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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Odivelas dam

Hello dear friends.  Yes, I am still here.  Its been a very busy couple of weeks for me.  We all get those times , when blog having  more time. That's been the case with me.  I hope to catch up with all your posts and news during the weekend.
Thank you to all my dear friends for your kind comments left on my last post.

I took two fisherman guests to the Odivelas dam last Tuesday. This post was for last week. It rained and rained for over a week, it was becoming depressing.  The poor guys, havent had much luck with their fishing, as the dam is so very very full. I haven't seen Odivelas so full in years. The dam is famous for carp. They spend their days there and while their time away waiting for the fish to bite.
                               This is how hard it was raining.   Here I had stopped, as we were to meet the forest ranger.
                                The sky was heavy and the rain just coming down by the bucket full. The views are spectacular.
                            Odivelas Dam. Is one of the most picturesque areas of the Alentejo.One one of the banks there is a nice sandy beach, and is much frequented by the village people during the summer season. No water sports are allowed. So its totally tranquil.  During the summer months there are paddle  boats to rent.
                               Crossing the dam itself.  I took this from my car window..it was cold rainy
The dam was built around 1972.. always having been a small lake there.  It belongs to the government.and the water is for watering government properties surrounding the area.
                   A view of the river down below.. i got out of the car and took this quickly. Below the sluce gates.
         On my way back home.. Two grown storks landed in this field.. this is as close in as i could get.. they fascinate me. such an elegant bird. I was happy with the shots

                                    Pic nick area at the beginning of the Dam
                                    An isolated island in the middle. the Dam is 109.96km 2
There is a little village called Odivelas.   In one of the areas, there is a place to park your caravan. and a restaurant.. serving meals only on a sunday.  We have had some nice sundays out at the restaurant. Taking walks and just enjoying the lovely views.

                              By the time I took these wild flowers.. through the window of my car.. the rain was not as intense.  We have the wild onion plant ..and this yellow plant..all over the hedges of the fields.
                     On approaching the village again... the sky became black and it rained for the next 3 days.

In the meantime.. was in Lisbon to see my family.    My grandniece was here for a week from UK..just finished school and will be starting university.. she wants to be an architect.. she is excellent at drawing and also a lovely niece to spend time with.  She will be 18 on whit Friday.

 In my last post.. I showed a photo of "something in my bamboo" looked like a mop.  Well dear friends.. here is my mop.. little Isaa.. all groomed and looking like another dog.  My niece remarked.. "gosh" have you got another dog.!  I rather like her as she is now.

So from me Isaa and her brothers and sisters.    Until my next post.
wishing you all a very happy weekend.

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