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Monday, 14 January 2013


Dear friends.  The saying goes " don't mention or say anything until its happened" This is the case with me this weekend.
 On Friday last. I went for flu jab and also to update tetanus injection.  
The tetanus is necessary, especially living here in a farm area.   The flu jab I haven't had in about 3 years. But I was told by my nurse, that this flu that is hitting us now is really a bad one.!  I am sure you all know and have read about it.  So My turn was Friday.  
I felt fine Friday and Saturday.. my bag packed ready to go to Lisbon yesterday.. I woke in the morning with swollen arm's.. and feeling under the weather.  Hence dear friends.. I am still at home. 
Of course the children understood and told me to rest.  So I did not go to Lisbon yesterday.
My left arm where i had the Tetanus still hurts a little.

I want to thank all who left comments on on my last blog .. on the Engagement of Miguel and Sasha.. They are both here until next weekend. So hopefully in a couple of days I might feel better to go to Lisbon.   

We are an easy going family... the dinner was just for us only.. My eldest son calmed me and said dont worry mum..
Manel my eldest ensured me that Miguel is very happy..  Then Miguel phoned and said..dont stress mum.. we will see each other before I go to L.A.

Have a good day everyone..
Dont worry about commenting on this one.. I am upright and well):
will post soon.



  1. I hope that you will as soon as possible well to see and enjoy with all your children . They love you so much !

    1. DEar Olympia..
      The children dont mind.. It was great to know that they enjoyed themselves.
      what a thing.. we never know what the next day will bring.

  2. Do hope you feel better soon Val- what bad timing for your flu jab to cause a reaction. Looked at your previous post - what a beautiful couple Miguel and Sasha are. I hope they will be very happy together.

    1. In hindesight Rownan,
      I think I should have had the jabs this week.. but i thought i would be ok.
      getting better .
      thanks for your kind words.. We are all happy for Miguel

  3. As if we wouldn't comment! :) You have such a loving family Val and very caring. Hope your arm calms down. I've just got over this flu and boy does it drag you down and now wish I'd had the jab!
    Patricia x

    1. Sweet Patricia.
      I was embarassed to write this post. I mean.." is it murphey's law or what"!
      I know that you have just gotten over a bad bout of this awful flu.. so best that its over with now..always see them another time. x

  4. These things happen and become part of family lore - 'remember the time Mum couldn't come to the dinner because of her jab' - layers and layers of family lore, and this will just add to the mix.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    1. Dear Pondside.
      You have described this whole happening perfectly..
      Over their meal and glasses of wine..I was told this morning that they were toasting to mum.. would love to have been a fly on the wall ):
      Oh..for sure.. "do you remember"
      thanks for leaving this comment, its great.

  5. terribly sorry you had a reaction! something that should help ends up hurting...

  6. Thanks Tex.
    Its Ironical isn't it..
    a little better today.

  7. I was so disappointed for you Val that you should miss the celebration meal, but your time will come later in the week - these things are sent to try us. It is very unfortunate that you had a bad reaction to the jab, but glad you are now on the mend.

  8. Hello Val

    I am happy to hear you are well and up and about. What a strange thing to happen. Twas not meant to be

    Have a great week


  9. Val,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. I just got over a bad flu bug myself that lasted only about three days. Yes, it's going around so bundle up and take care of yourself. Hugs to you, sweet friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. What a shame after you were looking so forward to your family celebrations. Hope you will catch up with Miguel and Sasha.
    Sarah x

  11. I got the flu shot and later the flu - but it was much easier on me then if I hadn't - good luck.

  12. How sad that you had that reaction, Val. But I hope you got to see them eventually. It was still a good idea to get the shot.... the flu is very dangerous this year!


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