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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer days & garden

How does the song go " Summer days  -Aah those summer days."
Alentejo , in July and August becomes really hot.  During the mid afternoon, many people take their siestas. Its too hot to be outside. The workers in the fields, will be out before sunset to water and feed the animals.. In the afternoon, will be out later at around 7.  You might catch sight of a shepherd sleeping under a shady olive tree.     Today is one of those days. 
A true hot summer day. 
The sky is clear, the late afternoon breeze arrives around 6.30pm. Its a time for family. 
                                                                           yes ,  its me. ):-

Last week, I wrote that I was off to Lisbon.   My destination-  One of the central Marina's on the Tejo river front.   Maria my grandaughter, also came with me.  Daddy was waiting for us.  Maria had a dentist appointment in the afternoon.
When I arrived at this  dockside.. where I hadn't been for a long time.   I had to stop to get my bearings. While looking around for the road to take to the Marina.  There right in front of us, was moored one of the largest ships in the world.  M/V  Independence of the seas--
                                                            (courtesy)   This is her leaving or arriving at a port.  At first , it looked like a new building.  Upon looking closer .  I said to Maria.. "its a ship"-  I have been on a few ocean liners during my life.  Never one so big.  I don't think that I would like too either.!  
It takes 4.370 passengers.  We counted about 9 decks.   Imagine with the crews quarters and engine rooms , kitchen and more.  One wonders, how it can float!!!

We arrived at the Marina.  F was there to greet us and we walked to our jetty where  Ilustrious 6 is moored.  F  is now the skipper, after the passing of M.. and a fine skipper he is.  He was taken on board our beloved yacht "Scally" when he was just 2 weeks old.  Life at sea comes second hand to him . 
I am very proud of him.  2 months ago. He passed his exams for "Skipper Coastal".. come winter, he will be sitting for Skipper - Ocean. Following in dad's footsteps. 

                                             Maria   up front.   My cabin below.   We spent a few days on board and had a great family time.  Miguel and Sasha joined us for a wonderful pasta dinner, that F prepared for us. With a  couple of good bottles of red wine.  Merry and happy, we talked about and discussed  our sail accross the oceans on "Scally".  Another magical time to remember.
The last time I was on board was over two years ago with M.  We all raised our glasses in memory of an excellent first class mariner.. and dad.
There are two double side cabins and a nice big forepeak cabin.

Walking to the boat.. really super jetties.
               My next stop on Friday last, was our local nursery.. I just loved this little sunflower man..
I have had my eye on this beautiful sculptured turtle for some time.  Its all hand carved out of stone.  I would love to have it next to my pool.   Isn't it beautiful. Some artisans are so gifted.

                                                               See the two little frogs on the lilly pads.. they were making such a racket.  Golden carp were swimming around.  
The owners , told me that the nursery was up for sale.  They are going to retire.  Hope it doesn't close, as the next one is far away from me.

                                                            Some of the geraniums that I bought.
                                              I would love to have these orchids in my house, but i am not so good with indoor plants.  These were a lovely soft yellow.
Maria , took this photo when we were crossing the 25th April bridge, on our way home.
The statue of "Christ our Savior" - I have never been up to the top.  You can walk in the arms. I dont like heights that much.
 Thank you all for your super comments on my last post, about the Mongoose.
We do have many around here.  The one I showed you was the first I had ever seen.

They are not agressive  to man.  In fact, some people keep them as pets.  As the the Egyptians do.

Its been work in the garden since Saturday last.  Planting all the flowers and pruning roses . General things that gardens need.

Hope to catch up with all your posts.   On these wonderful summer days.  One just wants to be outside all the time.  I know I do.

Hope that you are all enjoying summer here in the Northern Hemesphere!!!



  1. what a nice getaway for you and your granddaughter! i know you miss mr. m. he was your friend and family. :)

    1. Thank you Tex. Yes, there are times when I miss M.
      We all do.
      Life has to go on. ):-

  2. Dear Val - what a lovely trip you had to Lisbon, and how nice to spend time with the family on the boat - Maria looks a very sweet little girl.
    The statue of "Christ our Saviour" looks very similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro which I have been to the top of.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      we did have a wonderful trip to Lisbon. Maria enjoyed the time with daddy. She is a sweet girl. Very smart and top grades. Filipe is a very proud dad and me a very proud grandma..
      Indeed the Statue in Lisbon of Christ our Savior.. is modeled on the one in Rio.

  4. Hello, dear Val; I love this post ! I am catching up on blogs too but it's because I have been playing with my computer, trying stuff and managed to mess up my blog and then cut myself off from the Internet altogether. It was rather annoying as I do a lot of things on-line nowadays. I can't believe the size of that ship; I think that when you're on it, you probably forget that you're on the water ! xxx

  5. Your getaway was wonderful! To have a Skipper in the family made me smile for you, Val as did all the flower. And napping on hot afternoons is good...we do it too, my friend!...:)JP

  6. Dear Val, A few days on a yacht is a wonderful way to spend time with family, and perfect in the summer weather. That cruise ship is enormous, and I don't think I would like to be on it either. I have one of those yellow orchids, exactly the same! I love it, such a fresh pretty colour, and the blooms have lasted for weeks and weeks. I have to catch up on the blogs, having been to Canberra for most of the past week. Happy gardening! xxx

  7. Val I am sure your Dad was sailing with you in spirit -Shell a Darlings nest

  8. Dear Val,what a lovely trip you had in Lisbon!And its so nice having time with your beautiful granddaughter!I didn't know about this statue,it looks so interesting to visit!Thank you for sharing !!!Oh,it's so hot here today!!Have a wonderful week!

  9. Good Morning, Val: How wonderful when you can think back on all the good memories of your life. I can certainly see how proud you are of your son and rightfully so. That ship is huge. The biggest one I have ever been on held about 3000 people. I really did love it and even though you hear some scary stories about some of the journeys now and again, I can't wait to be able to go again. It is a wonderful vacation to me..Hope you don't lose your favorite nursery..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  10. Hi dear Val......nice to catch up with you and yours. Sounds like a wonderful outing on your vessel. Boat memories are the "best" memories. We have lots of those too and whenever you post about this....ours come to mind also

    Have a wonderful week.

    BTW......we siesta here in AZ too...it is so darn hot in the afternoons.



  11. What a super trip for you, Val, and how nice to have family with you for a few days like this. Like you I would hate to be on such a big liner with as many people on board as a small town.

    PS Love your new header photo.


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