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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Peeping through

Two days of respite from the rain. My poor garden has been flooded, I have lost some of my plants. I hope they might perk up when we get more sun.  These pansies, and my very first rose, poor thing..it looks weary.. have at least given me some hope that maybe spring is really here.
My fields are green green green with wild flowers dotted around.
Our skies are still very overcast.  Patience is he name of the game.
I  found a new way to bring the  Blue magpie closer.  I have been putting bread out on my kitchen windowsill . When i first saw them, i ran for my camera. I frightened them on my return, and they flew away.
To get these photos i was as still as a mouse as one move with their beady eyes they can see everything. I was so delighted to get these photos.  I had my elbow on the sink and just clicked away, spatula and all. ):  In this above photo if you look closely you will see 4.. 3 on the sill and one flying away.
 After a while and once eaten the bread, they became rather curious.   When they are around , all the other birds fly away.    They are such a beautiful bird. I am lucky to have them around my place.

Overcast skies again.   Cant wait for warmer days.

Hope that you are all having a good weekend, and are having some better weather.



  1. Dear Val - as you can see I can now get into your blog so the setting is now correct.
    However, the post above is still no showing on my sidebar, you have probably noticed that it is still showing the post "could it be spring"!
    It is very strange and frustrating for you especially when you have spent time doing the posts and uploading and sorting your photos.
    You have caught the blue magpies really well - such attractive little birds.
    As Perpetua if she knows the answer she is the fountain of all knowledge with blogger problems.

  2. Thank you Rosemary..
    now where we can reply to our comments has disappeared..
    this is very strange..
    It is most frustrating.
    I am not sure if i should start a new blog..!

  3. the magpies are so cool. glad spring is coming.

    did you know that word verification is now enabled as well as comment moderation?

    if you switch comments to 'registered users - including open id' it would eliminate any anonymous comments and prevent about 99% of spam.

  4. We don't see magpies here - though I'd like to!

  5. Hi Val, your flowers are so bright and pretty and what a beautiful little bird. Very crafty of you to think about putting food on your windowsill. Do they ever fly and hit the window?. I think that Thunder Shirt works but just holding the dog very tightly. It has velcro strips around the chest and the mid section. You pull it as tight as you can and maybe it slows the breathing down or just makes them feel comfortable??Happy Sunday..Judy

  6. Good morning Val!Your flowers are so preety!!The Blue magpie are very beautiful birds!You are so lucky seeing them in your yard!Hope you have a lovely week!

  7. Hi Val

    Loving your photo arrangements today, very clever and who could not leave some bread for those precious birdies. I hope you see Sunny skies again soon.


  8. Sorry you're still having blogging problems, Val. This post came though quite normally on my dashboard reading list and in my reader, so your posts are being published properly.

    Lovely to see your photos of your spring flowers and the blue magpies. Spring has obviously arrived for you, even if the ground is still very wet.

    I will admit to hating word verification, as I find it very hard to decipher. Not allowing Anonymous comments will stop spam just as well, without making it hard for people to comment.

  9. Oh, too bad about your garden, Val. I am looking forward to seeing your roses this year. The magpies are so pretty. Isn't it funny how we have to be so still to take pictures of our lovely birds? They fly away so quickly.

    Have a nice week, Val. It's very windy here today.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Hi Val, you are so clever to find a way to get your magpies to come to you. Great photos:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. I love your photos, Val! Mockingbirds are one of my favorite birds. They are usually very shy but as you said also very curious. I'm sorry the rain has beaten down some of your lovely plants. But how wonderful that your fields are so green! We are greener now, too, and this week it's very warm... a welcome relief after so many cold nights. Wishing you a lovely week, and hoping your rain ends soon.

  12. Thank you to all of you tha left your comments..
    I am trying to get the reply button back active again..
    I so appreciate them.. all of us work hard at our blogs and its nice when we have communication ..

  13. Hi Val,
    Sorry you have had so much rain, I think you must have been getting our weather with the Jet stream being pushed down towards you. You are do such a good job of taming and photographing the magpies.
    I am still having no luck in getting updated posts from you. How strange that is only affecting some of us!
    Sarah x

  14. You are lucky to have those beautiful birds! We're having April Showers here, too.

  15. Those blue magpies are really cute and pretty; lovely how they came to your windowsill. I know what you mean about being still and quiet to take bird photos. I do a lot of that and thank goodness for digital cameras because I have to delete a lot when they move away!


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