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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A little rosey around the garden!

This winter has been a very long and strange winter.  Not just for us here in Portugal, but for many countries around the world.   Here we haven't known as much rain in over 30 years.. I was practically daily rain from the mid January.    
                           Finally , Spring has arrived.  The problem with us here in Iberia..Portugal and Spain, is that it can be raining and cold , and then just within a couple of days we have temps from having been 8 or 9 jumping to 20.       After my morning tea. I took a stroll around my very much overgrown garden.  Due to so much rain, we have been held back.     I took a photo of this little pink rose on my last post.. it was just opening. They are still not in their full state of blooming, but I was thrilled to find a couple already opened and so many buds on the bushes.
                                   Anoher different pink.  The grasshoppers are already about them and i must spray them tomorrow.
                                    The grass is so overgrown and high.  Its green all around. Its ready for trimming now.
                           Many of you will remember 'Surprise' ..she is the little horse on the right of the photo. She is very naughty .  We have had to keep her away from her mother ' Pascoa', as she wants to drink milk all the time.   This is the first time we have put them together here in my pastures.  She is making such a racket. Finally, Pascoa doesnt want her to drink.  Surprise is like a child..she runs off neighing and kicking because she cant drink. Its so funny to watch them.
                                       Rejection from mummy.  She has to learn.. but she is a lovely horse.
                                  The hose pipe came out of its fixture.. so will have to sort that later. Here 'Shiliah' the white horse , she has a few grey spots.. Pascoa, and Surprise.
                            A    little bit of blue.   My Dutch irisis , have given three blooms this year.
       Lots of buds on my rose bushes.   They have had lots of food.   I cant wait for them all to bloom.

Wishing all my dear blogging friends   a lovely  'Rosey'  Sunday, and hope that spring has arrived for you.

Thank you for all your support through my blogging hitches.   If you are not getting my posts on your readers list..  I suggest that you log in again as a member.. it might just work..
Happy spring days



  1. Dear Val - I am so pleased to be able to tell you that this latest post appeared, as intended, on my right sidebar - hopefully your blogger problems are resolved.
    Glad you have now had some sunshine and your roses are responding by showing themselves in all their glory. Sunshine, roses, and blogger behaving - things are definitely looking up.

  2. your place is beautiful! love the horses. weaning seems so traumatic for the little ones. :) in this case, she's not so little.

  3. Thank you Rosemary,, I think the update worked.
    We have had a beautiful spring day... warm and bright.

  4. Yes you're back! on my sidebar that is. Hope everything all sorted now Val. your garden is looking lovely and those roses are gorgeous. Doesn't the sun make a difference. Have a good week.
    Patricia x

  5. Love the horses and the flowers! Spring is arriving here too, luckily. Groetjes, Gerda

  6. What great pictures of your surroundings, Val. Love your horses and flowers. I hope your rains have ended by now and that you'll have tons of sunshine to make your flowers grow.

  7. Your roses, as always, are just so beautiful Val. Cheeky little Surprise, so funny (I had a few offspring who behaved something like that!). I am going to re-Follow you (is there such a word) and hope your blog comes back where it belongs! xx

  8. Your roses, as always, are just so beautiful Val. Cheeky little Surprise, so funny (I had a few offspring who behaved something like that!). I am going to re-Follow you (is there such a word) and hope your blog comes back where it belongs! xx

  9. Yay! it worked! sometimes the solution is so simple, I just didn't think of it!!

  10. It certainly does look like spring has arrived. Does spraying the grasshopper help? Some years I have the same problem....they can eat everything in site!

  11. Hi Val: Guess what, my message to you via your g-mail account evidently went through. Let me know if you got it. I thanked you for your kind comments to me on it, and if, in fact, I finally made it work, now I can just take up space on your blog to tell how much I am loving it. Your roses are coming along nicely and won't there be a sweet smell in the air when you cut all your grass?. That little Surprise, what a naughty little child. I can just see her stamping her feet and saying, no, no, no..Happy Monday..Judy

  12. Hello lovely, Val...LOVE your rosey pictures....~ And it is wonderful to see the horse's gazing in the wonderful sunshine...most especially 'surprise'....as cheeky as he is! hehe...I have followed you again, Val.so I do hope I update with your posts.....It is always lovely to feel the warm welcome over here on your blog....with kindest thoughts....Maria x

  13. Lovely to see the horses and the rose. Glad to say that you are now appearing again in my reader list by following your suggestion of re following you!
    Sarah x

  14. Roses in April, how lovely,Val, and they are such gorgeous ones too. I'm glad to see you now have blue skies instead of cloud and rain. No wonder your grass is so long. I'm not really a horsey person, but your horses are beautiful.

    Glad the Blogger glitches have sorted themselves out at last.

  15. Dear Val, I have the same problem as you had but although followers signed in and out I did not reappear on their lists:(
    Love the photos of the horses - they are so beautiful.

  16. Beautiful roses. So lovely to see the horses... though that young one still seemed to need her mother's milk - even though her mother felt differently.
    Swiss has arrived in Switzerland and it's even rather hot!

  17. Hi Val

    I am having serious Rose envy. On his side of the world our roses are all but done for the season. Enjoyxx

  18. Val,
    Your rose bushes are starting to bloom!! I love the color, it's so pretty. I remember 'Surprise.' That is too bad that she and mother have to be apart. I can't imagine being away from my kids. I enjoy seeing your horses, Val. They are so beautiful to me. Every time I see your place, I want to move to the country.


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