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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Wishing you all a good entry into July.  Half a year , has passed already.
We have all had some interesting times.
Let's hope that the next 6 months will be as interesting.!

Yesterday morning.. an animal similar to this European ferret , stopped in the middle of the road  . I slowed down to watch it slip into the midst of the brush and trees .  Not far from my house.

Its the first time, I have ever seen a ferret. It really was amazing.
I know they come at night . Especially if one has chickens.   We used to rear chickens many moons ago. We lost a few..and sometimes they leave the poor chickens half eaten.
I don't know much about them.   It's something that i must do.  Seeing that they live here around us.

Arriving home after my shopping.  Always seems more hastle to put things into the pantry and freezer, than it does to put them in the trolley when buying.

I then spent the afternoon playing with my ipad.   I am so happy with it. Downloaded BBC i player.. Oh , so good.  Can't wait to play around more with it.

I am off to Lisbon tomorrow.   Its some time since I was there.

Thank you all for leaving such kind comments on my birthday post.. you are all dear friends.

Wishing you all a very Happy Tuesday..

 I would love to know if any of you know about the European ferret.  !



  1. laughed at the paragraph about grocery shopping. :) cool to see a ferret in the wild!

    1. I am arriving at a stage, where i dont want to go shopping so much.
      must look up the animal.Thanks Tex

  2. Val you he careful...we have something here that looks similar and they prowl at night too! Enjoy your time in Lisbon...:)JP

    1. Hello JP.
      You have some animal similar, you call a polecat.. but , I am going to find out what this animal is.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello Val, I have never seen a ferret, let alone know anything about them. I will be interested to see what you learn, and that is a nice picture you have found. I smiled to read about the shopping; every week I say the same thing, as I take ages to wash every fruit and vegetable, and carefully store them in the fridge. Then I usually find that I have forgotten to buy something after all! xx

    1. Hello Patricia,
      I am looking forward to finding out exactly what the animal was.. I know we have plenty around here.
      Yes, it sure takes longer to put the groceries away than to buy them. Like you.. always something we miss buying that we need. xxx

  4. You wont believe it but I had no idea that it was July today, so thanks for the reminder - the year is rushing by far too quickly.
    I am never too sure on identification when I am fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of one of these little animals - is it a stoat, a weasel or a ferret. If H sees one he usually knows being the son of a farmer. The only things I know is that a Stoat has a pale chest and a white tip on his tail.
    Oh how I agree about filling the trolly - the putting away I dislike.
    Enjoy your time in Lisbon.

    1. Hello Rosemary,
      I just cannot believe , how June and these last 6 months have gone by.
      I am going to look up now stoat or weasel.. I thought it was a weasel...It was all black..
      Thank you for your comment..

    2. June went by so quickly Rosemary.
      This animal has me really fascinated .. and has fired my quest to find out what it was.
      Thank you for your comment. I shall look them up.

  5. Have never seen a ferret only opossums, skunks, raccoons and armadillos. The moles run under the ground and really mess up the lawn but I never catch sight of one. We hear coyotes at night, an eerie sound, so I always make sure the cats are tucked in and safe. I know what you mean about the shopping. Almost as bad as putting it away is getting the bags from the car into the house. Happy July to you!

    1. Hi Sanda,
      Wow, you have a lot of different little wild country animals there.
      Moles we have here. I had a couple in the garden some years ago..but they seemed to have moved on.

  6. Val,
    I bet you were so surprised to see the ferret in the middle of the road. I haven't seen one myself. I know I wouldn't like it though because I have a fear of all things rodent (not sure if it's part of the rodent family). Happy Belated Birthday, my friend. It has been very hard to comment on blogs lately, and many of my blog friends are having the same trouble. The white rose is so pretty, Val. It is going to be a hot week here, so just staying inside and visiting my favorite blogs.

    It's the fourth of July for us on Friday. And a big day to celebrate!


    1. I was very surprised Sheri.
      Thank you for your kind comments. most appreciated.
      I have had no trouble commenting on blogs.
      I find that I cannot sometimes get around to everyone.

  7. Yes, i know - July already! Where has the year gone, Val? I've seen both stoats and weasels in the wild in the UK, but have never seen a ferret. I know country people used to use them for hunting rabbits in the past.

    Enjoy your iPad. I keep thinking about getting one, but am happy with my lovely laptop for the moment.

    1. Hello Perpetua.
      Like me, you are busy. Living in the country , there is always things to do and be done.
      I am working on the animal.!!! Thank you for passing by..


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