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Sunday, 28 September 2014

A dogs life , around the quinta.!!

                 My new gate arrived last week.   Its to keep my dogs in and the horses out. My driveway is long up to the cottages. You can see the bottom entrance gate.   On either side of the driveway, there is electric fencing.  The horses are safe and cannot get into my inner garden.   The gates are now just waiting for a Bondex coating.
                    This is "Bonita" (pretty") in English..  She has been with me for 7 years now.  I found her one day, lying in the middle of a road about an hour away from me.    My sister was on a visit from UK .At first, driving closer and slowing down.. we thought she was dead.   I picked her up . My sister wrapped her in my car blanket.. and I arrived just in time  12.50am before my vet Dr. Anna closed her clinic.   Bonita had been severely badly treated.  Her tail cut off.  Dr Anna, said she had been eating stones to survive.  She had shrapnel in her left eye.  She really was in an awful state.  She spent 5 days in the clinic.  2 years in her bed next to my bed, before she would venture too far.
We call her the wonder dog.  She is amazing, very loving and is now pretty much in charge sometimes.
She is a pedigree "Podengo"- a hunting dog.  We suspect that the hunter  treated her very very cruelly.
Some time ago. She had a sting on her left ear.. it went septic. Now it just hangs.  Dr. Anna says no problem.. she is happy healthy and well loved.
                  Jeffrey-cassidy... pondering- should I jump in or not.  He was born here at the farm and is very intelligent and Bonita's great protector.
                                       Hardy - Jeffrey's baby- No mummy..dont like my photo taken.  Also born on the farm.
                    Isaa.   Now with her family.  My eldest son's dog.  Their busy life, doesn't allow for dogs. So I have had her with me.   She is Hardy's mummy.     Loves her photo taken.. and is telling me.. mummy,I need to have a clipping and wash.  
                                 I introduced you to Vouga earlier at the beginning of the year.  Manuel's guard dog.  He is now very well intergrated and loves his new home.. and we all love him.   He is the main reason also for the gates.  He was used to being on a long chain.. so if I let him out of the garden area.. he might just go for the sheep.. don't want that..  He is like a big brown bear.
                                        A visit this morning from Filipe.   We were checking the horses.
            He has little Buddy on the left of the photo and Django on the right.. Buddy was born here at the quinta.. and Django was a tangled mess, left in a dark alley to die.  They go everywhere with Filipe.. and love to sail too.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.. the last Sunday of September.

Do you have any animals.!!!     I love animals.    They are our best friends.



  1. i love your sweet crew. such a mix of personality and style. and all loved and cared for, now.

    1. Thank you Tex.. They all do have their own personalities.. I love them to bits.

  2. Oh so many cute dog´s! I would love to have a dog but I think my cat would not be so happy!
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  3. Val, you have a heart of gold and all those animals love being with you!!!!...:)JP

    1. Such a sweet loving comment JP: I like you love my animals. They love me and I love them. x

  4. Bonita is such a dear little dog, I am so pleased that you were able to rescue her, nourish her, and make her whole again - what a lovely story.
    All of your dogs along with Filip's dogs are simply gorgeous.
    We do not have any animals because we go away too much, it would be cruel to put them into kennels all the time whilst away.

    1. Thank you Rosemary, Every day Bonita surprises me. She loves me so much. We all love animals in the family.
      As a child, I was not allowed animals .. my mother didnt like dogs.
      Only later in my married life did we get dogs.
      I don't believe in leaving dogs in kennels.. this is their home.
      Dearest Pedro..who I would be lost without. Comes every other day and Olga who helps me around the cottages comes the other days.. they both love the animals and know them well. Pedro comes to put them to bed.. So when i go to Lisbon. I feel happy that they are well cared for. Infact.. sometimes they feed them too much.
      Filipe takes his dogs everywhere.
      Miguel or myself might have them but its only been once this year.
      your kind comment makes me happy that I wrote this post.

  5. How an anyone hurt a pup? And it looks like a great life there.

    1. I so agree Sandie..
      How can anyone hurt a pup or any animal for that matter.
      Here now in Portugal.. a law has been passed that if anyone is found guilty or reported to be cruel to their animals.. they go straight to Jail for 2 years. All animal lovers here are so happy about the bill being passed.

  6. Hello Val

    You have quite a pack of dogs and they are all so different and with their own personalities. They must keep you amused and protected. I do believe that rescued animals know when they are given a chance at a new life.
    Your new gate looks good

    1. I indeed do have 5 happy dogs that surround me dear Helen.
      They sure do keep me amused. I often have a giggle to myself over their antics .. I believe the same.. rescued dogs know that they have been given a second chance.. Bonita sure loves me.and me her.
      Thank you for you lovely comment.. so nice to know there are so many animal lovers about.

  7. It is wonderful to see and read more about your lovely dogs. Poor Bonita, how lucky she was to have been found by you and given such a loving home. Sarah x

    1. Dear Sarah,
      I thought about your sweet Daisy when I wrote this.. I have 5 wonderful loving animals.. would have had 6 if Lady was still here.
      Bonita is very happy here and thrives with her little walkabouts each day.

  8. My goodness, what a wonderful crew of dogs you have. They are so lucky to have you, especially Bonita.

    1. Thank you Jen.. I am lucky to have such good 4 legged friends as mine.

  9. You have a lovely collection of special doggie friends, Val. I like the fact they are different breeds and personalities, and I can see they bring you much joy. The story of how you found and saved Bonita is lovely, but not so surprising as you are very kind and also very competent in caring for animals. Thank you for a sweet post. xxx

    1. Thank you dear Patricia.
      Yes, all different breeds..but 2 from same mother and father.
      They give me hours of pleasure.
      Such a kind comment Patricia.. so appreciated.


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