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Saturday, 25 May 2013

From rain to Sun & garden

The rain has gone.  Just with a click of a finger the sun is out, its 28º and so beautiful .. If the weather was like this every day, I would be in heaven.    
Awful days of on and off rain up until last week. Some of you will have seen it on my last post.  My poor flowers were bowing down with the heavy rain fall.  These last 4 days have been wonderful.  The flowers seemed to have grown overnight.  Buds and blooming everywhere.   I think the sun , the warmth and the birds singing..play a big part in our happiness. Today , I am so happy.  Yesterday Pedro came and we mowed, and cleared dead heads and weeds and my garden is looking great.    My mother was a great lover of the Fuchia plant.  I have never grown them, thinking that they might not survive our heavy summers.  Here in my collage you can see just the opposite.  Its my first ever Fuchia and its so so beautiful ..red on the outside and white on the inside.   I will certainly be buying many more . They are so delicate. The Portuguese call them " Brincos de Princesa"   earings of the princess.

The three storks have been baptized.  On my way to Lisbon on Monday. With my niece and my friend Manuela.. we stopped to take photos of these storks.. The area that they are in is a landmark and often seen on post cards. About half an hour from  "Alcaçer do Sal"..    Manuela ,had stopped with her brother some weeks ago, the two of them decided to baptize them , with the names of their grandchildren.   Their names are  lst photo. Maria do Carmo..  2nd photo Carlotta. 3rd photo  Carolina.. with mummy or a sibling.  I thought that was so sweet.
This yellow rose bush, is about 4ft high.. its hidden at the back of my pergola amongst the  Oleander trees. Every year it blooms and blooms.  I get some lovely vases of flowers from them.
Its been a very busy couple of weeks for me.  Getting my patio set up for  now and summer.
Doctor's check ups..usual 6 month routine.. Guests.  And odd things here and there.. Things we all have to do some time or other.  I am finding i dont have enough shelves for my books.. next project.

Sending you all some of our lovely sun on this beautiful spring morning..   My grandson Thomas is 14 today. ..

                                                          Happy blogging dear friends.


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