The Holy Family at  my entrance to welcome you all.   Its made from 'marbalite' a marble composition.  I painted it myself some 12 years ago.

To all of you who have left your kind comments on my posts.. Thank you.
I apologize for delay's in replying.  

Is December passing quickly for you! Have you much to do.

Happy wednesday.


  1. i like that simple neon nativity scene. very pretty.

    and i like your fireplace/stove! looks really warm and inviting!

    1. Thanks Tex.
      The Nativity scene..is just lit up with a candle in front of it. My decorations are very simple.
      I love candles around during this time of the year.
      My wood burner is good company.. will be filling my box again with wood tomorrow
      happy wed.
      val x

  2. That's a lovely scene outside your post office. Glad you had a nice weekend with your family. I like your simple Christmas decorations.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      I like to keep most things simple.
      At least i try my best.

  3. A sweet Christmas post, Val, very evocative of the season. Your hand-painted nativity is beautiful, especially with the candle and I like the neon one too. I was teaching my grandson about the Holy Family with my nativity figures the other day. Red roses are also perfect for Christmas, how lovely to have a whole bush blooming with them! Keep warm by the fire. Patricia xx

    1. I am not sure about neon. I have no neon nativity.. its just candles Patricia.
      I had the lights off when i took the photos.
      My red rose bush, has bloomed the whole year..
      thanks for your kind comments.

  4. You painted the Nativity, Val?!! You did a great job...it look gorgeous in the photo!...:)JP

    1. Hello JP.
      Yes. I painted the Nativity. I have been painting for over 20 or so years now.
      thank you for your kind comments on it.

  5. One of my favorite things of all to put out is the Nativity Scenes. Very pretty. sandie

    1. Thank you Sandie,
      The nativity is what christmas is all about..
      The birth of our lord Jesus christ.

  6. Yes, Val! Lots to do! I am working all week extra hours - my christmas planning went down the drain and I'll have to catch up on the weekend. I hope next week it'll be easier. At least there is work... Like your decoration especially the last photo is lovely. I'll do the chicken on Saturday as you recommended! Well, rushing to the office now! Have a lovely day and have fun in whatever you do! Christa

    1. Dear Christa,
      wishing you a good week.
      Relax a little,if there is time over the weekend
      thanks for passing by

  7. Some lovely cosy pictures of your decorations - I haven't started on mine yet - if I don't hurry Christmas will be over before I have done anything.

  8. Hello elaine,
    There is always time. I dont put too many things up. This year no tree.
    I have kept it all simple.
    Its a time for family and happiness.. you will get there
    thank you for coming over and leaving your comments.

  9. Hello Valerie

    You have a way of making a house feel like home. You wood burning stove looks delightful and cozy and the dogs are wise.
    We have been inundated with company, which is great. I am nursing a cold and decorating must wait.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

    1. Dear Helen,
      thank you for your kind comments..
      It all starts this weekend. I have guests tomorrow.
      I do hope that your cold gets a little better.
      Health comes first

  10. Hi Val What a beautiful sign your little red rose bush is at this special time of year. We are busy preparing for 50 guests on the weekend. Needless to say I am praying for sunshine. Stay warm on your side of the worldxxxxx Kind Regards Shell - A Darlings Nest.

    1. Thank you Shell.
      I am amazed at the red rose bush..it just blooms and blooms.
      Wow.. you are going to be very busy this weekend.
      I have a few guests tomorrow night.
      hope the weather stays well

  11. Dear Val, A lovely Christmas post full of activity and beauty. Would love to see a close up or detail of your hand painted Nativity Scene, it looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you Gina for your kind comments.
      I will make another post before xmas..
      i will take a close up of the holy family.x

  12. Hallo Val!Very pretty scenes!!!Lovely Christmas decorations Val! Glad you had a nice weekend with your family.Wishing you a worm weekend!

    1. A happy weekend to you too Dimi.
      Hope your computer is now working.
      thank you for coming over my way.

  13. Hello Val,

    Has been along we haven't catch up each other. I have no idea why I couldn't receive your updated post on my blog..weird. I 've lost many of your updated post, sorry for it.
    by the way..I am so happy that you entered for my give away..
    very very happy..;)
    I love your marble 'Sacra Famiglia'
    love those simply decorations..
    have a nice December Val
    hugs to you

    1. Bon jiourno Ayu.
      I do hope that you will be able to see my posts now.
      Gracie ..
      have a wonderful december too.

  14. Val,
    Your house looks so warm and cozy, and I love the Holy family at the entrance. Your fireplace is very nice. It's so sweet that your dogs love to be around the fireplace when you are sitting in the next room. They must feel protected and loved. I am always happy to see pictures of your roses, especially the red roses - can't believe they are still blooming. My neighbor's roses are still blooming too, and she has every color you can think of. It's always a pleasure to come over and visit with you, Val.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Hi Sheri,
      Its all cosy and warm now. Its raining today.
      the dogs are cuddling up.
      Busy week ahead.
      you must try take a photo of your neighbours roses for next year and make a post.
      we both love roses!
      thank you always for coming over and leaving your kind comments.

  15. Candle light, firelight and the light from the setting sun - all so very beautiful in your part of the world.

    1. Thank you Pondside.
      Its time to make the house cosy during this yultide season.
      happy week x

  16. Hi Val,
    Loving so much all your Christmas deccos and the lovely banner. I can feel the heat from your wonderful wood burner, so cosy. Thanks for coming along on my trip to Scotland. It's great to see you every day!
    Keep warm!

  17. Lovely decoration my friend ! I feel as I am cold the warm of your heating machine ! Your entrance decor is wonderful !

  18. Hi Val,

    I am so glad to read your lovely post.

    I love your fire and the red rose
    the candles and the beautiful crib.

    Have a wonderful time with your family
    sharing lots of laughter and love

    x Fiona

  19. Dear Val,
    Thank you for taking us into the warmth of your home. It almost feels as if I am there. So cosy with the warm glow of the fire and sweet decorations. Thank you for welcoming me in.
    December is passing quickly for me, but this year I have decided not to stress and taking one day at a time.
    Take care Val and enjoy your dear family.

  20. Your preparations for Christmas are so lovely, Val! I especially love the beautiful Holy Family sculpture, and your wonderful fireplace. I have been lighting fires inside, too, not wanting to turn the heat on quite yet! I hope these days leading up to Christmas are lovely for you.


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