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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sharing my Sunday

Two roses for two of my gorgeous grandaughters.
 My daughter Nina came from Lucern to see her dad Mr. H,who has not been very well.  He now seems to be on the mend . He spent time with my son and d.in law in Lisbon , having tests and resting. He is now back at his farm, and we are all hoping that he will stick to the regime that the girls have given him.
 Nina decided to come and check on him and give him a bit of daughter time.  Amy (on the right) came with her, It was so wonderful to hug and see her again.   She will stay on in Lisbon with my son and Heleen, during this next week.  Her and Didi(on the left) will spend a week at surf camp.  They are both very sporty.
The smile on Amy's face is one of the biggest we have seen in a long time.. she passed her O levels with flying colours and is in 6th heaven.  Didi is a natural she passed too with excellent grades. Didi is 12.
Amy will be 16 in September.   I remember pushing all of them in their  prams, when they were so tiny  how the time goes by so quickly.  
                            We call Didi the "water baby".. she decided at the age of about 18 months to just jump in the pool. and from there on just started to swim under water, we all thought she was going to drown. My son Manel jumped in to get her and she came up with a big grin on her face, from there on she just jumped in and swam like a fish.   A very loving girl.
 I indeed am a proud gran this weekend. At least I got to see my daughter and 3 of my grandchildren.

                               When Amy was a baby, and often now sometimes,. people ask me or Nina.. Oh how sweet, you have an adopted child, she was so dark, that people thought she was an indian or asian.. we used to laugh our heads off.   More when she was a baby.
   This is Amy after 8 days in the sun. She is brown brown brown.. and has silky skin.. we all love her to bits..
                                    Mr. Mighty Max with Aunty Nina.. he is not quite as daring as Didi or Thomas was.. but he was dying to get under the water.  He starts Nursery in September.
                                   Nina ,holding Max.. he was enjoying being with us all.
                                               Look.. I can nearly do it myself.

                                          Come on Grandma.. give us a big smile. Note, Amy is taller than me.
                                               Someone slipped a shot in of me.. wow, thats rare. The water was like silk. A few hours of happiness and laughter and time together with one's children and grandchildren is the best medicine one can have.
I dont know about you dear friends. Time to me seems to be passing quickly.   Such a delightful weekend, another one to write about.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. With friends, family or just simply enjoying life.

They have all gone now.  I treasure these moments forever.
And the blossoms keep blooming and life goes on.. until next time we are together.

Tomorrow is painting day.  I have all my paints for the chairs and cupboard.. a busy few days ahead.

It was 45º today. You can guess where i was !

Happy week to you all.


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