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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Stung !

Its been many a year that I was stung by a bee.  Yesterday around lunch time .   I felt a sharp pain in the left leg. I thought it was my back again.. Amazing how a thousand thoughts can go through our mind in seconds, my mind was racing. Oh no! not my back again.!   Sitting down to rest, I then felt a very bad pain on my left b....x.. wow.. I let out a big scream.  Never ever dreaming it could be a bee.  I was stung three times.    Rushed to get my medical box out. I thickened the areas with "Fenergan cream".  After an hour the pain started to subside a little, but still very painful.  About 2 hours after.  I started to get the shivers and went cold and didnt feel well at all.
    Looking up this morning about bee's and bee stings on "wikipedia" I was amazed to read  the difference with bites amongs the bee families.   
If it was a honey bee, it would only have bitten me once, then died.. I was bitten 3 times. So not sure what kind of a bee it was, but it couldn't have been a honey bee!    Today its left me with a couple of lumps.  
                     I must have invaded some bee hive or disturbed a bee at his work.  I was putting all my planting pots together , getting ready for seeding.  So that was the episode with the bee.
    Looking at how dry the land is at the moment,
 My fields are looking so brown and dull.   We have not had rain since May. That is nearly 5 months.
This was the sky yesterday afternoon. Last night I heard thunder in the distance.  Most of us now  are hoping that rain comes soon.  The crops ,the animals and our wells need to be replenished.   We are approaching the winter equinox here in Europe.. it usually rains between the 15,16 or so.
                       I'ts been hard work trying to keep my plants from dying.  They get a good watering once a day.   Not sure, but this could be where the bee was.     I am on the attack for bees now!
I have left these creepers to grow wild and intermingle..but not sure if I am liking it. Another place the horrid bee could have been.!
                      A few of my flowers that are surviving, around my sorry garden at the moment.

lots of dead heading to do,branches to cut.   Some changes to flower beds to enhance them with more flowers for the coming spring.    Fertilizer to be given.
The olive leaves leave such a mess on the ground.  They have to be swept up.
There is always so much to do in a garden.
 I have been away for a while as you all know.. so its a little uncared for at the moment.

Feeling much better yesterday, I sent an sms to my youngest son, telling him about the bee sting.  He replied.. "mum ..some say, its cosmic acuapuncture, and say bees have healing effects."!
reading about the bee this morning, in wikipedia - It says that certain bee serum is used for curing arthritis.   I wonder !   I wonder!   I feel very good today.

Beware of the bees!

Have you been bitten by a bee.?

Happy weekend


  1. Dear Val, Good thing you are not allergic to bee stings. Your son is right about bee stings and arthritis. The more common, and less painful, treatment is having patients roll in ant nests. Glad you're better. Hope those clouds will send some moisture your way.

    1. I am lucky Gina.. All i could think of was my daughter.. we had a bad experience with her as a child. She is alergic to them. I was glad it wasnt her.
      I can belive about the ants and bees..after reading this morning.. I am going to read up more about this treatment.
      Thank you for coming over Gina..

  2. What a pain in the butt!
    Sorry, couldn't help myself :-)
    A few years back I took a bit out of a sandwich during a lovely summer picnic. Little did I know there was a wasp on the end of that sarnie. It stung my tongue and left its stinger in there. Luckily my SIL had a pair of tweezers and some antihistamines on her otherwise it could have gone terribly wrong. I often ask myself if wasps are necessary for anything, still don't know.
    Hope you can sit down.

    1. Ha ha.. Too true Diane.
      My b..t is still itchy and my leg..but its on the mend.
      What an awful thing to happen.. to get stung in your mouth... wow. at least you got the stinger out.
      I am sitting down now.. but it was sure painful.

  3. Glad you are feeling better today,Val. I don't think I've been bitten by a bee, but have by yellow jackets, and they do hurt. Your flowers are pretty, so you're doing a good job keeping them living. I have arthritis, but don't think I want bees to sting me.
    Have a good weekend,

  4. Sounds like there is a bee nest near where you were though you should have seen several bees if that was the case. I get stung several times a year but did better this year as it has been so wet that the nests on and under the ground were destroyed. It kind of sounds like a European Paper Wasp the way it swelled and hurt.
    Hope you get some rain, it will be a happy day there!

    1. Hi there, I have a pool, and when I am watering around the pool and cleaning.. the bees come out. Not many, just 6 or 7.. I am sure there must be a nest somewhere, but its not in my garden. Bee's love water ..they come to drink, and often drown.
      Like you said..it could have been a European paper wasp.. i must look that up.
      Its better now..still a little itchy..
      We thought rain was coming..but not here yet.
      thanks for your comments over there at Sunnybrook.

  5. Thank you Sylvia
    I am on the mend. It's not a nice experience to be bitten by a bee. Not sure what a yellow jacket is.. A wasp maybe!
    Some of my flowers are looking ok..but the heat is a battle.

  6. glad you did not have a worse reaction! i'm with you on hoping and praying for rain to come...

    1. So am I Tex. my daughter is allergic to bees.
      We are now praying for rain. It is the norm..but after a while we really do need the rain. Its still hot here.

  7. Oh ! I am so sorry that you had bee sting .... I heat it ,twice I had like this and generally I am afraid ...My son's girlfriend father is a honey producer and she told us that when he collects the honey from the wooden beehives he has 100 stings !!!! And nothing happens ....I hope that soon you will have rain and your flowers will be survive .

    1. Thank you Olympia.
      I am usually not afraid of bees. They only sting, when disturbed. I definately disturbed this one.
      Some people are allergic, like my daughter.she is allergic.
      I am ok now.
      Wow.. 100 stings. He is obviously immune to the bees.
      Yes, we need water now.

  8. The photos on the wedding were lovely – what a special day for you and your family.
    We stopped in Barcelona just for one day and did not go to the Gaudi’s park so I am pleased you showed picture of it, it certainly is exceptional.
    My husband was stung by bees and yellow jackets many times then the last time he was very sick and had to be taken to the Emergency – after that he had to carry a special pack to use in case he was stung again – allergies can be fatal, so be careful.

    I published a post yesterday and talked about Portugal and Brazil but it has not updated in Blogger yet. The last several posts I published have not updated for several hours, at least 11 hours, and I don’t know why.

    1. Thank you Vagabonde. We did have a wonderful day..Our son is very happy.
      pleased you enjoyed my photos of the Park el Guell.. it is very very different and unusual.
      I am not sue what yellow jackets are.. i must look that up.
      our daughter is allergic to bees. I must say it really hurt.
      Your hubby must be extra careful ..

      loved your post about Portugal and Brazil.. as you know by now..it was published.
      great post. thanks for your comments.. val

  9. Oh dear Val, take care, those stings sound Very Painful! I don't think I've ever been bitten by a bee, but have had bites from other nasties in the summer. Not nice. No rain here either - where has the rain gone?? Our grass is as brown as yours these days, and crunches underfoot. However your flowers are very pretty, and seem to like the sun. I have to keep up the water every day too. But gardening is good for the soul, and good exercise too. I also have a bit of arthritis, but I don't want bees stinging be either :)) xxx

    1. Thank you Patricia..
      The swelling has gone down..still a little itchy..but i keep the antihestamine creame close by.
      My flowers look nice. but really need some rain.
      You like us I hope will be getting rain soon.
      thanks for coming over Patricia..
      happy gardening

  10. So sorry about the bee sting. I have not been bitten for a long time. My Daughter is really scared of bees, but she has never been bitten. I think we have stolen all your rain. This year has been a record for rainfall in our state.

    1. Hello Betty,
      Thank you for your kind comments. My daughter is allergic to bee stings. They can really be deadly. I am not scared of bees ..they only bite if we disturb them. This one was out to get me. I really must have disturbed him.
      Oh.. i am glad you have rain. I also see that heavy flooding has hit colorado,and mexico.
      Still no rain here..we need it.

  11. I have been stung a couple of times and it feels like someone put a cigar out on you. I hope that you feel better!

    1. So true Sandie,
      I am feeling a lot better now.. still a little itchy. Thank you

  12. TΙ εξαιρετικές φωτογραφίες. ,!!

    Μπράβο σου !

    Kisses from Greece....

  13. Do you usually go for so long with no rain? That's the way it is in California.

    When I was younger I was stung many times, but haven't been for years. I'm sorry you got it, especially 3 times! Interesting about the arthritis!

    1. Hello Jen,
      Yes its the usual here in Alentejo. Well in most of Portugal.. we get a good 4 months without rain.. it could possibly rain and has been known to rain..i remember too in June.. and August. But this year its just dry dry dry.
      Its a little too much now.. we really need the rain.
      Yes, its interesting about the arthritis.. i might write a post on it.
      I have only been stung twice.. but boy does it hurt.
      Thanks for coming over and leaving your comments Jen.

  14. oh, poor Val. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Could it have been a wasp rather than a bee? In the UK we see far more wasps around at harvest time than bees. I've never been stung by a bee but I have by a wasp and it really did hurt!

    1. Hello Perpetua,
      Thank you for feeling sorry for me.! It was a bee, because i killed it. and sprayed it with doom doom. What I didnt do was inspect it.
      I have bees around due to the pool and the water..they love water..but they normally dont bite if we dont disturb them.. this one i disturbed and he was out to get me.):-

  15. Argh that sounds painful Val. Not been stung by a bee but if wasp stings are anything to go by then I know the feeling. We have plenty of rain over here in Essex today if you'd like some, you're more than welcome. Summer did go on for quite a long time, not complaining as it was nice ...but Autumn (my favourite time of year) came and somehow drifted into winter. We have something like 9-10 degrees here today and very high winds. Brr - my Mr indoors has agreed to put our central heating on - not something he does lightly I can tell you. Anyway I must tell you Val, my roses are now coming up beautifully. You remember I said I thought I'd lost them, well two of the bushes are re-flowering and I'm so pleased. I took your advice and cut off the dead blooms and they are fine. The other one is a bit dormant at the moment but there's always hope. Hope you have a great week.
    Patricia x

    1. Hello dear Patricia,
      Oh boy, was it painful.. I let out one big scream. I believe a wasp sting is more painful.
      I see that you have rain. Yes indeed, you can blow some over here. It is the norm however not to have rain. We thought it would rain Friday.. but the sky is clear again and its 30 degrees outside. September is a beautiful month in Portugal.
      So pleased your roses came up again. They really are a very hardy plant Patricia. just make sure they have lots of food.. If the other is dormant.. prune it feed it and leave it..it should come back up again in the spring. Thank you Patricia..

  16. Oh Val, I'm so sorry about the bee sting. Yes, I was stung by a BEE when I was young, in grade school. I remember it like it was yesterday. Luckily, my mom knew what to do, and I was Ok, but sometimes these bee stings can be severe. Me and Jess are both somewhat allergic to bees and stay far away from them.

    Your fields look brown, but beautiful, Val. Everytime I see views from your home, it makes my heart sing. You live in a wondrous place.

    I hope you feel better, and let's try to stay away from the bees. I actually took a really nice picture of some bees on a flower, but tried to keep my distance haha.


    1. I am much better now thank you Sheri.. but it sure was painful.
      Well you having been stung by a bee, you know what its like. I was lucky really. If it had been a few more not sure how i would have been. My daughter is allergic to bees and she avoids them..but even if we avoid them..if we disturb them they will attack.
      thats what must have happened and he was on the attack.
      Our fields are brown.
      It pleases me to know that you like to see photos of my home.
      thank you sheri.. big hugs

  17. Poor you Val for being stung 3 times. I remember my mum being stung and she had quite a bad reaction to it and ended up seeing an emergency doctor.
    Your plants look so good you must have given them such attention. It seems such a time without rain.
    Sarah x

    1. Hello Sarah,
      I was ok when i was stung.. it was very painful. but i spent the afternoon lying down with the shivers and was in and out the loo .. i did have a reaction..but i am fine now..just a little itchy.
      My plants i do give special attention too. With this heat here in Alentejo, they would die.
      Its normal for us to have such a long time without rain.. It will come soon. I would love it if it rained today.. so hot again.

  18. Oh dear Val,
    hope you are feeling better now. i was bit once when i was a child and since them i've been scared to Death by bees or wasps.
    a couple nites ago we had a huge hornet in the apartement and it took us a lot of efforts and several hours to get it out of the window. it was nearly dawn when we could hit the bed!

    1. Thank you Rita,
      much better now. I too dont like wasps or bees. but they hide away, where we cant see them.
      I can just see you flapping the towel or book around to get the wasp out of your apartment. I have done that many times. At least you got rid of it.

  19. Hello val
    Oh you poor dear, it all sounds very painful
    We have had a rainy stormy day here, the first of the Autumn, hope you see some rain soon
    Thinking of you my friend
    Thea xx

    1. Hello Thea, nice to see you.
      Oh boy, was it painful. I am ok now.. just a little itchy..but what a shock it gave me.
      we hope for rain this month.. Its usual here to go without rain for months.
      Thank you for coming over..
      special thoughts. have a good week val

  20. Yes, I've been stung and I've been bitten by a wasp recently too. That hurt!
    Your landscape is as dry as ours. We are waiting for the rain. These days are very misty and foggy, so the rain won't be long now.

    1. Oh boy Pondside..does it hurt.
      We are getting more early morning dew.. thats a sign that the weather is changing. Its still not rained. Hope it comes soon.
      Same for you.
      Thank you for leaving your comment ..

  21. Good morning Val!
    Oh!Yes!I have been bitten by a bee!!
    To much pain!!!And here it has'nt rain since May,too!
    Maybe today!!!Your flowers are so preety!!!
    I hope you have a lovely week!!!Without bees!!!!

    1. Thanks for coming over Dimi
      yes it was really painfull
      still no rain
      lots of bees around

  22. Oh Val, I can imagine your pain and reaction! Good to know you are on the mend now.
    The photo you showed looks like what we call a European Wasp. They are very aggressive and have become more invasive here in recent years.
    It's great to have a nice long summer, but the time comes when the land is parched and the garden plants are in need of good drenching rain. I hope it comes to you soon. You must be taking good care of your roses. They are lovely.
    Keep well and happy, Betty

    1. Thank you Betty,
      I am ok now. Yes, I am wondering if that is what it was.. It really really hurt.
      I agree.. its nice to have a long summer..but its so so dry. we really need water

  23. I am so sorry you got stung. It is never fun no matter what kind it is but some are definitely worse than others. I haven't been stung in quite a few years. I'm glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you Lisa.
      I am better now..but still have the little lumps.

  24. I can't believe you've been to Egypt twice, Val! You are a worldy woman, indeed. My mom felt "connected" to Egypt, but my heart feels "connected" to Greece. It is my dream to go there someday. Jess visited Athens a few years ago and loved it. The market places are so charming, and the people are full of life. Oh, I hope to experience it someday and see the beautiful Mediterranean waters.

    Have a sweet day, Val.


    1. Its wonderful to travel Sheri.
      I travel less now I am older. but still been away twice this year.
      Athens is a beautiful city.
      Corfu island also.. I would like to visit Santorini.
      The Greek people are very lovely and welcoming.

  25. ~ Poor you , Val...I send kind thoughts your way! I like your boys take on the bee acupuncture! I was stung many years ago when i was small by disturbing a wasp nest in our local playing fields ) quite by accident) I may add! I will never forget the pain or fever from this...I was quite poorly too! soo pleased you are feeling better now! We have torrential rains today! Wish I could send you a little for your beautiful rose garden...They are always a delight to see..Autumnal hugs to lovely YOU! Maria x

    1. Thank you dear Maria..
      I seem to have many bees around. It took me a few days to get over it.
      I see that you have heavy rain. We so much need it here.

  26. Hi Val,

    So nice to have found your blog :)

    hope you are feeling better now. Was reading through your 'about me' and just wanted to say its so great that you have 4 dogs (including a rescued one!). I have 2 dogs myself and they are such a joy :)

    Another follower added to your list.


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