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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A new path

Family friend Peter.. Master retired builder.  Is here passing through on his way to the Algarve. I posted a blog about his arrival in his caravan.   
 He likes to leave the cold of England and travel around europe during winter.  He was last here over 4 years ago.
Last week, we were walking around the garden, and I mentioned to him, that i would like a path leading from the entrance gate to Olive cottage.   Ok, he said.. I will start monday. You can imagine my delight.!  Not to mention how happy Peter was, to get his shirt off and enjoy some of the sunshine we were having up until the weeknd.  He really is in his element and enjoying himself at the same time.

                              clearing the soil.. its progressing.
                                 moving along

                                more advancement.
                       We decided to use some of these stone cobbles..that I have had at the back of my garden for a while.. my D.in L  didnt want them.. and with the path in mind, they have been there for about 4 years.  Now some of them will be put to use.. I am leaving it all to Peter. And am so looking forward to showing you more updates on my new path.
                                   The sun has left us..and its overcast and miserable.. but Peter thinks it's wonderful weather.   My neighbours sheep.
                                    This Almond tree has died, along with another 4.. so it looks like a visit to the nursery later ..begining of March ...to replace them.. I was thinking of Bottle brush treees.. they are green the whole year around and have the nice red bloom.

My arm's are feeling better.  Thank you for all your kind comments.
Getting back to normal.

wishing you a happy Wednesday



  1. Lucky you having Peter around! Only just found out about your arms and am so glad they're feeling better! Suzy x

    1. Thank you Suzy..
      Only today, really are my arms a little better.. the tetanus really got to me.

  2. Hello Val:
    What serendipity for you that Peter arrived on time for making the path!! The old cobbles look wonderful and we are sure that they will look most attractive when laid.

    Glad to hear that your arm is improving!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance.
      Yes indeed.. I didnt think that i would be going to get a new path for some time.
      working out just fine.
      thank you for your comments
      am on the mend

  3. How lovely Val that your visitor has been able to help you out in the garden. He seems to be enjoying it, especially in that sunny climate. Look forward to seeing it completed. Enjoy your Wednesday.
    Patricia x

    1. Peter is a very old family friend. He went to school with my brother in law and they have been friends ever since.
      He is 74 and long retired. But enjoys to do a little around the place..keeps him occupied and he really enjoys it.

  4. Hello Val!

    Your friend certainly knows how to live! What a good idea leaving England in Winter, to travel round Europe.

    I actually love a cold Northern Winter... I love frost, snow, rain. I love it when the webs are covered in millions of tiny dew drops, or frost, which make them look like wonderful pearl necklaces.

    All the years I lived in Italy, I never really saw snow or frost. Our Winters are very mild and sunny. I remember my first Winter in England. One day the sky went really gray and, silly me, I expected it to be blue the next day... but... no... solid gray for months!

    I embraced this country, bad weather and all, and the people embraced me. I love English people! They are very friendly, have an innate sense of humor and... just you think, Val... if Britain had been a sunny place, so much literature wouldn't have been written and Alfred Hitchcock would have probably just written sit com.

    But I actually still think your friend is doing the smart thing: he's enjoying life! And... he's making a lovely path for you! Isn't that just fantastic?




  5. Dearest Anna.
    Thank you for your comment.
    We are from the other side of the spectrum.
    I am not at all fond of cold weather. having been brought up in Africa at a young age and in sunny climates.
    Our dear friend Peter is English through and through.. but he as he is now 74, he wants to get in a little more travelling before he cant travel any more.
    He travels to America once a year, where his son lives in Virginia.
    to Australia where his grandson and son live..
    A very active person.

    Our weather here at the moment is rainy ,overcast and grey..and for me Anna this is very depressing. I love my pool open and warm sunny days.

    Buona noite..
    boa noite..
    val x x x x

  6. How lucky to have such a nice friend! I wish I was wondering around wearing a T-shirt. If feels so bitter here today!
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah,
      Peter's theory is- keep yourself occupied ..eat well and healthy..no stress and live day by day. At 74 he is doing fine.
      He thinks the weather is just fine in Portugal.

  7. that's awesome! he gets to be productive and outside, and you get some work done! :)

    1. Thanks Tex.
      Indeed it is.. an extra bonus for me. He loves to be active and I get a new path.):

  8. Good for Peter getting your path made. It is lovely when something unexpected happens, it just feels like an extra little bonus. Forever that will be Peter's path, he has left his mark in Portugal.

    1. Thank you Rosemary,
      He really wanted to do it. I felt a little bad after mentioning it.. but he loves to keep busy and indeed its great when the unexpected happens.
      Its actually nice to have some company around.

  9. How great to have friends like Peter! You must show us the path once completed. How I wish it was T-shirt weather here! It's very cold and promising more snow towards the end of the week.

    1. Hi June,
      Its always great to have a good friend around. Peter has been in our family since I was a little girl..
      Its wet and rainy here..we will have to see how the day goes.

  10. What a great friend is Peter! A cobble stone path will look lovely and fit well into your environment. I'm so glad your arms are ok now, dear Val. xxx

    1. Thank you Patricia..
      I think Pete has a nice design in mind.

  11. Now that's a wonderful guest! I look forward to seeing your path - I love paths in a garden and we have quite a few here at Pondside.

    1. Thank you Pondside,
      I have a couple of paths.. but now a different one.. I will be able to decorate around it, with flowers .
      It will make a big difference.

  12. I see that your lovely friend Peter wanted to make you happy !He knows the job and he will makes a wonderful path . I wait to see when it will be finished .It is so nice to have good friends !

    1. Thank you Olympia.
      Peter is very happy .. He is enjoying his time here.
      looking forward to the path being finished.

  13. Hallo Val!You're so lucky having such a nice friend!!And Peter made the the path very nice!I hope you're feeling better now with your arms!Thank you for your sweet comment!Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. Hello Dimi,
      Yes..i am lucky that Pete offered to do the path. I have all that he needs in the outshed.
      I am feeling better ..

  14. What a great gesture from your friend, one that you will be able to enjoy and think of him as you stroll down the path. Wishing you all the best for 2013 and thankyou for your recent comment on News From Italy which is much appreciated.

  15. Dear Val, what a wonderful friend your Peter is. I don't see why he can't spend the winters with you...where it is so much warmer than England. His newly built path looks very proffessional and I love the idea of using cobblestones. ox, Gina

  16. How nice that Peter offered to make your path. I look forward to seeing it when it's finished. I'm glad you're feeling better and that you're having such lovely weather.


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