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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

blogging spam.

Thank you to my dear friends that left comments on my last post.

It seems that some of you are not getting my reader update when i post ..!   I dont know what to do about this, as it appears on other friends blog  list.

I turned back on the word verification ..but today i will turn it off.
If any of you have time to see my latest comment..   Anonymous ..no way to get back to them.
I have had a few of these coming through.. and its really annoying.

Have any of you had this same experience.   Is it because i dont have word verification active.!!
Any help would be appreciated.

I am loosing heart with blogging at the moment.  It was all running so smoothly.

I have spent so much time trying to get answers from blogger , but cant get the answer i need.



  1. Oh, Val....it is so frustrating to work with Blogger Help. I am receiving your blog post and it shows up on my blog list each time you post. Don't give up...I do so enjoy reading your words and viewing your photos. On another note, I wanted you to know my rose patterned china was made in Portugal, as was my white matelassé coverlet for my bed. I've had both for many years.

  2. i hope switching to registered users including open i.d. will help!

    another blogger friend of mine is having trouble with his feed getting updated, too. he has refreshed his feed and everything, but the folks who aren't getting it, can't see his post about it either.

  3. My dear Val, I thought you had gone away for the holidays! Yes, I am not getting your posts, but now I know, I will check every day!

    I am sorry you are experiencing problems. Were you also getting SPAM comments? How awful, Val!

    I enjoy communicating with you and I love it when you open a window over your life in Portugal!

    I can see I have missed several posts. I will look at them now!



  4. Hello Val, It can be so frustrating! I am definitely still receiving your updated posts, although I haven't had much opportunity to comment lately, so some things are working for you.

  5. Poor Val, it's such a nuisance when you get problems like this and can't seem to solve them. Back in February I did a post about spam and how best to deal with it and you might find it helpful to read it:


    If you would like more help away from your blog, you're very welcome to contact me via my profile where you'll see an email link.

    I agree that the Blogger Help Forum in its new format isn't very user-friendly and tends to be swamped by large numbers of queries about the same few problems.

  6. Hi Val. Isn't it frustrating when you can't get answers. I always get your posts and your comments. I was getting 'anonymous' comments for awhile. Some were OK although they are always trying to sell something, but one was of a pornographic nature so after that I took the anonymous setting off. Just go to your settings and you will see it there. It doesn't matter whether you have word verification on or not, as long as you allow anonymous you will keep getting them. I don't have word verification on as someone told me early on that some wouldn't comment if they had to go through that, so I took it off right at the beginning. I hope this answers some of your questions. I'll try to help if I can, but you know I'm not very savvy with computerese. Thanks for your sweet comments to me as always you are so kind. The only problem I have with your blog is that I cannot get through to you on your e-mail address, it always comes back to me undeliverable..Please don't give up. I love hearing from you..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Oh don't lose heart Val. I know it's a pain and I am not the most patient of people but I'm sure this will get sorted. I do get very irritated myself with some of the silly things that Blogger does sometimes. Speak soon.
    Patricia x

  8. Dear Val, I have the same problem too. It has happened to me before and it took many months to get right. I sent many e-mails to Google. I don't know if that was why it started to work again. This time I have sent two e-mails but the problem, persists. Please do not loose heart. I know how you feel as I'm experiencing the same!

  9. Dear Val, love your new header. I still receive your posts. I can understand it's sometimes frustrating. Groetjes, Gerda

  10. Dear Val - if you switch to 'registered users only' it seems to eliminate the spam - not totally one or two will get through but if you click them as spam on blogger then blogger will remember.
    Sorry the problem is not resolved. It has happened to me twice and I know how annoying it can be.
    I am still not receiving your updates although it appears some of your followers are - very frustrating.

  11. Dear Val,please visit this post,
    http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.gr/2013/02/how-i-managed-spam-comments-so-far.html#comment-form,it will be a big help for you as it was for me,with the spams comments!I do'nt have any more spams!!I hope i helped you!Have a lovely day!

  12. Hi Val I wasn't receiving any up dated posts...But Sarah (By the sea) a~ lighted us too this and here I am....Thought you must be on your holidays...I hope you get sorted soon...I am a none starter with the techno stuff...And most of the time I shout out LOUDLY! for the younger folks in the house to help! ~ With kind thoughts...Maria x

  13. The problem I have had is that it wont let me be a follower so I can only get your blog when you leave a comment on mine. I have my blog on comment moderation because I have so much spam.

  14. Oh dear, Val, I wondered where you had gone! I saw a remark on Perpetua's blog so went looking for you. And what a surprise a string of posts I had not seen as they have not been coming up on my blog list. And while I was at it discovered I have been missing Rosemary's too!! Now, I will catch up reading your posts, and will check on you everyday! with love from P. xxx

  15. Sorry to read you are having problems with spam comments. I have just enjoyed a catch up of your latest posts, made me feel a little sad not to be in Italy though. Thankyou so much for your kind words and continuing support on my own blog, so much appreciated.

  16. Val, we are in the same situation as you are trying to figure out the comment box. I think the way you have it now may prevent you from getting spam comments. Also, if you have the pop-up comments and just add google members to comment, then that might help too. There are alot of options, we just have to figure them out. Not much fun, is it? Please don't lose heart. You're my special blog friend, and I don't want you going any where.

    Have a nice Sunday, Val, and thinking of you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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