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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Some days of bewilderment!!!

 The blue azure magpies are here again.  These two seem to be male adults.   A cheeky bird, but i love to see them.
Monday, started of with a post.  Maybe some of you read it.  "A Strange day"..... I woke Monday morning, with a strange feeling.  One of those days, when you can't just put your finger on what it is.  
I put my toast in the toaster, and it burnt. I went to answer he phone and my tea went cold.   The sun was peeping through then disappearing - a very odd day indeed.    I went for a walk during a break from the light rainfall and took some photos of the wild flowers growing in my fields outside my inner garden.  And so the day passed.   At around 4pm , the same day.  I decided I would go to the shops to just buy in a few things.  I changed my shoes and went to my car. When I tried to start my car. I realized that the battery was flat.  Oh.. saying to myself " it really is a strange day"..  I phoned a friend , to tell her what had happened.   We continued to talk about the weather and how it cant decide to settle.
 Upon putting the phone down.  I called Pedro, my handyman.  "Please Pedro, can you come after work and see what has happened to my car battery"- I must have left the lights on or something. ( I had only replaced the battery 6 months ago.  "Ok, he replied."-  He arrived at 5.30 with Maria his wife. As I had also asked them to buy me a loaf of fresh bread.
 Pedro , duly took my jump leads and connected my battery to his.  Something he has done many many times.   He then came inside.. and said to me, that it would take some minutes.
                        (interlude here)   Fresh farm eggs from the big farm.  Mr. M had and there still are now for Filipe lots of hens.  I dont eat too many, but felt that I would like a nice boiled egg tomorrow.)
                                  I think this is honeysuckle.. not sure.. was surprised to see it hiding behind the growth.
                                                          A near perfect daisy from my daisy bush.
Its been about 12º most of the day.
Rain clouds forming at around 2.30pm.. Its drizzling already.

 A few minutes past.  And I heard a loud pop, bang-  I looked at Pedro and Maria, and we all rushed outside to my car.   The car had blown up.   YES DEAR FRIENDS BLOWN UP.  I thought a bomb had dropped on it.   In all my years of having cars, I have never every heard of it or seen anything like this.
                     My poor little Fiesta. She has been so very reliant and faithful to me.
I phoned the fire department. They were a little slow in arriving.  When they did arrive, the big truck, could not get through my gates.  The firemen ran up with the extinguishers.. to help Pedro and my neighbor , who by this time were dowsing the fire.  No sooner had they dowsed it..then sparks and fire came out of somewhere else.    I was in a daze.

Photos speak for themselves.    The Tow truck is coming to collect it over the weekend.

And on a positive note  " my son Manel , said " well ,mum... it sure went out with a bang"-
I was lucky that no one got hurt.  The police left at 8.30, after taking statements. As if you call the fire department, they have to know why and make a report.

A very strange week indeed.   The whole affair has still left me in bewilderment.

I hope to start March, with a new chapter, better weather, some sort of car.   I really am thinking about a donkey and cart.):-

Wishing you all a good week and entry into March.




  1. oh my word! i am SO glad pedro was not standing near it when it happened! i know you would have been devastated if anyone had gotten hurt or burned! a car can be replaced. i am sorry for the trouble, though!

    but i love those gorgeous magpies!

    1. Thanks Tex. I am so glad that Pedro was not close.
      Its being towed away monday. and life starts again.
      The magpies, seem to be getting bigger.

  2. I have never heard of a car doing that, so strange, such a day, you don't want to have one much worse than that anytime soon. So sorry for you!

  3. Oh dear Val, your day just went from bad to even worse. What a thing to happen! A donkey and cart sounds lovely. I can visualise you trotting happily along the country roads in the sunshine, but perhaps a new car would be better to see you through the winter months.

  4. So glad no one was hurt! Hope things are going better now!

  5. You are so lucky to not have been driving the car. I am glad no one was hurt. I have never heard of that either. I hope you will hear why it did that.

  6. I had to stop by and see if you were up to blogging today. I have been thinking of you since yesterday morning. I hope you are recovered. I agree, a donkey and cart sounds nice after an explosion. I hope you find another dependable car. I'm sure glad Pedro came inside to wait.

  7. Val, OMG!!! The Pres wondered if there was something with the carborator, a gas leak ? Thank GOD you, Pedro and his wife are OK!!! And yes, it did go out with a BANG...I am just glad you were not driving it when it exploded!!!...:)JP

  8. OMG Val!!A really strange day,indeed!I 'm so sorry about your car!Its time for a new car!
    I like the magpies !Ours look different!We have the same weather in Greece!!
    Wish you a happy new month!Take care!

  9. Oh, my, Goodness, Val!! I have never heard of such an event, just from charging the battery. Thank Heavens neither you nor Pedro were standing nearby. You must be quite shaken up by this, and I'll bet your sons will be horrified! I am glad you can still do such an interesting post for us, with the pretty blue azure magpies, who are such a delight to see. Take care xxxx

  10. Oh my goodness,Val...so glad you are all ok. Donkey and cart might be better but then you have to feed the donkey. Have a better weekend,Friend.

  11. Dear Val, So sorry this happened. How lucky that none of you were standing nearby. Batteries and cables are so dangerous. I hope that at least you have insurance so that your car can be replaced. It's time to celebrate life...you are a very lucky Lady.

  12. Heavens above, Val, what a dreadful thing to happen! Thank goodness neither you nor Pedro was anywhere near. I hope that after this unfortunate week, March will be a much better month for you. Good luck with finding a replacement for your reliable little Fiesta.

  13. Oh no, Val, your car blew up! The donkey and cart probably sounds good to you right about now. I love to see the birds around your house. The magpie is delightful. I don't see that bird much around here.

    So sorry you had such a bad day. I hope the coming days are better.


  14. That must have been terrifying. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I love the way you structured this post with the lovely interlude before the explosion.

  15. Dear Val, I am SO very sorry about your car, but also VERY relieve that you were not near or in it, and that no one was injured. I hope you are able to get another car soon as I imagine it must be a necessary item for you where you live. As for your lovely interlude, you are so lucky to have such beautiful flowers blooming already. Here we are still dealing with snow and icy rain. But soon, I hope, Spring will arrive with all her greenery. Again, so glad you are okay!! xx

  16. I say lucky you and Pedro....what if you had been driving the car when this happened!

  17. Oh my goodness Val how awful for you but thank God that no one was hurt, that is the main thing. It must have been terrifying hearing the explosion and then finding your poor car. I do hope you get another one very soon and that from here on in the month of March can only get better. Take care dear friend.
    Patricia x

  18. Oh dear I somehow missed this post . It must have been such a shock for you. I'm so glad you weren't driving at the time and you had others with you when it happened. Sarah x


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