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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Relaxing morning

Yesterday , it was between 27 and 29º . I was out in the garden early.   With the extreme changes in the weather here.  My garden and flowers are growing like wildfire.   

                                                      The sky is a little unsettled this morning.. a slight breeze that is very welcome, as July and August are our hottest months.
                                        yesterday's clipping and cutting ready to be taken to the compost heap.
                                                      very overgrown .  I couldn't really see my little boy statue, that my mother bought me years ago.   Before and after.
                                                     some empty spaces now.  I thinned out the border daisies. Possibly will fill in with more roses.
                                                         After.. don't like the open spaces. It was really necessary to clear and clean.  Especially after the snake episode of last week.
                                                     Surprise and mummy Pascoa.  They are over near the fence of my neighbor.  He has 3 stallions.!!!! not so good for me.  I have to keep records of when they come into season.  Then its moving for them , far over to the other pasture.
                       I am rather intrigued with my German rose.   It's always been this beautiful yellow. When i took this photo earlier..I noticed that some of the blooms are turning into spotted pink.. not sure if this is due to change in the soil, after the rain. Or that they need different feed.
                       Those of you who follow me, will know that I have fallen in love with Fuschias .. My very large one that flowered all through winter is now ready for pruning.  I am learning, that they are a hardy bush.  They like to be in the shade with just a little sunlight .  This purple and white bush is growing so well.  I now know , that it likes this place at the side of the pergola near the pool.
                                                      Isn't it just too beautiful.!
                                    Was my birthday on Wednesday the 25th.  No fuss.  Just took myself out to lunch in the village.  Then came home to relax and enjoy the lovely summer day.  
Saturday last.   My grandaughter D and grandniece G..spent the weekend with me.  They brought me this present from my son M.   M , gave strict instructions that it was only to be opened on wed.
You can imagine the girls.. "open it grandma" open in Aunty val"-  no- of course was the reply.

                                              Many of you have one.   Indeed an ipad.   I do have a very good tablet (android)and i use it a lot..  Now I have my iphone (all photos today took on my iphone) and my ipad.
We are all apple fans in the family.  I have the mini i mac desktop.    I am so excited to start blogging and downloading books to read.
My first book will be "The book thief"-  I was going to buy the book, but now i will download it.

                                                          White white as snow.. standing alone now that its all clear of leaves and dead heads..
   Back inside.  Watching the news.  Breakfast-  fresh strawberries, fresh country bread from our bakery..(only one in the village).. home made apricot jam from my D.I.L's mum .. and creamed coffee..
indulging a little on this lovely last saturday of June.

What is your favorite book at the moment. !

Happy weekend ..



  1. Happy birthday, looks like you are having a much better weather this summer, so far! Lets hope it won't be so hot and dry for you.

    1. Thank you Sunnybrook.. The weather is a little cooler. I do hope we get a little more rain. I still have to water.

  2. well, happy belated birthday to you, valerie! and what a nice gift from your son! you have such beautiful blooms and gardens. i'd have a hard time cutting them back, too, but i understand the snake danger as well.

    1. Thank you Tex.
      My children do spoil me.
      My garden is looking good..but needs constant work..like most i suppose. But I dont want the snakes to come to close to the house..

  3. So much to look at and enjoy in this post Val! Happy late birthday to you and congratulations on the iPad. I love mine and you will yours! I loved "The Book Thief." I have read so many good books its difficult to say which are my favorites After the book thief, get "The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas." Yummy breakfast; your flowers/rese is so beautiful. You are indeed a busy lady. Have a wonderful Saturday!

    1. Thank you dear Sanda.. I am looking forward to playing around with my ipad.. Have you blogged on yours yet!
      I saw the film "The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas".. it was so sad.. I am told that i will need hankies or tissues when i read the book thief..
      I try to keep myself busy Sanda.
      I enjoy my days.

    2. Val, yes I have posted a couple of times on my iPad. It's really quite easy but it's been a while and I'll have to refresh my memory on how I did it. I believe there was an app I downloaded for blogging. Will check and let you know details.

  4. Great post Val, I see you have doing some 'cleaning out' also. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment. I need to finish cleaning out my flower beds also. My grandson started on the one next to the back door yesterday but didn't finish, but he's only 11 so didn't expect him to get as much as he did done. Have a great weekend.

    1. I feel better, when the weeds and leaves are cleaned in the flower beds.
      Thank you for dropping by.
      happy weekend. Sylvia

  5. Dear Val - belated happy birthday to you, and what a wonderful present to receive from your son M - what a lucky Mum you are. Hope you have lots and lots of fun with it.
    Everything in the garden is looking lovely, and what a task you must have from time to time, keeping your mares away from those frisky stallions.
    I am just this minute making some apricot conserve, it has been macerating for the last 18 hours and I am now about to boil it up.
    I went to see the film from the Book Thief a couple of months ago, it is an emotional story and well worth seeing. I am sure you will enjoy the book.

    1. Thank you dear Rosemary.
      M spoils me . I am a very lucky mum. looking forward to having fun with it. I love my iphone too
      Apricot jam.. is my favorite conserve.. I love it, all the better when the apricots are straight from the tree. DIL has around 6 or 7 trees in the garden.
      I have heard that the Book Thief is emotional.
      Enjoy your conserve Rosemary.

  6. I can definitely recommend the Book thief Val , such a beautiful read. You garden is looking lovely and yes better to be safe than creating havens for snakes . Plant more roses I say they always bring joy . Happy weekend wishes Shell A Darlings Nest

    1. Thank you Shell. looking forward to reading the book.
      I am enjoying my garden at the moment. Indeed don't want more snakes near the cottages.
      Roses bring such Joy Shell, you are so right.

  7. Happy belated birthday, Val and sharing your excitement about your iPad!!! ...:)JP

    1. Thank you JP..
      I enjoy my tablet too. very spoilt.

  8. Happy Birthday dear Val, and what a wonderful gift you received. It sounds like you will have so much fun with it, and download books as well! (I am not up to speed with all this technology myself). Enjoy The Book Thief, which I also want to read. Loved the movie. It is funny how roses sometimes change like that; we had a blue/lavender rose which turned to pink. I don't know why it happens. Well done on the gardening effort, and now you have space for even more lovely roses...wonderful! What a beautiful, and elegant, breakfast tray you have, right down to that pretty napkin and teapot. Enjoy XXX

    1. Thank you Patricia.
      I am so happy with my gift. All the family have one.
      I thought I would read the book first , before the film.
      pleased to read that you have experienced a change in color of your roses. Its a little upsetting for me.. I love that yellow german rose. I am going to read up and see if I can find out why it happens.
      Breakfast photo, was put together , before I sat and enjoyed it.

  9. Hi dear Val.....first off.....Happy belated birthday to you. Looks like you have been busy gardening and taking care of your beautiful spot. Gardening is never done....is it? I've read THE BOOK THIEF......it is absolutely one of my favorite books...I hope you enjoy it. I, too am an "apple" fan.....I know you will love your i-book I almost always use it now for downloading books....although, every so often I will buy a hard copy because I LOVE holding a book...not an electronic device!! LOL LOL

    We are in the process of moving but will stop in when I can....thanks for stopping to say hi.



  10. Congratulations Val on your birthday. I'm sure you will have many hours of pleasure from your have gift. I just finished reading The Thread by Victoria Hislop. Have you read any of her books? Sarah x

  11. Beautiful post--I especially love your yellow roses. What a great birthday gift. Have fun!

  12. Dearest Val, that is a lovely post! I read it and felt like I was spending the day with you! Happy birthday and best of luck to you! Love your present! I think as a blogger it is nearly a must! (Although I haven't got one yet, but then my next birthday will only be in January - so I will keep on hoping till then...;o) ) However, you took lovely photos. I am like you l love fuchsia and I think your rose is gorgeous! Does it smell sweetly? ---- I am glad you had a good time in Switzerland. Too bad I did not know you were around here. But then I was absent from my blog for long. P and I will be visiting Lisboa next October. I am totally excited. If you have any hints what to see and visit I would be very grateful! Have a wonderful evening in summery Portugal. I envy you here it is rather cold and summer has not hit yet. Bye Christa

  13. Val, not sure why but I am not getting your posts!!! This pink and white plant near the pergola is simply gorgeous!!! Everything is growing like crazy there!...:)JP

  14. What a lovely post full of your beautiful flowers and that fuchsia is lovely - I have a soft spot for them too. A belated happy birthday to you - what a great present from your son - I'm not sure what the difference is between a tablet and an iPad.


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