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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Moonlight Glory

 ( Wishing  I had a camera with a very long zoom)! I took  these photos for my first phase of my 3 day session and they came out as best i could get the shot.  
 I thought i would do a three day lunar phase of the moon.
 I took these photos below at 9.30 gmt.pm+- on the 19th..August. It seemed that the moon was flirting with me, as i tried to hold my hand steady. I wanted to take more and more.  I took this from my back patio.

                                   Taken from my front patio...... the sun  was just about down . seen over the olive trees:- time 9.30..gmt.pm.  As the sun was going to sleep the moon was full. Smiling at us all again.


        It's difficult to see.. but the last image of the sun taken from the front porch. One cant see its  beauty through the lense.
            ............................................................................................................................................                    .............................................................................................................................
The ones below were taken on the 20th at 9.47gmt.pm
 See the glow around the perimeter ..fascinating.
 Astrologers call  the it "the blue moon" .. its when we have two full moons in on month.. the next will be in June 2016.

 So many times  my mother told me  stories of The man who lived on the Moon..I think we all know those old tales of Mr. Moon.
My mum would lie next to me and we would both  look at the moon  through my bedroom window,    seeing shapes and talking about his funny face, until i fell asleep.
 Mr. Moon still shows his happy face to us all and for our  grandchildren and future generations..    I often wonder if there are men on the moon!  It will always hold an attraction.


                                   Another shot on the 20th. Camera on full zoom here.   It looks pitch black on the photo.. but when I took it ..there was still a dull light outside. i could see the trees and the road clearly. ... I thought i could even see the fairies.. must have been the glittering starts .
                                    .. took this of the moon through the olive tree outside my patio door.. he was peeping.

Such attraction has the moon for people throughout  the ages.  This fascinating planet has such an effect on us all, that Men were sent to walk on it.

21st of August.  The Full Moon.     The moon is in the Zodiac sign of pisces.
                               These are the best shots so far taken with my little sony.  My grand daughter Didi is here with me. We watched as the moon started to rise. at 8.25 gmt. pm... It somehow had a pinky blue hue.. thats what we saw.
                      We have just come in.   My three day lunar stages of the moon complete.
Wishing everyone all good things for this week.
That your astrological sign is in your favor..  The moon is second influence after the sun , and its position can determine and have an influence on our personalties..

What do you think my dear blogging friends..     It certainly influenced 'Beethoven' enjoy the Sonata.



  1. Good photos, it is harder to take night photos than you would think. Sometimes I get lucky and they come out but a blur is typical.

  2. Thank you, for your kind comments.. Yes, a blur cannot be avoided..but i spent the last three nights looking at the moon..and taking shots.. I would have loved to have had a long lense..
    happy evening to you there on the farm.. val

  3. i am the sign of cancer - known as a moon child. :)

    1. I am the sign of cancer.. Maybe thats why i am drawn to the moon.xxx

  4. Fascinating subject Val and you've got some really good shots too. I absolutely adore the Moonlight Sonata and play it often - on the stereo not the piano!
    Patricia x

    1. Thank you Patricia..
      I started the post on the 19th.. There is so much fascination in the moon.
      I was pleased with my shots..
      I too love the moonlight sonata.. my daughter used to play it on the piano.. she has just given it up.. all those years of exams and hard work....thats life.

  5. Dear Val - we have been having extraordinary moons too. Two nights ago we had a harvest month - bright amber coloured and it was huge. I saw it at 4.00am and was going to sneak downstairs to get my camera but didn't want to disturb H.
    For moon shots it is recommended to have a little tripod and use the timer, so that you do not get any movement. If you can set your ISO put it on 100.
    The first shot has a good halo around it.

  6. I was gravitating towards the moon tonight.. I am still up.. and the evening is so different.. something enchanting in the air. Indeed the moon looked so fantastic tonight.
    I am pleased you had a chance to see the Harvest moon..
    Since starting blogging.. i take my camera everywhere.
    Only a while back, Manel said to me that i should aquire a tripod. I could feel my hand trembling as i took the photos.
    Thank you for your kind comments and help Rosemary. It gives one encouragement.
    happy evening.. its 12.15 here.. I think its .. bo bo time.. will take one more look at mr. moon.

    1. What I love about a full moon are the wonderful shadows it creates in the garden. As we are in the countryside, and also living high we do not have any street lights or any light pollution from urban areas, which I suspect is the same for you.

    2. So true Rosemary, The moon gives of that haze and i can walk down the paths at midnight if i wanted.. It was such a beautiful moon last night.
      I think Didi , thought grandma rather (you know what) having been taking photos 3 nights on the trot ... I wished i had a telescope.
      Indeed no pollution whatsoever here.

  7. I love moon photos and with the camera I have I can't get them!

    1. Hello Sandie,
      I tried my best.. it was more that it was a special occasion .. but how I would have loved to see it closer up

  8. Dearest Val ,you spent three nights for to see the moon ! Is it anything else more beautiful like this ? No ,the lovely things have no age ! I can imagine how lovely was the night you spent with your little girl !

    1. Hello dear Olympia.. Yes.. I thought it would be an ideal subject for a post.
      So so true.. Lovely things have no age.. (I like that) Didi was also excited.
      last night the moon was stunning in all its glory.xxxx

  9. Oh Val, I love pictures of the moon! They are intriguing to me, and so beautiful. How nice of you and your mom to look at the moon together in your bedroom window when you were growing up. I have always been fascninated with the moon.

    I also wanted to mention to you that's not a picture of me on my post today. It is of Nel when she dressed up as a 20's flapper girl and went out with friends.

    Have a sweet day, and I will be back to see your moon pictures again.


    1. This week was very intriguing Sheri.
      Thanks for coming over.
      I thought it might be one of the girls.. but Nel looks so much like you! i thought it might be you some time ago... nice photo

  10. Pretty moon shots Val. I had forgotten that the cycle was something special this time of year. I had my chart done "many moons ago"....LOL and I have forgotten what sign my moon was in. Perhaps it is time to have another one done.



    1. I dont normally take photos of the moon but this year was a special cycle..
      Its only so often that we have 2 full moons in one month.. next 2016.
      last night it was beautiful.
      Thanks Jo..

  11. I love the moon, Val! I love the sky full of stars, at night. You don't see stars in cities, but my house in England, at night, sleeps under a blanket of stars. I Always keep the bedroom curtains slightly open, as I love to see the moon, before I go to sleep. Sometimes the light from a full moon, wakes me up, but I don't mind, because I love silver. To me, the moon is poetry, passion and music.

    I so enjoyed Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It moves me so, I want to cry. The power of art: it begins where words end.




    1. Hello Anna.. the moon has a great attraction and some sort of pull towards it.
      A lovely comment Anna.
      I so agree.. when its full 'blue moon' its so very romantic.

      I love the sonata.. and I cried too.. it brought thoughts of the past flowing .. xx

  12. Your pictures of the moon and sun setting behind the olive trees are wonderful. I have tried without success to take pictures of the moon. I shall also try Rosemary's advice.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you sarah. My photos were not perfect.. i dont have the correct camera..
      but i will be buying a tripod as Rosemary pointed out.. I think it will make a difference to my photos.

  13. Hello Valerie

    A beautiful way to spend time with Didi and watching the moon. It was spectacular this week. Thanks for your photos and how wonderful that you have no pollution in your part of Portugal

    1. Thank you Helen,
      It was a special year this year.. 2 full moons in one month.
      No pollution whatsoever here.. its just pure country and away from the city
      nice to see you Helen.

  14. Just to let you know, Val, I was looking at the same moon here in Texas...lovely photos.

  15. Hasn't it been a beautiful moon Meggie..
    wish my photos were better.. but i enjoyed the 3 day session.. last night it was shining in all its glory. Thanks for coming over..

  16. Your moon photos came out well Val. I havn't tried to photograph a full moon. Don't think it would turn out too well with my little automatic camera.
    I can imagine how excited you and the rest of the family are feeling as wedding day approaches. I'm sure it will be a wonderful occasion when you all get together to celebrate.
    Hope you have some respite from the heat soon. It's still quite cold here as we approach the change of season.
    Take care Val.
    Thinking of you,

  17. That's the full moon we saw just as we were leaving France, Val. You've captured it beautifully, much better than I ever manage to with my little camera. On our way to France two months earlier, we saw the Supermoon, when the moon was at its closest to the earth and it looked amazingly big and clear.


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