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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wild flowers at home

Daucus  Carota. 
"Queen Anne's lace".  cut and ready for a little different touch on the patio.
Many of you will know, that I am not very good with the names of many flowers and plants.  I have thought that this plant , was a wild onion.   I had been told that many years ago by one of my neighbours.   They appear every year.  Sometimes my fields are full of them.
I like to leave my fields wild.  I get much joy out of seeing all the different colored wild flowers.

Various varieties of carrots ..  Maybe the saying is true " If you eat carrots , you can see better in the dark"
I love carrots. I use them a lot in my cooking.
Wellies on and dogs behind and in front, off we went for a walk around my Quinta  this afternoon.
 Its been a beautiful day...but windy and slightly cooler.  
 Ideal temperature for a walk.          Camera in one pocket and secateures in the other..  Every so often putting the secateures down and taking photos.   The dogs love to jump and scrumage around.  I could hardly see them in the high grass and flowers.

Carrotts are a domesticated form of the wild carrot.    I was amazed to read up about this plant during the afternoon.  It also has many medicinal values, for all sorts of ailments. (interesting reading on wikipedia)

The daucus in my vase on the patio.

different images of the plant.  Many of you i am sure will be quiet familiar with this plant. It has always fascinated me.    I can understand why its now called "Queen Ann's Lace"..  Its a soft delicate flower.

Here you can see the mix of colour.  All blooms in their different stages of growth, and shapes.
To have some wild flowers about the place brings the outside to my inside.  

looking lovely in one of my Alentejano pottery vases on my old antique oak table.  An enjoyable day.
 I  framed my  'Dutch Iris' water color painting this morning. one of  my  'Norfork' workshop paintings. I was rather pleased with myself, framing it and hanging it.
I picked some wild purple flowers , while picking the Daucus to add a touch of wild purple ,  adds a little extra flair to the painting .

I will be walking again around my fields again soon.   I was amazed at all the varieties that are hiding below the high grasses.  I changed my clothes and made sure that there were no ticks on me.. we have to be careful at this time of the year.

With the fresh air and the sun ... I fell asleep and had 40 winks after my days work.

Hope your day has been a good one.


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