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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Clock is ticking

Today the clock has started ticking a little faster for me.
organizing my clothes and shoes and .. well, most have you have been through it.
I went to collect my dress from the dressmaker , who had to take it in a little.. Yes! i lost a few inches..
I have half packed my bag. Can't just go with one outfit. The wedding is an all night affair.

All the cameras are ready.. the big ones, the small ones, the tripods and extra gadgets. My son Manel is a camera fanatic.  I have my little Sony digital.. its been good to me so far.

Today I get to meet the in laws. They arrived from Moscow on Tuesday. So it will be lots of  family photos this afternoon.  Olga my maid who helps me around the cottages.. has been invited..she will be my interpreter.
Manel  my eldest son has been learning Russian on a one to one basis for over a year now.. so i am looking forward to hearing him chat the chat, and Nastarovia and all that.!
I am getting the tables ready now.. Miguel ,Sasha and family will be arriving at 5 for cocktails.. then we will be going out for dinner at 8.  I think its going to be a fun time. Then to Manel's farm after dinner for late night drinks, cigars and all that stuff.

I will be taking the 4.30 train to Lisbon on Tuesday.. It's Manel's birthday. My DIL  H.. has organised a suprise party for him.. we are off to a great restaurant..   I am wondering if I will be open eyed for Friday.!!!

Friday at 5.30pm.. the bells will ring for my son and his gal.
And Mr and Mrs.. live happily for many many years and many more..love is in the air.

I will not be returning to my Quinta, after the wedding.
 I am off the Spain.. to  Barcelona, staying next to 'Las Rambles'
I am giving myself an historic holiday and am so looking forward to it.   "Gaudi" here we come.   I will be going with my good friend Manuela..  
We both wanted to treat ourselves..
So my dear blogging friends.. I am not sure when I will be back blogging.  For sure I will hopefully have lots to share with you.

Will see you all in September..  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Lots of happy days and good weather, happiness and love.

You dont have to leave comments for this post.. I am just keeping you all in the loop so to say.



  1. That all sounds so exciting. We have close friends who are Russians and their parties are the most fun. My oldest son is getting married next spring and I can imagine what a sweet and poignant time it will be. Have fun! (I love that picture of the cameras.)

  2. Again, best wishes to the bride and groom. i feel sure all will come together to create a beautiful memorable wedding.

    making new friends is nerve racking, but fun too.

    have way to much fun on your travels.

  3. wow! an adventure following a wedding adventure! i know you will love it all!

  4. Dear Val - wishing you and all the family a really wonderful, happy, and memorable day on Friday, followed by your exciting trip to Barcelona. Enjoy too all of the other happenings that are taking place in between. Will be thinking about you.

  5. Are you kidding - of course I want to comment. I wish everyone the best of luck. That every one gets a long. And the wedding goes off wonderfully. Have a great vacation. Don't forget to come back! sandie

  6. Dear Val, I'm going to leave a comment anyway. Been thinking about you and all the exciting days you have in store for you. Nothing so wonderful ever happens around here. Enjoy yourself and your family. Looking forward to hearing all about it. ox, Gina

  7. Oh Val, so many exciting things coming up for you, and what a clever post to illustrate it all. I have a little Sony too, and they are amazing. Have the best and most wonderful time and the wedding, all the parties, and then on to Barcelona! Looking forward to hearing all about it in September. XXX
    PS Don't forget to show us your special outfit, Val! x

  8. My dear Val, I'm so excited for you. You must be counting the days. Everything is planned and now ready for you all to celebrate your son's wedding. You and they are going to have such a wonderful time. I shall be thinking of you on Friday. We want to see lots of photos when you return. Have a fabulous time in Barcelona and look forward to catching up on your return.
    Patricia x

  9. Hello Val

    What an exciting time for you. I am sure the wedding with be a blast. Can't wait to hear all about Barcelona.

    Bon Voyage


  10. Very exciting times Val. Best wishes to you all. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Spain.
    Betty OX

  11. I know who excited you are been their with our Son. I wish the family much joy and happiness.

  12. Such happy times! I read all your posts and the resort where the wedding will take place looks beautiful. Have a wonderful time and much fun during your vacation in Spain.

  13. Exciting times are in store and I trust you will enjoy every moment of it. Looking forward to your return after all the fun is over. Enjoy!

  14. Dear Val, I will be thinking about you and your family over the next few days. What a special time this will be for you all. Have a wonderful holiday too. We will all look forward to hearing all about it on your return.
    Sarah x

  15. I want to wish the happy couple the very best! And tell you to ENJOY these next few weeks! Take lots of photos....I don't need to tell you that! haha! HAVE FUN!

  16. Oh Val, the time has come for your son to be married! I am so happy for you and all the family. You will finally get to rest after the festivities, as this is such a hectic time for everyone. I look forward to seeing some of the wedding photos, and I hope you have a fun and safe trip with your friend, Manuela. I will see you in September, and take care, sweet friend of mine.


  17. Oh Val, I hope you are having the most wonderful time! I sending you hugs!

  18. Val, you will have the most wonderful time, both at the wedding and on your holiday to Barcelona. I can't wait to see your photos of both. Happy days!

  19. Hello Val I wish you the most special time as you celebrate this big event for your son. I hope there are many happy memories to enjoy over the coming days. Wishing you all of gods blessings and life's joys. Shell, A Darlings Nest

  20. I look forward to the posts that will come on your return. Wishing you a wonderful time!

  21. It all sounds wonderful, Val. I wish I were going to Barcelona with you!

    I hope it all went well. Make sure to bring lots of pictures, when you come back!



  22. Dearest Val ,I am glad for you and for your family ! I wait for your lovley photos of these wonderfull time !


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