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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Family get together.

A few sunny days this week, but mostly low clouds , lots of mist and rain.
This last week however, was a full week. With family friend Peter's arrival . A couple of luncheons with friends. All in all, a good week . I was able to catch up with my friends updates after the christmas season.  At times everything comes all at once. These next couple of months will be busy ones for me.

Tomorrow, I am off on the afternoon train to Lisbon.  Miguel has organised  an intimate family dinner to celebrate his engagement to  Sasha, the newest member of our family.   Daughter Nina arrives from Lucern  around midday.. 
Its always a happy occasion to be with my children. This time a special one.  


Sasha's ring.

                     Sasha's ring was designed by Van Leles Diamonds of Belgravia London.
 I cant wait to see it.   Miguel proposed on New Year's eve in Thailand.  They arrived in Lisbon this afternoon. Miguel has  a brief week of consulting at his clinic  and then back to L.A, where they are starting their new life together.
I have lit a candle each day since then.. and hope that their flame and love for each other last an eternity. 

Will see you all sometime soon.
Wishing you all a wonderful week..



  1. so very, very sweet. i know you are looking forward to toasting to them! safe travels!

    1. Thanks Tex.
      I am looking so forward to seeing them both and downing a few glasses of champs..

  2. Dear Val - all the family excitement from Christmas continues in your family. Congratulations to Sasha and Miguel on their engagement. They make a very attractive couple. I do not think that I realised that you had a son living in LA. Have a wonderful celebration with the family.

    1. Hello Dear Rosemary,
      Yes, it seems to be continuing .. its been non stop since christmas.
      Thank you for your kind comments for Miguel and Sasha.
      Miguel lives between Lisbon and L.A.. but more of the time is in L.a.

  3. You have been busy, Val!
    Beautiful ring and happy couple.
    Enjoy your special family dinner. A wonderful time for you all.

  4. Thank you Betty.
    Cant wait to see my son and Sasha.
    Its busy times around here.

  5. This delightful post makes me smile. The young couple look so beautiful together, and the ring is gorgeous. I know you will enjoy very much the trip to Lisbon and the celebrations. Have a great time! Love from Aus. xx

  6. Hi Val: You are going to have a busy time coming up. What a beautiful couple. The ring is beautiful too..Happy, happy, Saturday..Judy

  7. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating in Lisbon Val. My congratulations to Miguel and Sasha. Enjoy your family time. The ring looks very pretty.
    Patricia x

  8. Dear Val,Congratulations to Sasha and Miguel on their engagement!Beautiful ring and happy couple!!Have a wonderful celebration with the family!

  9. Dear Val,

    What a wonderful mother you are! Like me, you love getting people together... is there anything better than that?

    You have some very happy events to look forward to. I would like to wish you and your family all the happiness you deserve.

    The engagement is certainly a happy event. Will there be a wedding soon?




  10. Hello Val:
    What an absolutely joyous post this is!! What excitement lies ahead for you as your son embarks on this important stage of his life. Miguel and Sasha look to be a wonderful couple and we think it is such a nice idea to light candles for them in wishing them many happy years ahead together. We join you in sending them our very best wishes and much happiness together.

  11. Hi Val,
    I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your sons engagement. Having recently been to my nephews wedding it is always lovely to see the start of a wonderful partnership.
    Sarah x

  12. What a beautiful young couple! I wish them every happiness! It sounds like your family is in for some lovely celebrations in the coming year.

  13. They are a lovely couple ! Congratulations to them and all the happiness of the world !Family moments full of love ,joy and happiness. You are a happy mother !

  14. I hope you had a wonderful time, Val. They look very happy!


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