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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hot summer days

 During these very hot summer days, lethargic is not the word.  Not only are we getting hotter days, but also hotter nights.  I have my aircon and fans going all day and into the early hours, thats when there is a little breeze that filters in through the open windows.  Sheer bliss.

I am out in the early morning to water the garden. Which I must say is sadly being affected by the heat.
My poor roses are wilting.

Our temperature here for this week goes from 21º in the mornings to 33 ºc.   Up until yesterday it was over 35º..

The dogs prefer to be inside, where its cooler.  Even in the shade its hot.
I do enjoy summer.   I always have.  Its holiday time, family time and fun time with friends.   I am not complaining.. however over 35º is just a little too much to handle.!

I don't have as much enthusiasm to blog during these days.

It's time for.

                                   Shady areas..
                                              Keeping as many flowers happy as I can.
                                                                See the haze in the distance.
                             Sun glasses, sun hat, long cool drinks, fruit , lots of water.. poolside towards late afternoon or early morning.

And lots of smiling.. keeps the heart beating and is food for the soul.

Taking a little break.  

Thank you to all my dear blogging friends for all your kind comments..  It makes blogging all the more worth while.

Happy summer days



  1. Dear Val, when it reaches 35 degrees, it is too much for me, too. Definitely time to slow down with lots of cool drinks, stay in the shade and don't work too hard. I love your new header picture - the village is gorgeous with the white church on the hill. Keep cool! xxx

  2. Enjoy these beautiful summer days my friend! I think we all need a break. I'll take one soon! Have fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. i agree on the heat. lots of indoor time for me and dogs, too. :)

  4. Your pictures are nice and illustrate the weather so well. Yes time to slow down when so hot. Same here and the dogs and even the cats want to be inside with the AC! When I was a child we had no AC and I suppose we were used to it and conditioned for the hot weather. But now I'd sure hate to be without it!

  5. We are having a break from the hot temps right now and I am so happy. Your pool looks very inviting.

  6. We have been in more the past few days, Val...very humid here...miserable for the dogs so I keep them in with us...:)JP

  7. In those temperatures a break sounds like a very good idea, Val. Enjoy your beautiful garden and pool and come back refreshed.

  8. Val,
    It's very hot here lately too, and just staying inside visiting my favorite blogs. Your pool is gorgeous, and I really miss our pool at our old house. Thanks for the SMILE today, Val. Enjoy your break.


  9. Hello, nice to meet you and follow your blog!

  10. Dear Val, here's wishing you a bit of a break in the weather and a marvelous summer. That pool looks very inviting :)
    Are you doing any sailing, this summer?
    Keep Smiling!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Hi Val: I hope you can stay a little cool. We have had some very hot weather but a storm in the higher elevations has put us under a cloud cover for the last few days so cooled down a bit, but it is supposed to climb up to high 90's in a few. Val, for some reason I can not get through to you by using your e-mail address. Could you e-mail me, I have something to ask you. Hope you are enjoying a great break..Happy Thursday..Judy


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