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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Art and garden

A belated Birthday card arrived for me yesterday, from S.A  -Sent by a dear friend of mine for more than 40 years. We last saw each other on my 60th Birthday.  She never forgets my Birthday.  We phone each other, once a week.  I get to catch up on old friends.  And we exchange chats about our respective families.  
 Its so super to receive a card in the mail these days.    I don't know about you dear friends.!   I stopped sending cards years ago.  I do it all over the internet these days  !
This is the card I recieved-   Jack Vettriano .   
   I love his contemporary way of painting.  
                         His vision is amazing- The way he paints his figures .    Each having its own story to tell  . He uses great  choices of color - subtle , with a splash of color here or there.
Jack Vettriano - born  Jack Hogan .  Is a Scottish painter  and still exhibits today.  His last exhibit was of March this year.
 He received no formal training, and first submitted works to The Royal Scottish Academy in 1988- Both pieces were accepted and sold.
He writes, books, has calendars, and cards.
I find his art intrigues me.  Its risque , serious, dancing, beach scenes, w.w ll period.   I feel an energy from his paintings.   Passionate, happy go lucky and suave.  Something for everyone.
                                                  He paints for all kinds of tastes.    His use of light and dark is ever prominent in his works.

                                              This is his very famous painting that he painted  in the 1950's.
                                                                          ' The Dancing Butler '.. the painting tells it all.

                               .......................................................................................................................                           ........................................................................
               Photos taken this morning - My roses are blooming profusely- I have beautiful buds and blooms of white, dark red, red, pink, orange and yellow.  The orange rose here also has a mixture of pink.
                                                                      Simply beautiful white
                                            One of my larger yellow roses- caught the bee taking the pollen .. I thought it a strange kind of bee!!  To me it looks like a wasp..!!!
                                                     I think its a bee
           Sending sweet smelling roses to you all.     Thank you for all your lovely comments.
                                                                Happy summer days


  1. his paintings really are beautiful! so are your roses. :)

    1. Thank you Tex,
      I have known his work.. but didnt know he was Scottish.
      You are so generous with your comment about my roses.

  2. Love the paintings and the roses; Happy belated Birthday, dear Val ! xoxo

    1. Thank you SB.
      Hope that your move is going smoothly!

  3. Val, I have "The Dancing Butler" in my home. I love it and will keep it forever. I love the one with the woman on the bike. It reminds me of Jess and her boyfriend. I can never get enough of your gorgeous roses. Happy Birthday, dear Val.


    by the way, stop by if you get a chance and send birthday wishes to Nel. The post I did was very different, but fun to create. :~)

    1. Oh, Sheri, how great that you have the Dancing Butler.. I love it.
      His works capture one.
      Thanks for my birthday wishes..
      I will pop over to see your post about Nel.. xxxxx
      Happy week

  4. Val, although theaintings are beautiful, they do not compare to your roses!!!!...:)JP

    1. Thank you JP.
      I do love my roses. At the moment needing lots of water. Its so hot here.xx

  5. Dear Val - if only we had spotted that Jack Vettriano was going to become so successful we could all have made a fortune. By the time I was aware of him his success had already arrived - I seem to remember that one of my sons introduced his work to me about 30 years ago.
    Loving your new header, it looks good especially against your background colours.

    1. I so agree with you Rosemary,
      I bought one of his books years ago for Manel.. I didn't really read up about him. Amazing artist. Now his paintings are posters on the internet.
      Pleased you like my new header.. Its my village.

  6. Your roses look nice, and a bee! You must be getting some nice weather.

    1. Thank you Sunnybrook.
      Its the height of summer here now.. so very very hot.
      My roses suffer a little more on these hot days.
      more water in the evening.

  7. Love the card and his other work. How nice to have a friend who remembers your birthday--I've always been glad about that.

    Your roses are beautiful and your header picture is gorgeous. Have a good weekend, Val.

    1. Thank you Jen.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend too
      There is nothing better than true honest friendship.

  8. I have a "thing" for umbrella art, so those are particularly appealing to me. Not familiar with the artist, though. As always, your roses are quite lovely.

    1. Pleased you like the post Sanda. I like his works.
      He indeed has a 'thing' for umbrellas ..
      Thanks for coming over to see me.. your comments are always so appreciated ..

  9. I love his paintings and your beautiful rose!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your card, Val. I too like Vettriano's work andf find it very striking. I still send cards through the post for close family, but use e-cards for everyone else. It's not just the cost of cards nowadays, but the cost of postage!

    Your roses are beautiful.

  11. What a lovely card Val, and Happy Birthday to you. Vettriano is new to me, but I do like his style, very much. Now I will recognise him if I see his work anywhere. Your birthday card is particularly attractive - dancing by the sea in those pretty and subtle colours. Beautiful roses, you are the Queen of Roses! xxx


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