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Friday, 20 September 2013

7am Friday.

I have been waking early for the past week.  Walking out with the dogs and to savour the early morning. This was the moon at 7am.  by 7.15, it was gone.   So very still and quiet no breeze,not a tree is moving ,only the sound of some strange bird that I have not heard before.  The Autumn days are here, and with them bring different light to the skies.
The sun is slowly rising over the olive trees.    Its going to be a very hot Autumn day again.

                                    Someone is leaving on a jet plane.. its jet stream of light pink dashes above in the sky.

                                              You can see how light it is and the moon is still saying hello.
                                               one of my family of doves.

                                I came in last night, as the sun was setting .  I spent about 4 hours in the garden. pruning my roses .  I am feeling a little sorry for them and the garden in general.  I have mentioned before in a post. We have had no rain since May.   Its now getting into a drought situation.  Our weather is still hot , becoming cooler in the early morning and evenings. That is nice, as one can sleep better.   Cuttings ready for the cutting heap.   We can only burn our excess wood and leaves from the 15th of October to the end.  Otherwise its a hefty fine.
 My "Gerda" is growing so high.  Its now higher than the fence.  I really like this bush.. it flowers the whole year around.  
I had hopes that it would rain today.      Up and out early, the skies looked as though rain was on its way.
I suppose I should not complain.   Once the rain comes.  It really is heavy.  Then I will be wishing it be summer again.
Autumn brings a new dawn each day .  September is one of my favorite months, although sometimes  just a little too dry.

What is your favorite month.?

Wishing you all a happy day.



  1. Hello Val, Lovely moon short - it is quite dark at 7.00 am over there. Here the sun is high in the sky by that time. So long without rain, it must be very dry indeed, but your Gerda bush is beautiful. I do not know this plant, but I wish I did! We had one day of good rain, but now it is hot and dry once more. Say hi to the dove from me :) Happy weekend, P. xxx

    1. We have different cycles than you there in Aussie.. It was pretty light..but the sun was not up yet.. you can see her just rising on the photos.
      I can tell you Patricia.. today our temp has been over 38º it seems to be getting hotter. usually we have had rain by now at least here and there.. but some years we do get droughts and this is one.
      I only learnt about Gerda about 2 years ago.. its a lovely little bush.
      The doves are here all the time. Thanks for leaving your comment Patricia..

  2. That dove looks large, probably different than the one we have which migrate south in the late summer. My favorite month has become October as the humidity is gone by then and I get some good photos, a colorful month. Good luck on some rain.

    1. Hi thee Sunnybrook.
      The doves are normal doves. just fat and happy.. the dove in the photo was sitting down on the telephone pole.. so he seemed fatter.
      We dont get humidity here. Its just hot hot hot. today its been 38º so very hot.
      not even the aircon helps.
      October is also a very nice month. cooler for us here.
      thank you for coming over.

  3. I am an early bird too. I love waking up early and sitting on my front porch to see the sun rise. I have to say I have to favorite months October and May.

    1. Hi Betty, Its been nice waking this last week. Some days ago, it was 5am when i started messing around the house.
      October is a lovely month here too.

  4. your photos are lovely, val. what a wonderful spot you have. early morning moons are so lovely.
    i hope you have a wonderful day and aren't sore from all your gardening.

    1. Thank you Lightning bugs..
      Hope your mum and dad have landed and are in Tres bien Paris..
      I was out again early to do some rose pruning.

  5. after almost no real rain since june here, we had some wonderful soaking rain overnight! i hope it will continue into the day, but i am grateful for it! i hope you get some, too!!!

    1. You have pretty much the same weather as we do. How lucky to have a soaking overnight.. i love that. I will run outside when the first rain falls.
      still no rain... its been hotter than ever today.

  6. Hi Val. I like how your post goes so well with Chasing Lightning Bugs. That was fun to read. We had rain all day yesterday and I thought of you. I love almost all of the months. I just added some new favorites this year. I always thought I didn't like spring so much because it can be quite muddy but how can you not love the lilacs and apple blossoms and the air smells so nice with them that it almost makes me cry from the beauty! The only month I am still struggling with is February. But I am going to really look for something to love about it this year!

  7. Hello Lisa..
    Yes.. that was incredible. As i had not read her post.
    How lucky you are to have rain.
    Summer is a little too long this year.
    Spring is lovely. Here we can really plant all year around.
    I agree feb can be dull sometimes.

  8. Oh my gear friend - what a beautiful existence there is out there!

  9. Hi Val: We are expecting rain later tonight and throughout the weekend. We could use some but not like I imagine you could. I hope you get some soon although your flowers looks prettier than any of mine right now. I missed your last post about the bee sting and just read it now. Wouldn't that be wonderful if it would cure your aches and pains. I'm glad you are not allergic to them anyway. That can be bad. Here's hoping you could have a wet weekend..Judy

    1. I am glad that you will be getting some rain.
      My flowers are ok, because i give them lots and lots of water, but even then the rose buds dry quickly with this heat.
      No sign of rain.
      Thank you Judy for you comments.
      I am fine now after the bee sting.

  10. Val
    Your early morning photos are wonderful such a lovely light. I can't believe you still have temperatures so high! You have done a good job with your roses despite the lack of rain. Is it usual to have no rain for such a long time?
    Sarah x

    1. This morning was quiet magical Sarah,
      I was amazed to still see the moon. I cant remember seeing it like that for many years.
      Yes, we are used to high temperatures. Normally ,as the equinox approaches, it tends to cool down and we have some rain here and there. This year is a drought year for sure.
      I have to water the roses a lot to keep them as they are.
      Portugal , has a very long summer. All in all cant grumble. The rain will come soon I hope. Thank you Sarah, for coming over.

  11. Still no rain--that's awful! I enjoyed your walk and your pretty pictures.

  12. Lovely photos, Val, but I'm sorry you still have no rain. I thin my favourite months are May and September - spring flowers and autumn fruits.


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