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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unfinished projects.

Yesterday, I decided that I had waited too long to re paint and bring back to life, a couple of very old pieces that i have.  These two little red chairs.. I  painted them red about 4 or 5 years ago. Are more than 60 years old. I want to bring them to life again, and put them at the side of my woodburner during wintertime. They are now ready for for the sandpapering.  Then I will be painting them a very light green..adding some of the original Alentejano flowers painted onto them.

                              Also within the projects of re cycle.. are these two chairs..(hello there..I see you)! they are two of a set of 4. The other two , I have painted green..the same as the legs of the table. They are solid chairs. Dont they look so sad.  I will bring the set back alive again.. once the chairs are finished. some nice cushions.. and I have an extra outside table and chairs. Unfortunately I will not be able to keep the wicker seats.. I will be making my own wood bottoms and then cushions on them.  I have high hopes!! lets see how it works out.
This is a very very old Alentejano cupboard.. Its already been sanded down thismorning.. this will be painted in the same light green as the small chairs... and also with some hand painted traditional flowers.
                                       I wrote about the Alentejo furniture in a post over a year ago.  Unfortunately its not used as much now.  The modern furniture is taking centre stage.. but I love them.  These are traditional chairs above.. I used to have a 6 seater table and chairs the same in blue.. I loved it.. it just got old..
                                         This is a photo from that post..   Youcan see how the flowers are painted onto the furniture.   Lots to do this week.   Of course I have my helpers.. Pedro and Olga.
Team work.  Thursday we start the cupboard.

Its very very hot now. Real summer days.  38 and 39┬║.. but am loving it.
Feel a little sorry for some of my plants, as they are affected by the heat.  I water late at night or early morning.

Hope you are all having a happy week.


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