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Friday, 5 April 2013

blogging glitches

 I am posting this post, for all my members on my blog list..  that so kindly follow me and leave their much appreciated comments.

It came to my notice early this week, that some of you have not been getting the updates of my new posts.. some have.. and I have received your comments. (thank you)..

I have tried every which way but lose.. to see how I can change or fix this problem.   I cannot see anything out of place with my settings.

Normally , when i write a new blog..like anyone that is a member of a blog..  the posts appear for us to know that a new post has been posted for us all to see ..
This is not happening with me.
I am so confused.. and very irritated. which is not like me.  

Please dear friends.. would you all do me the favour and see if you have my last two latest posts.. one about my grandson Tom.  and the other about the legend of the portuguese rooster..

If anyone hasnt been updated and would like to mention it.. I would be so grateful.. maybe one of you might be able to help..

I sometimes feel like changing from blogger.  !!!

wishing you all a very happy weekend..

your blogging friend   val 


  1. Everything fine here, Val. Your posts are appearing in my dashboard and in Google Reader as normal. I know sometimes Blogger has had glitches with comments, but posts usually appear, so I hope you can get this sorted out. So annoying for you.

  2. another blogger friend of mine is experiencing the same thing.

  3. Hi Val! I only read your blog on your website so I'm not having the problems you mentioned. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I've been offline for a few days, so I've just been catching up. All the posts have shown up in my reading list.

  5. Hallo Val!I can see all your posts on my blog list!I hope your ploblem with Mr.Blogger will ended soon!Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Dear Val, I too am having trouble with my blog, but I think it may be my computer.
    I have been able to read your previous posts, but there are no pictures. It still could be that my computer is the problem.
    I'm not able to post a reply to comments on my posts either.
    Very frustrating. I need to seek assistance from some family members I think!

  7. Oh Val,
    I am in an enchanting mood today. I am getting over a bad cold and missing my mom. So I thought I'd do something different. How do you like your new comment box? Jess does most of the blog format on our blog, so I am so proud of you for trying to figure it out on your own. Have a nice weekend, my friend.
    ~Love, Me :~)


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